Saturday, April 21, 2012

New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow renting an apartment in Hoboken, near Giants QB Eli Manning -

       Tim Tebow continues to eclipse the quarterback he insists he is not replacing. Tebow has rented a condo near crosstown rival and Super Bowl champ Eli Manning. The Hoboken pad overlooks the Manhattan skyline.
       Menwhile no one is fretting about where Mark Sanchez is living.
New York Jets backup QB Tim Tebow renting an apartment in Hoboken, near Giants QB Eli Manning -

Colombia probes whether women in Secret Service sex scandal were under age | McClatchy

   I read this story about the women in the Secret Service scandal possibly being "under age".   What does that mean ?
    It's not described in the story.  Is that too young to drink in America ?  Too young to fornicate in America ? 
    Clearly 10 or 12 or 14 is under age, but above that where is the line...16, 18, 20 ?
     You have to be 16 to drive, 17 to have consensual sex (14 if a judge says so), 18 to kill your self with cigarettes and to vote, 21 to have a beer.
     I honestly don't know what underage is. If a 60 year old dates a 19 year old, is that better than a 20 year old dating a 16 year old ?  Who knows ?
     Sometimes I am glad I am at an age where age 40 seems like robbing the cradle.

Colombia probes whether women in Secret Service sex scandal were under age | McClatchy

Document Drop: The NYC Living Wage Bill

     NYC is considering a bill to set an $11.50 minimum wage for firms receiving significant government subsidy. It is said there are sufficient votes to override a Mayoral veto.
     It sounds like an end run around Albany as i don't think the City along can pass its own minimum wage....By linking it to subsidy (economic development) the City can impose the higher wage....
     Let's set it at $20 an hour so I can fire everybody and pay myself a "living wage."
Document Drop: The NYC Living Wage Bill | New York Daily News

WDT: B-Bush to Have a Foe With an Accent

      Republicans are not worried over an Oneida County woman said to be contesting the new Assembly seat held by Ken Blankenbush. Maria Pavelock will be the likely Democratic nominee and the party will let her make the run as she has the personal fortune to make a long shot bid.
    As for the GOP, they see the district as almost bullet proof even though it now includes parts of Oneida County not previously represented by Mr. B.
    In the other local Assembly seat, Democrat Addie Russell seems unopposed, and the Republcian High Command admits they have no viable challenger.
Watertown Daily Times | Pavelock for Assembly?

Greene challenges Doheny's Conservative petitions

   One of the long shot candidates in the Congressional race has discovered the value of a challenge to petitions. Kellie Greene has filed general objections to Matt Doheny's Conservative Party petition.
    Again, its a publicity hit as it was a chance for the Greene campaign to underscore their contention their candidate is the "true conservative" in the race.
     There will likely be no specific objections filed, but it did get a news article.
      It sends the message that the Greene campaign does know something about how the game is played, even though they are vastly outgunned in organization and money by  GOP primary foe Doheny.
       Greene challenges Doheny's Conservative petitions

Friday, April 20, 2012

WDT: Petition Challenges...What a Shocker

 The Owens and Doheny camps are busy filing general objections to each other's minor party nominating petitions. The goal is to be able to express through the media their deep concern over the integrity of the process and the "irregularities" that they sense.
   What they really want is a free drive-by from the media suggesting improprieties over a process no one understands.
   There will be no specifics filed and this is just one of those things operatives do and the media kinda goes along with.  It's a way to suggest somebody is getting away with something....Oooooooh!
Watertown Daily Times | Owens, Doheny petitions challenged

EDITORIAL: Does character count? Yeah But So Does Smarts, Energy and Ideology

       Character is always a subject of contention. Everybody agrees convicted murderers and rapists along with bank robbers and child molesters face an uphill battle running for high office.
         But what about a DWI..(or a BWI)....a divorce or a dalliance....a sub-700 credit score...mixing your trash and recyclables.....drinking a twelve pack when playing 18....or letting your eyes focus too longingly on a patch of spandex ?
         A newspaper in the new portion of our Congressional district is calling for illumination from Matt Doheny about just what the heck he was doing in that DC restaurant when an operative became shutterbug.
          As much as we may want a Victorian (I don't say Gormanesque anymore since I have a T-shirt in his household) brand of vision and virtue, life doesn't always work out that way. People hug...People throw a couple back....People wear ties that clash....
          The Glens Falls paper may want some kind of 'bare my soul' moment, but its clear from the editorial, they have already made up their mind.
EDITORIAL: Does character count?

