Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party presidential nomination – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

        He was spurned in the Republican primary process, but he is also a two term governor of a state and a well known advocate for libertarian causes.
     Gary Johnson has been selected to run as the Libertarian Party candidate for Congress, providing an alternative to President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney.
     Mr. Johnson has credibililty since he was governor of New Mexico and has credentials as an advocate for issues from marijuana legalization to keeping the nation out of foreign entanglements.
      I don't think his impact is huge, and the votes he gets are not likely major party type voters to begin with.
Gary Johnson wins Libertarian Party presidential nomination – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Long Time Council Attendee Feted Today....But Council Meetings Still Go On

   A building on Factory Street will be torn down soon before it falls down...Inspectors have ruled the building next to Claude's Transmission is unstable.
    Good to get it out of there before the street reconstruction next year.
     A large crowd on hand for Wayne and Nancy Zimmer's 50th wedding party at the North Side League. We need a Council watchdog to attend meetings now that Wayne has retired.
     City Council meets Monday and a public hearing is slated for the proposed City Budget. In recent years no one ever speaks on the spending plans, but those interested can come to City Hall Monday at 7 PM.

Hollande and Sarkozy make final pitch

   For those who like to follow elections, Sunday's presidential runoff in France could signal anti-incumbent sentiment and a move to the left as socialist Francois Hollande holds a slim lead in polls over President Sarkozy.
    French elections are not my forte, so I don't claim to read anything in to this, but I wonder if President Sarkozy's flashy life and harsh demeanor might not be helping him.
    A bland socialist appears ready to defeat the President.
Hollande and Sarkozy make final pitch -

Saturday Travels

     This afternoon starting at 4PM, the North Side League is hosting a 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Zimmer, formerly of Watertown and now living in Tennessee.
      Wayne Zimmer had been a regular at City Council for years and played a crucual role in rescuing the League from financial problems a couple of years back.
      Congratulations to the Zimmers on their milestone.
      Also some birthday wishes today for city resident Ray Bubb....Ray is celebrating his 60th at a mid afternoon party at Fat Boy's Tavern on Huntington Street.
      There is also a wedding show today at the Arena put on by Community Broadcasters.
      Lots for me to do today.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Occupy Watertown Coming on the 12th

     Three guys claiming to be the 99% came to visit the Mayor's Bar tonight to invite me to Occupy Watertown festivities on my birthday....The rage (muted in NNY) against the elite will take place on three Saturdays this month at the Veterans Memorial Riverwalk just off Black River Parkway.
     I didn't see a threat from these three as they ordered a beer and paid in cash...There was no expectation of free beer.

Opponent Wins Ballot Position Lottery

     This is an annual point of contention...Does ballot position matter ?
      In the GOP Congressional primary in NY21 (that's us), Kellie Greene says she drew the first position on the ballot in front of prohibitive favorite Matt Doheny.
     Everybody I know who has won the first position is always happy about it, and those who didn't are sure in the belief it doesn't matter.
     My guess is that in a primary with no incumbent, her being first gets her one to two points.
      Considering how few will vote on June 26 and that most of those who do are insiders, Doheny still has a huge edge.
(19) Kellie Greene

Piercing the Veil....Doheny War Room Revealed

      For a moment I felt like NBC's Brian Williams being granted "unprescedented" access to the President's Situation Room....
      I walked into the Doheny HQ on Court Street in all honesty just to waste some time while having some printing done up the street.
      Suddenly I had walked in on the real deal...a campaign strategy pow wow with the candidate and a table full of handlers, spinners, stategists and practitioners of the black art of DC politics. Empty pizza boxes, the residue of deep political thought, were strewn about.
       There were computers and maps and before long my new Fort Pearl website was up on the big screen as the Doheny brain trust surveyed my list of favorite beers and photos of bartenders. 
       I felt empowered by their keen interest.
       I took a picture just to prove I was there. One man hid from the lens, but others saw it for what it was...a chance to show the world the high powered operation facing Rep. Bill Owens.
       I quickly left as my moment in the War Room was over.....

