Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Travels and a Busy Week Ahead

    A nice size crowd at the Arena this evening for roller derby as several teams competed. Mel Busler was the PA announcer, making him the Voice of Roller Derby in the North Country.
     Our local team, the Black River Rollers, are a great bunch of ladies and we wish them well for the season.
      I ran into a local florist who was telling me of a controversial plan to seek county funding for a new rural ambulance service in the county. One sticking point is the subsidized service would compete with a private sector company.
      City Council meets Monday and the marquis act is the release of the proposed City Budget, among other matters. In all a busy week ahead to be sure.

Custom Wedding Websites –

    It's been a while since I was invited to a wedding. This year I got two invitations and some things have changed. Nowadays people create wedding websites with all the information on receptions, rehearsal dinners, gift registries, where to park, how to get there and of course information on the loving couple to be.
     The first round of weddings you go to are in the post high school and college era and most of those are at a fire hall or the North Side League.
     As you get older, they get swankier.
     In my first couple terms as mayor, I did a lot of ceremonies for people who couldn't find a JP but were hotter than a pepper sprout to get hitched. I stopped doing them except in special cases, as I didn't sense a very high success rate.
     Usually if I get the urge to attend a wedding, I just wander down to the City Clerk's office and see who is standing out in the hall outside City Court waiting for that special moment. Arraignments are across the hall.

Custom Wedding Websites – – Create a FREE Website

Gillibrand-Bachmann Showdown Sunday on NBC

   This should be a pretty good "Meet the Press" Sunday on the Peacock Network.
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will debate Rep. Michelle Bachmann on whether there really is a "War on Women".
     The Senator is replacing commentator Hilary Rosen who quipped she skipped the showdown to instead be a "stay at home mom" over the weekend.
      Ms. Rosen started a flap this week when she criticised Ann Romney for 'never working a day in her life."
       Kirsten Gillibrand, standing in for Hilary Rosen, will debate Michele Bachmann on 'Meet the Press' | Capital New York

Dicker to Write Cuomo Biography

    Governor Cuomo will cooperate with NY Post State Editor Fred Dicker on penning a biography of the first term Governor and former Secretary of HUD.
    Mr. Dicker has been accused by some of being a mouthpiece for the Governor, but he has also been a fixture in the capital for decades and has broken many a story about the inside workings of state government.
      I don't know who reads these type of authorized tomes written in the prime of the subjects career. I have followed Mr. Cuomo's career. I know he was Mario's son....had a failed very driven and persuasive....lost a bid for Governor....and came back to win in 2010 against token opposition.  He is credited with making Albany do things like pass budgets and reform some programs.
     There, I wrote what Fred will spend hundreds of pages gushing about. The prickly scribe dismissed charges from the NY Times that he is shilling for the Governor, something he often does on his radio show.
Governor opens door for biography - Times Union

Newzjunky :: Coldstone Creamery Coming to Watertown in May

     Another business is going to open in the City of Watertown soon. This one is a gourmet ice cream outlet named Coldstone Creamery.
Newzjunky :: Coldstone Creamery Coming to Watertown in May

Obama's Secret Service agents sent home from Summit of Americas for misconduct -

      The normally low key but effective Secret Service detail guarding the President is in the news as a dozen agents were sent home from duty in Columbia following a hooker scandal.
      President Obama is in Columbia for a conference with other leaders from the Hemisphere. Details of what happened are being hushed up.
Obama's Secret Service agents sent home from Summit of Americas for misconduct -

Will Greene Force a Primary....We Will Know By Tuesday

   With the deadline looming for submission of nominating petitions, the woman challenging GOP frontrunner Matt Doheny is pleading via Facebook for help getting signatures.
     It sounds like Kellie Greene is having trouble getting the thousand or so GOP signatures needed. Mr. Doheny says he has over six thousand, and will also have enough for two minor party lines as well.
     If Ms. Greene has enough, there will be a primary June 26 for the right to challenge Rep. Bill Owens. Ironically, if Ms. Greene pulled an upset, Mr. Doheny would remain on the Conservative and Indy lines. ensuring an Owens win anyway.
(20) Kellie Greene

DCCC Goes There, And That Speaks Volumes

   The MSM in NNY never got real interested in the undercover photo of Matt Doheny at a DC steak house. Yes, I have one radio caller who keeps up the drumbeat, demanding a press conference to fully detail every aspect of that night on the town...
    Other than that, the story had died. Enter the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which is now directly promoting the alleged tipsy dining experience. They got Liz to write something today.
    The original story in Gawker and the NY Post likely came from a DCCC staffer as no journalist has the time to sit around restaurants hoping a Congressional wanabee from somewhere they never heard of will kiss somebody.
      Now that the DCCC is directly promoting the story, well that makes it less of a story....kind of like this "War on Women" the Dems have dreamed up.
DCCC Goes There

Friday, April 13, 2012

Website in the Works for Pearl Street Gin Mill

   I guess I am the first mayor who owns a bar and requested the domain name "".  I reserved it today along with, as a fine local firm, Coughlin Printing, designes my website for the bar on Pearl Street.
     I expect they will do a great job, and I will report on their progress here.