Bank Changes Near

        A lot of banking will be changing in the Watertown area with the sale of HSBC's upstate branches and I got some more reading material today from First Niagara, which is buying only some NNY branches but all the credit card accounts.
     The booklet on conversion is very thorough although the only local residents who will have their deposit accounts changed are the customers of the Evans Mills and Carthage branches.
     Customers at other branches will have the option of becoming customers of Community Bank sometime later this summer.  A flood of customers have moved all or part of their banking to other banks already.
       There's a lot of little things to remember to do, especially any fund transfers like credit card processors or Lottery accounts.
        I am a little old school in that I enjoy the daily trip to the bank, so all these changes upset my regimen.

the circus: Town Councilman Misses 4 Consecutive Meetings

   Some of the little things in government that don't get reported on include a town councilman in the Town of Alexandria who has missed four consecutive monthly meetings.
    Is that a bad thing ?  Voters elected the person four times and those who felt his being gone in the winter were welcome to run against him.
    On the other hand, should you run if you know you will miss a large number of meetings?
     Probably not a lot goes on at a Town meeting, especially in the dark of winter.
I think I have been absent for four meetings in 16+ years, if you are looking for the other extreme.
the circus: Town Councilman Misses 4 Consecutive Meetings

Hillary Coming Back To New York

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returnd to New York State Monday for a foreign policy seminar at Syracuse University.  Mrs. Clinton represented the state in the Senate for eight years before taking the top overseas post.
     Welcome back Hill.
Hillary Coming Back To New York

WDT: Explanation Sought

     Sometimes people seek the ultimate in clarity when life is never black and white.
The change in administration in City Hall has happened and it was not a sudden decision, nor was taken lightly. It was also not unusual.
    Changes of administration commonly occur in governments or private industry. In the end it's the judgment of those duly elected, as is what happens next.
     Events of the past few months are over and City lawmakers are focused on doing their job which is to hire an administrator to carry out the policies they devise.
      In the meantime a responsible choice has been made for an interim manager. This weekend council members will be taking their first look at applicants for the permanent appointment.
      This is how change happens, as unsettling or inexplicable as it may seem to some at the time.
Watertown Daily Times | Council owes city residents an explanation

Newzjunky: Watertown Fish Fry Nets Cruelty Charge

     A rare crime for sure as a City of Watertown woman is charged with animal cruelty after she allegedly took a dozen pet goldfish and threw them in the frying pan.
     People do mean things towards animals and while a fish doesn't have the cognitive abilities of larger animals, it's still kind of sick thing to do. It's a sign you are capable of doing much worse. Police Blotter

New Scandals Make the Outrages of Old Seem Bland

    If sex for money is legal in Columbia, are the women involved in the Secret Service frat night really "prostitutes."
     It's like if there was no speed limit on I-81, would driving 90mph be "speeding"?
     In any event the chief party girl is a 24 year old mom who works life's night shift and is now front page news.
     You know, I look at the Secret Service frat night....or the GSA hot tub orgies...or the topless deputies here at home...All makes me look kind of bland. Remember a year ago when having lunch in Albany with a madam was public sin #1....
      The bar has been raised.

EXCLUSIVE: First photos of Colombia escort in explosive Secret Service hooker scandal - NY Daily News

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lawyer Says Caller Threatened Her To Drop $50M Lawsuit | WWNY TV 7

          More intrigue in the lawsuit that has captivated the water cooler crowd as the lawyer for the topless deputy sheriff says she was threatnened in an effort to quash the $50M action.
          This episode of As The Cops Turn has everybody talking and lots of back channel stories coming to the fore.  The letter complaining of the alleged harassment comes from attorney Charu Narang.  Ms. Narang says she is also a military dependent, like that makes the threat somehow different.
         Ms Narang says a man claiming to be in the Sheriff's Department threatened to make her life difficult if she didn't drop the suit.
          My read is it happened, but the lily is being gilded a bit to get to $50M in proposed damages.
           Lawyer Says Caller Threatened Her To Drop $50M Lawsuit | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Punks Vandalize Statues in Massena

   The usual respect for the property or beliefs of others.....Hang 'em high in Massena.
Feedback: Regilious Statue, Other Property Vandalized In Massena | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Who Needs Dog Fighting When Humans Will Do the Same ?