WDT: Crazy Carl Wades Into NNY Politics

       The absence of top tier players in the NYS GOP means Carl Paladino can still get media traction even after his disastrous 2010 run for Governor, which left the Republican ticket intact only in those counties where there is a preponderance of Sabres and Bills fans.
       Somehow I don't think a Crazy Carl endorsement will do much in a NNY Assembly district...
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

State Police: 'Zero-Tolerance' Stance Against Work Zone Violations

     You know, I must be at a point in life where I am jaded...
      I am tired of the operation this or thats....the zero tolerance for this or that...the stings...the press releases...the undercover DOT workers radioing ahead who has a seatbelt on....the war on (you fill in the blank).
     Now don't get me wrong...I try to drive safely and maybe as you get on in years you don't need as many of the threats and games...I also am not in favor of running over highway construction workers.
     Whenever I see these press releases, I just think of hordes of six figure state employees on overtime writing tickets to people making thirty grand a year and on their way to Wal-mart.
     Years ago I argued in favor of those speed measuring signs in front of the high school and in other locations. I thought it was just a nice reminder to slow down just in case you forgot.
     So much better than rounding the curve on Plaza Drive on my way to see JR and running into a dozen Troopers on a zero tolerance detail..
State Police: 'Zero-Tolerance' Stance Against Work Zone Violations

Cardboard Date Raises Troubling Questions

     A pretty young lady from Iowa was so upset at not having a date to the prom, she took a cardboard cut out of Tim Tebow.
     Will this girl be emotionally scarred for life by not having a real date ? Shouldn't school officials have done something ?
      And think of the emotional scarring suffered by Mark Sanchez when he reads in the Daily News that young females no longer love him unconditionally.
Teen takes cutout of NY Jets QB Tim Tebow to her senior prom - NY Daily News

WDT: Bonnie Castle Turnaround Promised

Talk about a place in need of a facelift ? Bonnie Castle Resort has finally been sold and new owners pledge a fix up.
That will be good for Alexandria Bay as the hotel and restaurant occupy some great waterfront.
I've been to various functions there over the years and everything looks the same as when I first went there with family as a teen to have dinner in that really fancy dining room with the glass piano.....It's all exactly the same except for shopworn.
Best wishes to the new owners as the sale also marks an end of an era with Don Cole leaving the hospitality business after years of being a big player in the local economy.
Watertown Daily Times | Deal closed: Alex Bay resort changes hands, renovation starts immediately

Thursday, May 3, 2012

For Sale: 1000 Islands Skydeck

     They would never build one of these today...the Thousand Islands Skydeck was built in 1965...A sort of Space Age tourist attraction climbing 4oo feet in the skies over Hill Island.
      Now it's for sale with starting price of $2.5 M.....
      Who would buy such a thing nowadays ?...Are people interested in this Route 66 style attraction ? Sort of like the world's largest ball of yarn.
       Next time I am up that way, maybe I will go to the top before somebody decides the landmark must go.
For Sale: 1000 Islands Skydeck | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

The Mayor's Bar: Watertown's Neighborhood Tavern ...Now On Line

      The new website is up !  is the home for Fort Pearl Tavern, commonly known here in Watertown as "The Mayor's Bar".
       The site was designed by David Widrick at Coughlin Printing on Court Street, which now does this kind of work for smaller businesses.
        The site also includes other sites of interest, favorite beers and liquors and a Google map to help you find the way.
        Check us out on line...but more important, stop by and see what Watertown's Neighborhood Tavern is all about.
The Mayor's Bar: Watertown's Neighborhood Tavern - 557 Pearl Street

WDT: President is Saratoga Bound

    President Obama is being brought in to give an early publicity boost to Rep. Bill Owens in the new areas of the North Country Congressional District.
    Mr. Obama will tour a chip manufacturer in Saratoga County, part of which is in the new NY21.
     Rep. Owens and his likely challenger, Matt Doheny, are trying to become known in the three counties added to the eastern end of the district.
     If you want some name recognition, standing next to the President, doesn't hurt, although linking to national figures carries its own risks.
     With redistricting, we are no longer the center of the Universe...that's for sure...
Watertown Daily Times | AP: Obama to visit 'Toga