WDT: Weber to Fete Ritchie

   I got invited to Lisa Weber's house...She is the Timeless Frames CEO who is hosting a soire for Senator Patty Ritchie.
    It takes a real dedication to the candidate to let a bunch of political hacks, hangers-on, and hooligans into your home just to raise money...It's one thing to invite them to Pete's, where you can leave and let the staff clean up and send them home....
    Letting them in your home just means they are checking out the silverware with an eye towards a later, less auspicious visit.
    Remember the scene in "Risky Business" where the glass egg was stolen from the mantel.....Just imagine that Athena trophy missing...
    Lisa, be careful.

Watertown Daily Times | Weber to fete Ritchie

Kate Upton’s ‘nun-kini’ in ‘The Three Stooges’ sparks anger from Catholic League    - NY Daily News

    I really wanted to see the new Three Stooges movie, if for no other reason to remind me of the days growing up watching the comedy shorts on TV.
     Now there's a controversy that may prohibit Catholics (even ones who don't go to church but are in politics) from watching the flick.
     Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, who also may be dating the JET's quarterback of record, appears in the movie wearing a "nun-kini".
      This has upset the Catholic League, an organization often upset at something.
       I will refrain from seeing the movie until I get the green light from the Sister's of St. Joseph and/or  Msgr. McCarthy.
Kate Upton’s ‘nun-kini’ in ‘The Three Stooges’ sparks anger from Catholic League    - NY Daily News

WDT: No Clear Path to Ownership for Mercy When it Closes in 2013

        When back taxes were paid on the Mercy complex last year, it was in some ways good for the City, but it also put off for two years a means to obtain title to the complex upon it closure in January.
         The enormous set of buildings on Stone Street will officially become a white elephant when nursing home patients are moved to a new facility in early 2013.
          Discussions will intensify in the coming months, but this is a problem euphemistically described as 'vexing'.
Watertown Daily Times | The fate of the Mercy nursing home looms

Bernie Fine Accuser Says He Made It Up

    It doesn't matter now as the damage is done, but the former Copenhagen student who had accused SU Assistant Coach Bernie Fine of sexually abusing him now tells TV 3 that he never met Fine and made it all up.
    Zach Tomiselli did the interview as he readied to serve a three year prison term for sexually abusing a child in Maine.
     Their are still other accusations that had led to Fine's departure, but the recanting by Tomaselli shows how dangerous such allegations are.
       Bernie Fine accuser recants saying it was all a game : News :

Mayor Booker Takes a Stab at Firefighting

    Newark Mayor Cory Booker is definately a 'Mayor who's there."
    Hizzoner ran into his neighbors home which was ablaze. After hearing screams from a bedroom, the Mayor and his security detail pulled a woman from bed and took her to safety. The Mayor was treated for smoke inhalation and burns to his hands.
     The woman is expected to survive.
Mayor Booker saves woman in fire - Darius Dixon -

WDT: Petition Filing Begins

     Petitions are being filed for federal office races. In our CD Rep. Bill Owens has filed his Democratic petitions while challenger Matt Doheny has filed for the GOP. So far, no one has filed for the minor party lines, including the Green Party which has ballot status this year and declines to cross endorse.
       The Greens are running a candidate named Colia Clark against Sen Kirsten Gillibrand for the US Senate seat up this year.
Watertown Daily Times | Owens files; Doheny looks for Indies

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Watertown Elks Club Queen Of Hearts Raffle Now Up to $83K | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

   The Queen of Hearts raffle at the local Elks is still not hit and the jackpot is up to $83,000. The result is massive crowds for dinner and drinks week after week. It's a heckuva revenue stream, if no one draws the winner for many weeks in a row.
    Its better than sign in pools which have been a staple in many bars but only net pots in the hundreds to a couple thousand dollars.
    It's an example of the positive force gambling can be whether its funding education or the many activities supported by the fraternal clubs.
Watertown Elks Club Queen Of Hearts Raffle Now Up to $83K | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Is This Stuff News ? I Used to Think So, But Not Anymore.