     The State Senate that last week said yes to human cockfighting, this week passed a bill banning tools used in training dogs to fight.
      Senator Patty Ritchie proposed the dog bill, on the basis that dog fighting is not a sport and is cruel...The Senator is right.
      Last week the Senate okayed Ultimate Fighting, which is violent human confrontation on television and soon possibly legal within the boundaries of NY.

WDT: Probe Results in Arrest of Coupon Thief

   Here's another one the taxpayer should not be paying to investigate.  If a clerk is abusing a customer rewards program, that should be dealt with internally and the person fired. The store can choose to restore the rewards to the customers who lost their coupons.
      Coupons or internal rewards used as a sales promotion are not the problem of the police, or society as a whole.
Watertown Daily Times | Store clerk stole customers’ rewards, police allege

You Scratch My Back, I Hit Yours

    Hate to ask, but why kind of a person calls the cops because a woman is hitting him with a wooden back scratcher.
     That's a waste of taxpayer money. Police Blotter

Higher Wage Likely to Pass

    While 67% of New Yorkers think the state is still in a recession, even more (72%) favor the proposed hike in minimum wage. While a dance is going on in Albany over the issue, it looks like GOP Senate opposition will not be robust enough and a couple Senators will peel off, allowing passage of the $8.50 and hour wage with escalators in future years.
      The business community argues its a job killer, expecially in some regions of the state.
       NY1/YNN Marist Poll: 72% Of NYers Support Minimum Wage

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Night at the Kilt...Possible Trip to Utica

     OK, I don't usually go to the Chamber After Hours monthly mixer....But I went tonight to the gathering at the Kilt and ran into a lot of old friends.  Courtesy of Eagle Beverage, I also met Utica Club spokesperson Meghan Fraser, who is a very capable promoter of her company's product.
      She invited me for a tour of the brewery in Utica, and I think I will arrange a posse to go down there. Who know's, maybe I can get a deal on a Freeman Bus since a lot of folks would love to sample the great products brewed down the road.
      I also ran into a consultant who wants to analyze the practices at Fort Pearl for efficiency.  And I ran into some great folks from WSB and Holly from TV 50....And of course the hilight of the evening was seeing Sharon Curry, wife of the Glenn.

Busy Wednesday

    Sorry I didn't update all day, I was non-stop at City Hall...From greeting the manager this morning and talking with him to introducing him to department heads, then on to work with the Chamber on a promotional video for the upcoming Fireball Run Road Rally visting Watertown in September.
    In a few moments, its off to the Chamber After Hours at the Kilt.
     Everyone was very welcoming and helpful towards the new interim City Manager John Krol. When I introduced him, I made a point to say he was not the former Maple City manager involved in Knox Street.
     He met with staff, took a quick tour of the outer provinces, and reviewed the just proposed city budget.
      This weekend Council will get a first look at the applicants for the permanent appointment as manager and will discuss them Monday.

WDT: Moving On

      A new work day starts at City Hall and a new city manager is on duty following the retirement yesterday of Mary Corriveau and at midnight the "football" became  the responsibility of interim manager John Krol.
     Mr. Krol will be at City Hall this morning and I will be introducing him to department heads at 10 AM. After that he will dive in to the duties as he did for many years when working in the same job in Ogdensburg.
     The City's 300+ full and part time employees led by their department heads will continue to do the job and City Council will continue to recruit a permanent replacement.
      Best wishes to Mrs Corriveau in her new endeavors and we look forward to the professional job Mr. Krol will do in the weeks ahead.

Watertown Daily Times | Job well done

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Elks Raffle in Six Figures

   The money continues to pile up...The Queen of Hearts progressive raffle at the local Elks Club is now at $104,000 with seven cards still covered.
     The massive pot is selling dinners and drinks like crazy each week.
Watertown Elks Lodge 496

Tebow and Turkey....JETS & Pats to Play on Thanksgiving

   Beats watching the Lions or Cowboys.
NY Jets 2012-13 NFL schedule released, Gang Green will take on New England Patriots on Thanksgiving Day  - NY Daily News

Duffy Hits It Big At The Track

    LG Bob Duffy is doing fine. His tax returns who he had a good day at the track at Saratoga last summer.....Plus he collects a $182K state pension and his $153K salary as governor.
    Mr. Duffy retired as Rochester Police Chief before being elected mayor of the Flower City.
     Duffy Hits It Big At The Track

New Shirts Arrive on Pearl Street

   A new shipment of Tshirts for the "Mayor's Bar" are in and demand remains high as the attractive shirts are popular with all social strata.
    The women's shirts are available in new colors like tangerine and lime green in addition to hot pink and ocean blue.
    Stop by today and you can be wearing the most trendy fashion statement of 2012 for the low, low price of $15 !