Pro-reform Cuomo rakes in big bucks at event here The Buffalo News

      In the North Country, the money tree doesn't shake this well, but in Buffalo last night Governor Cuomo netted $450,000 for his reelection (Presidential ?) bid.
      The Governor has paid a lot of attention to the Queen City with support for UB 20/20 and various appointments including this week's nomination to head NYPA.
       It's hard to imagine the GOP even having a candidate to run against the Governor in 2014, although maybe Buffalo favorite son Carl Paladino would suit up again.
Pro-reform Cuomo rakes in big bucks at event here - Politics - The Buffalo News

Ritchie to Honor Plummer and Other Vets

   Senator Patty Ritchie will be honoring Watertown resident and retired Colonel Mike Plummer today in a ceremony at Fort Drum.
   Mr. Plummer has been involved in many things since he retired as Garrison Commander at the post years ago. His most enduring legacy will likely be the "Adopt a Platoon" program in which local businesses and groups sent care packages to soldiers in far away places.

   The Senator will announce Plummer's installation in the State Senate's Veterans Hall of Fame.

Idiot Reaches NASCAR Speeds on Thruway

    He was riding a crotch rocket, but he was no rocket scientist...The driver of a Suzuki motorcycle was arrested for driving 166mph on the Thruway. He proceeded to tell Troopers his bike could do 190.

     Man arrested for doing wild speed of 166 MPH on Thruway : News :

Comptroller :$500M for IDAs as jobs sag

    State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli is a frequent critic of the sprawling economic development system splattered throughout local government in every county.
    While there is always chatter about the alphabet agencies up here, the situation is much the same elsewhere. Schenectady County has seven IDA's and LDC's.
    Mr. DiNapoli says there is less evidence to suggest all the tax exemptions granted actually accomplish the results promised.
    It really is never an easy issue, as the public's number one question to the electeds is often, "what are you doing to create jobs."
     As long as that's considered a goal of government, there will be plans and schemes in place to accomplish that end and there will be a mixed record on results.
      Layered on top of the jobs issue is the matter of community redevelopment and blight removal which often wouldn't happen with traditional economic models.
     Then you have the statutory exemptions for things like hospitals which are very much a business.
      While reform is needed, there are situations that always crop up. That's why these things get created in the first place.

$500M for IDAs as jobs sag - Times Union

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MCM Says I Am a Censor....Yes Mike, I Am

   In a comment one person charges that "I am censorsing bloggers."
   I don't censor bloggers....I am one and write my own blog, which is my work product...People who post comments on a blog are commenters.
   I heartily admit to not posting some comments....I don't post the egregious personal attacks, particularly those attacking families or alleging activity not substantiated.
   I do try to allow a range of opinions pro and con on public figures, including myself.
    To put it more simply...I've built an audience and those without one should not feel entitled to free access.

Court Street on a Wednesday Afternoon

   So I was on Court Street today and popped in to Bistro 108 to see how the new owners are doing...They say they should be open soon...It's so exciting to open a new business...I remember to this day opening Pearl Street in 1985 and the Arcade in '99.
    I would have stopped at Lish to see my old friend Alicia but the boutique was closed.
    I dropped in to the Matt Doheny for Congress HQ figuring I would meet somebody important. There was no one there...I just walked right in and poked around....I know Matt is old school, North Country, leave the door unlocked....but in this campaign you have to be careful.
    I could have been a DCCC operative bugging the phones or a Gawker reporter putting a webcam in the ceiling....
Doheny Staffers Show Up Later
    Lock your door Matt....You don't have to be paranoid to know they are out to get you.

DiNapoli: IDA Reform Needed

    I think its needed too...and that's not a personal attack, just the observation of a taxpayer...
DiNapoli: IDA Reform Needed, 5/01/12

WDT: Who investigates the investigators?

   In a country clamoring for law and order and more wars on this and that...more stings...more gotcha journalism and gotcha justice.
   In that world who investigates the investigators...
    Locally, Times scribe Brian Amaral asks that rhetorical question after the crazy story surfaced about a female Sheriff's deputy becoming a model for a swarmy sting operation based on NBC's "Too Catch a Predator."
    No one investigates it is the answer. The lawsuit has to be defended against to protect the public treasury....That has nothing to do with a search for the truth or right or wrong.
Watertown Daily Times | Who investigates the investigators?