    Big deal....a decades old photo of FOX talker Bill O'Reilly at the beach with his brothers and a topless woman is in the background.
    It was published by the gossip site, the same people who made a capital crime out of a kiss in a restaurant.
    This fascination with such stuff and the crazy assertion that its somehow significant is what is souring out culture.
    The amount of time spent on lawyers trying to quash publication probably wasn't worth it.
    The only way to stop this style of journalism is to play gotcha with the publishers of it and see how they like it.
     In the old days if a Congressman's bride danced on a table or a Senator got loaded in the bars of Albany, it was not news because it was not known and no one thought to make an issue of it.

Here's a Picture of Bill O'Reilly With a Topless Woman Along With the Fox News Legal Threat Meant to Quash It

Dem operative criticizes Ann Romney, ignites storm -

     Is not having a W-2 a disqualifier from commenting on national issues ? Ann Romney had to fend off criticism this week from a key Democratic operative who chirped "Ann Romney hasn't worked a day in her life."
     Mrs Romney responded that raising five sons was hard work. Mrs. R has also dealt with bouts of MS and breast cancer.
     No one will refer to the swipe at Mrs. Romney as part of a "War on Women." 
Dem operative criticizes Ann Romney, ignites storm -

Cuomo vetoes 'pork' items, as well as education funds - Albany - The Buffalo News

   Governor Cuomo has vetoed a handful of porkish projects including money for the Stickball Hall of Fame in NYC.
    Cuomo vetoes 'pork' items, as well as education funds - Albany - The Buffalo News

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

17 Year Old Gift Card Produced at Pete's

        You know those gift cards you get and forget to use...Well, tonight someone came into Pete's and produced a 17 year old gift card for $10.
         It was honored. 
          Of course now, they use plastic cards, but this was a cardboard one.

Green Party candidate to challenge Buerkle, Maffei for Congress |

   Every Republican Congressional candidate should have one of these...A Green Party candidate who will allow the true Left to have a place to vote instead of settling for a Democrat.
    This 28 year old lady could help Rep. Buerkle survive agianst Dan Maffei, the former Congressman defeated two years ago.
Green Party candidate to challenge Buerkle, Maffei for Congress |

Florida Mob Gets a Murder Rap....Zimmerman in the Slammer

   George Zimmerman is in custody charged with second degree murder in the vigilante run amuck killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin in a gated community in Sanford, FL.
   My guess is prosecutors had to go for the murder rap given the publicity and unrest. In the end the affirmative defense will be self-defense and the final verdict will likely be manslaughter.
   This is a tough case as its not the racism the Sharpton crowd is peddling, but it sure is reckless behavior in using Neighborhood Watch to be a cop wannabe.
    It's an ugly episode featuring lousy and inflammatory journalism and ugly race baiting. With Black Panthers and neo-Nazis cruising the streets of Sanford, residents must be asking, what did we do to deserve this ?

George Zimmerman charged with second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin shooting - The Washington Post

WDT: Goss to Retire as Police Chief.

      The pending retirement of Police Chief Joe Goss is a loss to the department as the Chief was a solid, role model for the officers and exercised common sense in enforcement.
     Chief Goss did his job without the theatrics of operations this or that, gotcha' stings or quota driven law enforcement.
      There were no police dressing in bunny suits to catch motorists without a seat belt.
      The Chief leaves a legacy to live up to and since the Civil Service system doesn't move with alacrity, a provisional appointment will likely be made later this spring.
       City Manager Mary Corriveau, who is retiring this month will end her nearly 27 years service with the City next week.  Mrs. Corriveau had given her notice of intent to retire in February, well ahead of the 30 day notice required.
       A recruitment process is underway for that job.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown Police Chief Goss to retire in June

County Blows Ill Wind to Cuomo-Obama Wind Deal

    Jefferson County lawmakers are likely to oppose an understanding between the Cuomo and Obama administrations that would promote the possibility of wind farms offshore in Lake Ontario.
     Gone is the mantra of jobs, jobs, jobs that led to the narrow and controversial approval of a tax abatement for still unbuilt windmills on an island near Sackets Harbor.
      The new mantra is these contraptions are ugly and make no sense economically.
County opposes Memorandum of Understanding - YNN, Your News Now

In The End Its Humans Who Can Be The Worst

      In Baltimore, a second trial for a pair of idiots who set a pit bull on fire in the middle of the street. The dog died after extensive treatment.
Prosecution Struggles In Second Trial For Twins Accused Of Setting Pit Bull On Fire « CBS Baltimore