WDT: Topless Cop Brings $50M Lawsuit.....OMG, that's the Whole Fund Balance

    This lawsuit is great reading and you can access the text of it on It's a $50M suit that centers on the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department alledgedly using an attractive deputy as part of some cooked up version of "To Catch a Predator."
     Who knows what really happened, but those gotcha stings on NBC have certainly opened up the law enforcement workplace for some interesting scenarios.
      My read on sexual harassment is simple. You don't eat where you ----.   And if somebody says they feel uncomfortable with they way things are, you change the way things are.      
Watertown Daily Times | Deputy files $50m lawsuit over topless photos

Does Andy Have Plumbers Too ? Liz Labled Snarky...Has Albany Gone Mad ?

    Governor Cuomo may have revealed his Nixonian side as word has leaked of a 35 page dossier on journalism's girl next door, Liz Benjamin.
     The compilation of Liz' work highlights what the Administration feels is bad or biased reporting, even going so far as to label her "snarky."
      I've heard that word used to describe the WDT's Amaral, but never our Liz.
      Cuomo Aide Slammed Reporter In Dossier

Penguin Bites Newt !

    While in town to address the NRA about gun control, Presidential candidate (sort of) Newt Gingrich was bitten by a penguin during a tour of the St. Louis Zoo.
      When you run out of money, you have to do what you have to do to get back in the news. How much can a penguin bite hurt ?
Feisty small penguin nips Newt Gingrich’s finger during tour of St. Louis Zoo - The Washington Post

Newzjunky :: State Retirement Costs Plague City's Proposed $53.7 Million Budget

      Newzjunky's take on last night's Council meeting was less hyberbolic, instead talking about the budget presentation.  One of the real changes proposed is a hike in trash sticker prices. The whole document is now in the hands of lawmakers who will likely make minor changes before adopting it next month.
Newzjunky :: State Retirement Costs Plague City's Proposed $53.7 Million Budget

WDT: Dan Francis Says "It Stinks"

   The Times take on last night's Council meeting is that it was overcome by controversy because two time Congressional candidate Dan Francis gave lawmakers a tongue lashing over their decision to hire former Ogdensburg manager John Krol as interim manager.
    One city resident also referred to lawmakers as "village idiots" for events that led to the retirement of the City Manager.
      Having been at Council meetings for years and knowing Mr. Francis, I would hardly say his being outspoken rises to the level of an eruption of controversy.
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Citizens Upset Over Hustler’s Mobile Strip Truck « CBS Sacramento

      Residents of Northern California don't have to travel to Columbia to see strippers...Strippers can come to them.
      A mobile stripper truck can travel the highways with dancers and a pole on display. There is the usual outrage over Hustler on wheels. Of course more people see more porn every day on the Internet, but a stripper truck is much easier to get upset over.
Citizens Upset Over Hustler’s Mobile Strip Truck « CBS Sacramento

Monday, April 16, 2012

Public's Help Sought To Find Dog Who Bit Woman In Potsdam | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

   A pit bull in Potsdam has bitten a woman.  This is not a good time to be a pit bull.
Public's Help Sought To Find Dog Who Bit Woman In Potsdam | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Managers Change, But Business of the City Goes On

    Following the presentation of a City Budget by the outgoing Manager, City Council unanimously approved the hiring on a per diem basis the former Ogdensburg Manager who is helping the Council recruit a new chief executive.
    City Manager Mary Corriveau proposed a budget that makes use of a state aid program called "spin up" to secure $3.1 million in extra funding for Watertown which will help bridge the pension crisis that is crippling local governments across the state. Ms. Corriveau's spending plan calls for a 2 % increas in the tax levy and no increases in water and sewer bills.
    Tomorrow is Ms Corriveau's last day as City Manager, as she retires this month.
    John Krol will be City Manager on Wednesday.
    The proposed budget will be reviewed in the coming weeks and adopted by June 1. In the agreement hiring Mr. Krol, it specifically states he will not seek the permanent appointment.