Man abandoned in DEA cell steps forward

      I wonder if Eric Holder's Justice Department will be as worried about this young man as the administration worries about how we treat terrorists.
      As part of the infamous and dubious "war on drugs" a 24 year old engineering student was left abandoned in a DEA holding cell without food or water...He got to drink his own urine....
       Maybe the DEA agent was out getting a hooker.
Man abandoned in DEA cell steps forward |

November Will Bring an Armistice in the Trench Warfare that is NY 21

     Like the Western Front in WW1, the battle for NY 21 will be a brutal and costly war of attrition with much hand-to-hand and brutal conflict generating little change in the front lines. 
      Currently the two sides are fighting over minor party nominations, with the GOP throwing the mustard gas with a lawsuit alleging notary impropriety.
       Then there are the not so subtle attempts by Democrats to portray Matt Doheny as a malevolent amalgam of Wall Street, cross-bred with various defrocked Members of Congress (Lee and Sweeney are the most frequent allusions,but sometimes they even throw in Weiner).
         Republicans hired a private investigator to badger WFP members into signing affidavits and Democrats have people with cell phone cameras lurking in restaurants.
         Both sides will spend huge amounts of money and pull out all the stops in what will be an entertaining race sans issues and full of veiled references.
         As a chronicler of the human condition with an audience now in four figures, I will keep a close eye on it all.
Watertown Daily Times | BOE strikes 23 Owens WFP signatures; still has enough to qualify

Obama Now at 50% Job Approval; Leads Romney, 49% to 42%

      All the GOP bravado aside, the President continues to be doing well enough to win in November...Gallup has his job approval at 50% and has Mr. Obama sporting a seven point lead over Mitt Romney.
     That's the same margin the President won over John McCain in 2008.
      With the President in full campaign mode, his only mistake could be to overdue his hubris such as this week with his end zone spike over the year-old killing of Osama bin Laden.
      Far left takers like the Occupy movement sure are not voting Romney....the core Democratic constituencies are not either...and the right is still not passionate about Mr. Romney....That passion and ambivalence on the left seems the only path towards a narrow victory for the GOP candidate.

Obama Now at 50% Job Approval; Leads Romney, 49% to 42%

Secret Service employees paid 10 of the 12 women involved in Colombia sex scandal, agency says - 2chambers - The Washington Post

    Less than 10% of the 175 Secret Service agents deployed to Columbia for a Presidential trip were hiring hookers. The scandal does show how expensive it is for these trips which Presidents seem to take all the time.
   Count the staffers and others and the costs are staggering.
    Secret Service employees paid 10 of the 12 women involved in Colombia sex scandal, agency says - 2chambers - The Washington Post

Western New York Banker Grabs Top NYPA Post

     The head of the bank that spurned the North Country as locations for its branches is now going to head up the NYS Power Authority, which has substantial holdings in NNY.
     John Koelmel is CEO of First Niagara, the rapidly growing bank that bought up hundreds of HSBC branches across the state, but specifically declined to acquire the branches in Watertown and much of the North Country.
      Governor Cuomo has nominated Mr. Koelmel.
      The use of power from the plants in Massena for economic development locally has been a continuing subject of controversy in recent years with the North Country competing for influence with the Buffalo region.
Koelmel picked for Power Authority - Albany - The Buffalo News

WDT: Tale of Two Colleges

   I read this morning a couple of Clarkson Students received money from the Barry Goldwater Scholarship program, named after the five term AZ Senator and 1964 GOP Presidential candidate who declared "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." The students are working on a cure for cancer.
   Meanwhile up the road in Canton,  SLU students are holding "Woodystock", the culmination of a semester long study of the protest songs of Woodie Guthrie.
Just two things I read in the Times this AM. Draw your own conclusions.
Watertown Daily Times | Two 2012 Goldwater Scholars continue Clarkson’s winning tradition

HOTLINE Fill-In Among Three Voting No on PILOT

      These fights are never easy.  If you vote yes, it's a giveaway...If you vote no you are tagged as anti-jobs and not "supporting the troops".
       Nonetheless the City School Board voted narrowly to approve a tax deal with Morgan Development for the second of two major housing projects just west of the city.
       The  Board did hold out for a better deal than originally offered and surely put in a lot of time in the deliberations.
       The up side is this focuses development in the commercial corridor running along Arsenal Street in and outside the City. These are tax abatements for the one percenters, but it also induces investment, which has long been the mantra of those in favor of tax breaks. I believe it used to be called 'trickle down economics".
        I think under the circumstances the School Board did the best they could for the people they represent.
         Substitute HOTLINE host Cindy Habeeb was among those voting no.
Watertown City School District Approves Morgan PILOT in 'Contentious' 4-3 Vote