Andy's Popularity Stays High as New Yorkers Feel Good About Themselves

   Governor Cuomo has New Yorkers believing in the not just him, but the state as a whole. A new poll shows residents believe the state, but not the nation, is on the right track and Mr. Cuomo's popularity is at an all time high.
    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and President Obama are also on track to win the state this year.
Cuomo at all-time high in latest poll; Bam and Gillibrand strong -

Unions in New York State Get Raises Even Without Contracts -

       Here's a story you don't see written very often. It's about the Triborough Amendment, a section of NY labor law that says public workers without contracts in place can still keep getting longevity raises, thus reducing the incentive to bargain for a new contract at a time when management is seeking concessions.
       Labor says Triborough is compensation for not having the right to strike and is an important point of leverage for workers.
        Like a lot of aspects of labor law, its very obscure and arcane stuff and not easily explained when writing stories about why localities struggle with escalating labor costs.
        Unions in New York State Get Raises Even Without Contracts -

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Out in the Rain for an Arcane Process Few Understand

     I went out tonight with a veteran operative for Senator Ritchie to get Indy signatures for Congress....The rain mercifully ended the less than stellar three signature effort.
     For a couple of decades, I have gathered signatures on various nominating petitions. I even became a notary so I could witness signatures from people in other parties than what I am registered in.
    This whole process is a joke....The petition requirements for the minor parties are high and there really are no Independence Party operatives...Just people who call themselves chairman and act like they really represent something.....
     It's all done by major parties notaries and lawyers. 
     These minor parties should just publish a rate card for the out of party authorization...And that goes for the WFP as well.

WDT: Four Years of Three Hots and a Cot for Robbing a Bank

   So the downside on robbing a bank is four years (maybe less with good behavior).
   The upside is if you don't get caught you get to keep the money.
    I wonder how many people do the calculus on all this....and then make their decision.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown man gets 4 years for Key Bank robbery

Santorum Will Stay On NY Primary Ballot

   Today's suspension of campaign by Rick Santorum doesn't mean you can't still vote for him later this month in the NY GOP primary. In fact, Mr. Santorum could still pick up some delegates here and there along the way to Tampa.
    In today's speech in Gettysburgh, Mr. Santorum didn't mention frontrunner Mitt Romney, and is likely angling for a high profile endorsement in exchange for a role at the convention.
    The former PA Senator did much better than expected and had he pull off upsets in MI or OH last month instead of narrow losses, the momentum could have swung his way.
    It didn't and a good effort is over.

Santorum Will Stay On NY Primary Ballot

Buffalo News: Ontario ruling may lead to brothels on border

    I didn't raise this matter last night when the guy from the Thousand Islands Council came before Council to pitch this year's bed tax marketing program for the City.
    However, with so many reasons to visit Canada, the prospect of legal brothels in Ontario may add a new twist to the always awkward chat with the customs agent.....
    "Purpose of your visit ?"
     "Nookie, sir."
      "OK, have a nice day."
      A recent court ruling in Ontario opened the door to limited but legal prostitution.
Ontario ruling may lead to brothels on border - Southern Ontario - The Buffalo News : Car Sales Continue to Heat Up

      New car sales continue to soar in Jefferson County, pointing to increased sales tax revenue and a good year for local car salespersons, of whom I used to be a member.
       An early Spring and returning troops surely helps, as does an uptick in the overall economy.
       Volkswagen sales are strong, indicating the stellar job Paul Bouchard is doing at the new FX VW dealership. :: Jefferson County Clerk :: New Vehicle Registrations

WDT: Baseball Settled in Time for Arrival of New Superintendent

      Today is the first day on the job for the City's new Superintendent of Parks and Recreation and Erin Gardner begins her new duties with the local collegiate baseball team lease inked after Council last night approved the agreement with the Wizards.
       Ms. Gardner was recently hired as part of a reogranization of what for years had been a subset of the Public Works Department, but now Parks reports directly to the Manager.
A program manager position will be filled soon as well.
      City Manager Corrivieu told Council last night retired Superintendent John VanBrocklin will assist if needed in the transition including helping to complete talks with the Privateers hockey team.
       With so many events and actitivities at the Fairgrounds and other parks, everyone looks forward to Ms. Gardner's presence and a successful summer of events rangins from T-ball to Bill Cosby.

Watertown Daily Times | Council, Wizards agree on fairgrounds contract

Monday, April 9, 2012

Council Dogs It at Work Session

   While finding no silver bullet, City Council learned more about unruly and vicious dogs at a Pit Bull Summit, attended by the police chief, the dog warden and a city attorney.
     The bottom line is there are irresponsible pet owners who might well see some more enforcement over leash law and licensing.
     Council also approved a lease with the Watertown Wizards.
     Next week the proposed City Budget hits the street.