WDT: Greene Submits....So Does Green Guy

    The Times reports GOP challenger Kellie Greene did submit petitions for the Republican Congressional nomination, meaning (pending no challenge) there will be a June 26 primary against Matt Doheny.
    The theories vary on such an event. It's early enough not to impact the ability of the party to rally behind the nominee....Some say the ability to crush an underfunded rival is good for the frontrunner. Others think Ms. Greene is a possible third rail if she catches on and gets anything over 30%.
     It really depends on whether she is agressive and whether she can co-opt the former Hoffman crowd from 2010.
     In a plus for whomever the Republican is, Green Party candidate Don Hassig submitted petitions. His candidacy could give the far left a home, but he is at best an erratic candidate unlikely to get it together for a real campaign.
Watertown Daily Times | Candidates get on the ballot

Doheny: NY-21 Residents: We Want Me

     Congressional candidate Matt Doheny has submitted petitions to be on three lines on the November ballot. His signature totals appear to be well above the minimums needed.
      It is unknown if Sackets Harbor resident Kellie Greene is submitting on the Republican line. If so, that would force a June 26 primary.
      Mr. Doheny has a busy last week of June with a possible primary and four days later his marriage in Alexandria Bay, his hometown.
      Due to the silliness of the State Legislature, a separate petition period will be held in June and July for state and local office, meaning candidates will have to chase down the same people chased down this past month.

NY-21 Residents: We Want Doheny | Doheny for Congress

Recommendation: Appoint Krol as Interim

        Since the story was broken this afternoon, let me confirm that after three weeks of discussions on choosing a city manager on an interim basis, the consensus I came to was to recommend the appointment of John Krol. A proposed agreement was forwarded to Council on Friday for their consideration and possible action tonight.
         I will defer to Council before ansering media inquiries after tonight's meeting.
Mayor: John Krol Will Likely Be Interim City Manager | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

WDT: The New Uniform for the Shadow Government ?

    The new Fort Pearl/Mayor's Bar  t-shirts are reaching high places. In todays WDT political blog by Brian Amaral, the wife of the managing editor is pictured posing with a bright pink shirt given to her by a friend for her birthday.
     I have always heard Bunny Gorman has a keen fashion sense and this is certainly confirmation of that.
Watertown Daily Times | Brisk sales for Fort Pearl T-shirts among movers and shakers

Clinton Has a Cold One During a Hot Time

   OMG, Hillary let her guard down and had a 'Devil's brew' at a Columbian nightspot. The Secretary of State was in town for the summit dogged by the hooker scandal involving numerous US Secret Service agents.
    That matter was not of the Secretary's making, and if she wants to hit the town that's her business.
     Let the men deal with the hooker woes.
Clinton boozed at Cuban bar in Cartagena -

Editorial: Transition Too Slow for Some

      With all due respect, regardless of what you think of City Council's decision not to renew the Manager' contract, the process for recruiting a replacement has progressed at an appropriate pace and in fact is far ahead of the other local city now seeking a manager.
       Shortly after the Council decision, based on discussions with the other four lawmakers I proposed the hiring of John Krol to conduct a process. In politics, you have to propose something you can get passed. This measure passed 3-2.
        He quickly devised a job description based on the input of a variety of people in City government and then placed ads in appropriate venues including at my suggestion both the on-line services of Newzjunky and the WDT.  He also has been talking to other managers to get the word out.
      The deadline for submissions is this Friday, and Council will then have to bear down and review the applications and winnow the field before conducting extensive background checks and interviews.
      In the meantime, I have worked with the Council on an interim solution and am confident the current team of department heads will keep operations on track as well.
      Under the City Charter, the Council is responsible for hiring a manager and a clerk.
      It is not something that comes up often, but last year the Council stayed on track and methodically chose a new City Clerk, who has worked out very well.
      The manager's job is to be that traffic cop who keeps the moving parts of government moving smoothly and efficiently. Bringing an elected board to consensus on a candidate must be done with deliberate speed and careful consideration.
     There was in January disagreement over whether a change was needed, but since that point I have sought to see all parties have worked towards transition at as quick a pace as is prudent and practical.
Watertown Daily Times | A transition