WDT: Lawmakers Hand Out Pints of Whiskey

   Walking around money has been a part of politics for years...Go to the days of the ward healers handing out a little cash (or maybe some spirits) to the needy in exchange for their loyalties at the polls.
    State lawmakers have walking around money....but its our money and its called "bullet aid". Little hand outs of 15, 20, 30 or 50 thousand dollars to school districts.
     It's a miniscule amount to the districts, but it makes for a good press release.
Watertown Daily Times | Senate GOP showers education $ on north country

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Elks Raffle Continues

    The local Elks Club continues to reap unheard of revenue off its Queen of Hearts drawing which is now in its 47th week with the net to the club approaching $100K and the top prize reportedly capped at $50K
     The state sanctioned raffle has been a boon to the Bradley Street social and fraternal club.
     Each week a new set of tickets are sold and the drawing winner gets to draw a playing card in search of the elusive Queen of Hearts.
    Other local clubs are also holding the raffles but not with such lucrative results. :: Lodge #496 Facilities

WDT: Water Cooler Talk and What MCM is Really Up To

   This week's water cooler talking point is the tragic death of the lady on Mill Street over the weekend as she was pushed or jumped from a moving car and died from head trauma.
    I am trying to figure out the political psyche of Middle Class Mike....He claims to be a Republican yearning for a return to Rockefeller/Javits Republicanism in NYS.....Yet he supports the most conservative candidate in the GOP primary for Congress....That would be Kellie Greene...Why is that ?
   We know the reason. MCM is Rep. Bill Owens' point man for trying to give Matt Doheny a problem with female voters.
    That's why MCM is trying to get people interested in staging a women's day at City Hall. Now I think the City's record of electing and appointing women to positions of prominence is pretty darn good, so surely MCM doesn't think we need coaching.
     Mike's "women's day" is a crass exploitation of women voters and a play at identity politics.
      As one who has appointed the City's first woman judge...first woman Planning Board Chair....named fire stations and streets after women...and been in office while a variety of women have assumed top jobs in City government....Well, Mike, I don't think I need a lesson on the subject.
     But thanks for asking.  You are still welcome to call the HOTLINE to spar with me and find ways to slip Gawker into the conversation.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

NYC BOE Boots Congressman Off Indy Line

   In the game or minor party lines and challenging them, Rep. Michael Grimm of Staten Island came up short. A challenge at the BOE showed Mr. Grimm with not enough valid signatures for the Indy line, a considerable faux pas for a sitting Member of Congress.
    In marginal districts these little lines can make a difference as some people really believe independent people on are the Indy Line and working people are on the Working Family line.
BOE report says GOP Rep. Michael Grimm doesn't have enough petition signatures to qualify for the Independence Party line |

WDT: Doheny Plays Hard Ball on Owen's WFP Nomination

The Doheny for Congress campaign is in court alleging that notaires who collected minor party petitions for Rep, Bill Owens didn't do their duty which is to admnister an oath to those whose signatures are being autheticated.
     When gathering nominating petitions, a party member can witness members of his own party, but you must be a notary when witnessing persons in other parties.
      Since the minor parties are a bit of a fraud, major party notaries (often people from prominent law firms) swarm the district to gather the signatures.

      Trying to get petitions thrown out via this method is true political hard ball as you would need affidavits from WFP members stating they were not sworn.
      Often pressure is put on the signers suggesting if they don't sign on to the suit they could somehow be in trouble...Of course the notaries don't want the affidavits forwarded to the Secretary of State or local DA either.
      Denial of the WFP line to Mr. Owens would be a blow, and in any event the exercise will keep lawyers and judges busy.
Watertown Daily Times | Doheny surrogate files suit on Owens petitions

WDT: Hockey Team May Opt for Fairgrounds Home

    Two meetings have been held in the past week between city brass and the minor league hockey team that may play its games in the City next winter.
     The Thousand Islands Privateers are leaving their Alexandria Bay home and if a deal can be worked out would play about three dozen home games at the Fairgrounds Arena.
      Providing an anchor tenant using the Arena may provide the impetus for some needed locker room and rest room improvements that would benefit all events and activities held there.
      Privateer talks had been held up for a month when it was discovered the team owed the City $550 for a bus advertisement. The bill was paid promptly last week when team owner Nicole Kirnan was told about it.

     Council also agreed to a facelift for the City Clerk's office on the first floor of City Hall. The very busy office has become a bit worn looking. Lawmakers also agreed with my suggestion that ATMs be placed in the lobby of City Hall and at the Arena. In addition to convenience, it is estimated the fees could provide six to eight thousand dollars in addtional revenue each year.    
Watertown Daily Times | City, Privateers continue talks about move

Monday, April 30, 2012

Council Comity Evident in Budget Session

   City Council moved smoothly through a review of upcoming capital projects, rejecting one $30K expenditure and quizzing department heads on others.
    Council set its next budget session for May 14 and a public hearing on the spending plan is next Monday.
    Council expressed strong support for Recreation initiatives but was unable to swear off the notion of colored lights in the Town Clock. I say it's a clock...and the face should be white, but not everyone agreed.

1 World Trade Center Outgrowing ESB Today

    More than a decade after terrorists knocked down the World Trade Center Buildings, a replacement structure has assumed the mantle of the Big Apples tallest building.....
    One World Trade Center has passed the Empire State Building on its way to a towering 1776 feet.   
     Bin Laden is dead and the people responsible are mostly rotting in Hell, but our spirit goes on.
1 World Trade Center Outgrowing ESB Today | New York Daily News

I Didn't Know You Were Ugly Till My Phone Told Me

     Ugly is no longer in the eye of the beholder...a new APP lets I-Phone users judge how ugly a person is based on predetermined criteria on facial features.
     Of course, someone will be upset at the 99 cent APP....It could be used to type cast and its use may be considered a hate crime.
      I know ugly when I see it and don't need my phone to tell me.
Ugly Meter app rates attractiveness | Entertainment - Home

Stop...Don't....Stop...Brooklyn Decker: 'I hate showing off my body' -

   Oh please, now these millionaire models are professing modesty all the way to the bank. SI model Brooklyn Decker says she hates showing off her body...
   Then don't do a little poorer....but that's the price for modesty in a promisuous world.
Brooklyn Decker: 'I hate showing off my body' -

Md. Court Rules Pit Bulls ‘More Vicious’; Owners Could Be Held Accountable For Attacks « CBS Baltimore

     The debate over pit bulls is by no means limited to Watertown.  In Maryland a court has held owners and even landlords can be liable for the actions of the dogs.
     Potential civil liability may do more to limit presence of the breed more than any laws banning them.
      Since few pit bull owners actually own a home or carry homeowners insurance, landlords will end up being the heavy.
Md. Court Rules Pit Bulls ‘More Vicious’; Owners Could Be Held Accountable For Attacks « CBS Baltimore

WDT: Council's First Budget Session With Krol Tonight

   Tonights City Council discussion on budget matters includes an outline of a successful budget practice in recent years. There has been a migration away from use of long term debt to fund smaller capital projects and that has gradually resulted in a decrease of the City's debt load.
    Council will hold its first budget review session this evening and the first substantive meeting with John Krol as city manager.
     Lawmakers will continue their review of applicants for the permanent appointment as manager in the second half of tonights session.
      On budget matters, the proposed spending plan doesn't include a small hike in property taxes and an increase in trash fees. One or both of those could be eliminated if the Council desires.
     I would zero out the tax increase as we should not be trying to collect more that we know we need. The other theorty is a little increase every year can prevent a politically difficult larger hike down the line.
     The coming year should continue with strong sales tax revenue, and while that could sag in the future, we shouldn't over tax now in anticipation.