Sunday, April 15, 2012

You Can Blame Him for the Deficit, But Not the Hookers

    I heard a right wing talking head today listing the Secret Service hooker scandal as a reason to not vote for President Obama.....Please.....
     It's not the President's fault and he is mad about the tawdry affair which has overshadowed his own meetings with leaders from the Hemisphere.
      Mr. Obama says he wants a thorough probe and I suspect those involved will be sent somewhere checking counterfeit currency instead of travelling with the President.
     It was one agent who ruined the trip for the rest by arguing over the price of services to the point where local police were involved. Then a copy of the police report was sent to the US Embassy, which resulted in 16 US personnel being removed post haste from Columbia.
Obama expects 'thorough' review of Secret Service hooker scandal -

WDT: Changing of the Guard Coincides With Release of Budget

     Every year on the day before the proposed city budget is released, TV 7 does the obligatory "what are you looking for ?" interview before the budget entrails are laid out for reading Monday night.
     Every year I tell them a budget is a forecast of revenue and a plan for spending with the difference becoming the portion of revenue made up by the property tax levy. If you follow the variables month to month, the end result is less of a mystery and more a question of philosophy in how you cast the end result.
     One can be cautious and attempt to build a nest egg for future woes or you can cut the levy based on strong current year numbers. 
      Any proposed budget is really the result of policies and practices developed over years. With that said, my goal is to pass the budget quickly and keep the Council focused on the city manager recruitment process.
      Speaking of deadlines, this Friday is the final day to recieve applications, and the process of winnowing the field should begin next Monday.
Watertown Daily Times | Corriveau quietly soldiers to end

WDT: You Have to Make It a Priority, Maple City "Landmark" Closes Doors

    After just seven months, an Ogdensburg man has learned quickly that owning a local bar isn't as easy as it looks. John Tulip bought the aging Oscar's on Ford Street in the 'burg and now is closing it.
    Mr. Tulip said "he always wanted to own a bar."    Did he want to run one though ?
You have to be there and whatever your outside commitments are, they have to be flexible enough to allow you to put in the hours needed. You make money by working, not owning. Bars are also not "a family" place. They function as the antithesis.
      After 27 years, I can tell you it's still a fun occupation but it's a lot of work and a lot of anxious moments struggling to make a go of it as a small corner gin mill.
     RIP Oscar's.
Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg landmark Oscar’s restaurant and bar to close

'Close to all' of the 11 Secret Service agents in Colombian prostitution scandal had women at hotel | Mail Online

      When the President travels, it takes a bid advance effort to ensure security and logistics come off smoothly...That's especially true when travelling overseas to countries with some level of internal strife.
     The scandal involving alleged drinking and cavorting with prostitutes by Secret Service agents has certainly been a distraction to the Presidents trip to Columbia.
'Close to all' of the 11 Secret Service agents in Colombian prostitution scandal had women at hotel | Mail Online

WDT: Sales Tax Looks Good for 2012

     Sales tax revenue can rise and fall based on the circumstances of the moment as we saw this winter in Lewis County where a light winter likely discouraged visitors to the county. (Ironically, warmer weather also decreases the take on various taxes on energy, but that's a good thing in my book.)
     In Jefferson County and the City of Watertown, sales tax ran ahead of expectations and 2012 should be a good year with a full nest at Fort Drum and continued strong Canadian interest in visiting here.
      Unlike school districts, where most funding comes from state and federal aid, cities, towns and villages receive a relatively small amount of their overall funding from that arena. In the City, sales tax revenue eclipses what is raised in property taxes by two to one.
       The recent strength in sales tax allows a broader base to support our local government operations and has helped mitigate the crippling effect of pension premium contributions which are reaching very high levels.
       2012 and its vitality should be used as an opportunity to reduce overall debt and contain tax rates with an eye towards the day when sales tax falters about part of the natural cycle.
Watertown Daily Times | Lewis County sales tax figures dip; other counties see increase

WDT: Doxtater’s Bakery to open downtown

    It's great the Doxtater family is reopening the coffee shop in the Paddock Arcade as this was a nice component of the downtown mix of business and service.
     Good luck to the Doxtaters and all who make a stand operating a small business.
Watertown Daily Times | Doxtater’s Bakery to open downtown

Still tickin': With new heart, Cheney speaks over an hour in Wyo. -

       One of the strongest voices of the right is booming again. Dick Cheney spoke for over an hour this week at a meeting in Cheyenne, WY.  He is said to look better and not so frail now that he has a new heart following a recent transplant.
        As talking heads go, Mr. Cheney has been one of the GOP's most authoritative. Looks like that will continue for the time being.
Still tickin': With new heart, Cheney speaks over an hour in Wyo. -