Watertown Daily Times | Council members will discuss capital projects Monday

Sunday, April 29, 2012

But He Was So Great With Children

   A one year old Nevada boy is dead after his family's six year old Mastiff/Rhodesian Ridgeback grabbed the child's head in its jaws and shook him to death after the youth attempted to pet the dog.
    The dog will be euthanized.
1-year-old NV boy dies after attack by family dog - Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 5:52 p.m. - Las Vegas Sun

That's One Color I Would Never Buy

NYC's overregulated taxi industry learns cabs in outer boroughs must be this color.
New Taxicabs Are Green (the Hue) -

NNY's Political Class Chatters About the Wedding of the Summer

    While the final petition challenges move towards resolution, the chatter among the political and media class is who is going to Matt Doheny's gala June wedding to fiance Mary Reidy.
    The event is a showcase for the Thousand Islands with a night-before dinner at the Clayton Opera House, boat tours, a late night soire at the Dancing Dog and on the big day, a church wedding in the Bay and chartered boats to the reception on Caprice Island, the site of the Doheny's summer home.
     The invitation list is long and includes many in the media. Glenn Curry and Kari Plumpton are among those from my station invited. YNN reporters are invited as are those from TV 7. The Times political reporter wasn't, but I suspect his bosses were.
There will be lots of electeds there. The Wicked Wench is invited too.
     Anybody our age has been to lots of weddings, usually culminating at a local fire hall with rolled paper table cloths on the folding banquet tables.
     This is the equivalent of a royal wedding to many as it will be very classy and fancy in a setting far from our usual haunts on Pearl Street or Pete's.
      Someone suggested there may be choppers overhead with photographers...I don't think so, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of boats moored offshore loaded with DCCC operatives and Gawker photographers.
      Maybe the Sheriff could deploy a flotilla of boats and jet skiis to shoo them away.  

Savanna Samson: How Natalie Oliveros (General Brown Grad) juggles life as a porn star and a mom | Mail Online

      A General Brown grad is being featured on ABCs 20/20, but the school brass likely won't be telling the kids. Savanna Sampson is the 44 year old adult film star turned winemaker who gained fame in movies like "The Devil in Miss Jones."
      Her real name is Natalie Oliveros and she is now the mother of a ten year old and still is strikingly good looking.
      They should name a building after her. After all the Watertown School Board spent $40K on a sign to honor a retiring school superintendent.
Savanna Samson: How Natalie Oliveros juggles life as a porn star and a mom | Mail Online

Bloomberg's Health Zealots Aim for Happy Hour

   NYC health nannies are considering a ban on "happy hours" even though current state law prohibits the sale of booze at severe discounts or on a fixed price for all you can drink.
    Nonetheless this generation's crop of prohibitionists are motivated not by religious fervor but by secular humanist belief in the power of government to impose what is considered virtuous and temperate behavior.

                                     Should Daytime Drink Cards Be Banned ?
        Daytime specials are common and after work discounts are a marketing ploy, although most people are more interested in free grub than a drink discount.
     Now we are supposed to vote for a President who says his one moral lapse in life was taking a "sip" of beer when a teen.
     If you really are concerned about people drinking too cheaply, ban neighborhood bars with their reasonable prices, and ban sale in stores, because drinking at home is by far the biggest inducement to drink from a price standpoint.  Oh, and those six figure raffles at the clubs....Gotta go to as it draws people in who wouldn't be in a bar otherwise.

City mulls happy hour ban -

WDT: Bigger is Better Fans Tout Savings if Chaumont Folds

   So if Chaumont dissolves, does it just become known as Lyme ? And what does that mean ?
    The problem with these consolidation schemes is they all revolve around using the two hundred year old paradigm of government structure.
    That leave towns as the survivor and villages the prey.
     Another thing is as you add more moving parts to the operation of town governments, it will be tougher to provide government on the cheap. At some point, all these supervisors will expect to make what some do as they are running entire operations.
      I don't know if just getting rid of a village designation really saves much of anything, and it certainly depends on the circumstances.

Watertown Daily Times | Chaumont’s dissolution would mean big savings for village taxpayers, study finds

Albany rushes to decide if Empire Zone offenders should have their millions in tax breaks restored |

    Nobody likes to lose their free stuff....their white collar food stamps...
     Consideration is being given to restoring tax breaks to a range of lawyers, accountants and other saavy folks who basicly just formed a new entity and applied for Empire Zone benefits.  There was a fuss and the benefits to the politically connected firms were taken away..
    One thing about being connected is you don't take no for an answer. Albany is rushing to give the benefits back.
Albany rushes to decide if Empire Zone offenders should have their millions in tax breaks restored |