Maryland Mega Millions winner comes forward, will remain anonymous -

        Finally a winner in the Maryland portion of MegaMillions, but they won't tell us who it is....It's like the Lottery is one big executive session. This is public money and a public contest.
       The integrity of it all is in question when they won't tell us who won...
Meanwhile the McDonalds worker story is in doubt.
Maryland Mega Millions winner comes forward, will remain anonymous -

TV 7 To Feature My Thoughts on Mike Wallace Passing

     John Moore interviewed me today about my chance nearly thirty years ago to meet the late CBS new icon Mike Wallace. It will be on tonights news.

Woolworth Discussion Nixed Due to Travel Woes

   The owners of the Woolworth Building in Downtown Watertown have cancelled an appearance tonight at City Council due to travel issues. It's expected thes session will be resceduled.
    There is still enough meat on the bone for a long meeting tonight.

Minimum Wage Hike.....Is $8.50 Enough ?

   The more I think about this minimum wage issue, maybe I am just a greedy capitalist and don't understand the economics of bubble up and only understand the politics of trickle down.
   Instead of $8.50 an hour...a sum Legislators would not allow their sons or daughters to work for....why not make the minimum a true living wage....Say $20 an hour.
    That's $800 a week or $40,000 a year.  That's still well below the average public sector employee, but its a start at reaching the American Dream.
     I think the Silver proposal passes as the Governor is playing both sides on this one but will throw the bone to the left when all is said and done. There will be a couple GOP Senators crossing over too.
    What do you think ?
Department Of Responses: Skelos Still Against Minimum Wage

Newzjunky:General Brown Football Dads Open Pizzeria in Watertown

    A new local business is always something to celebrate and while there are plenty of pizza shops in Watertown, we welcome Family Pizza in the Cheney Tire Center on State Street.
    Two families are combining their friendship and efforts to make a go of it and we wish them well.
General Brown Football Dads Open Pizzeria in Watertown

Their Work Done, Lawmakers Hang Around Doing Who Know's What

   I am really worried about our State Legislature still being in session even though the budget is adopted. They could spend time on all sorts of crazy things, including the all important debate on mixed martial arts legalization....It's sort of like human cockfighting and is a great source to entertainment to some.
    It's currently not legal in NY and some lawmakers want to bring low brow entertainment to the Empire State.
      One of our local legislators, Senator Joe Griffo who represents Lewis County is a prime mover behind the legislation.
     Wonder what else the state's great deliberative body is cooking up for use before they leave town in June to work on getting reelected.
Fight goes on over mixed martial arts - Times Union

Operation Hippity Hop.....Sounds Pretty Gay...oops Me

     Whenever the authorities come up with something called "operation -------" you know the public is in for some harassment and shakedown.
     In Florida, on Easter, police dressed in a bunny suit, caught motorists off guard and relayed data on who wasn't wearing a seat belt to other police down the road.
     Happy Easter and a $116 ticket. Maybe they should have handed out free strip searches, as the Supreme Court says that's pretty much OK nowadays.
Operation Hippity Hop - Sunshine

Sunday, April 8, 2012

‘God’s Quarterback’ Tebowing on Easter

   It's been a while since thousands gathered on an Easter Sunday to hear a NY JETS quarterback speak the Word of God. In fact I don't think it ever happened, certainly not with Joe Namath or any of the other pretenders to the throne since then.
   Tim Tebow drew a crowd of 15,000 to an Austin, TX church today to hear Gang Green's newest member preach a message of faith.
    Pastor Joe Champion of the Celebration Church in Austin summed it up:
"When it comes to Christianity, it's either Tebow or the Pope."   That wouldn't sit well with some of my more ardent Catholic friends, right Joe ?
    ‘God’s Quarterback’ Tebowing on Easter - ABC News

Politics in High Gear Despite Easter Break

   Normally early April is not high anxiety in politics but with a June 26 primary for federal office, the candidates for Congress in the newly minted 21st District are only breaking briefly for Easter as they scramble to get nominating petitions done for a looming deadline.
    For long shot GOP hopeful Kellie Greene, that means getting enough signatures to force a Republican primary with frontrunner Matt Doheny.
    Meanwhile Mr. Doheny has petitions making the rounds for three party lines and Rep. Bill Owens has the Democratic and Working Families lines.
     A possible Green Party candidate could round out the field.
     There is a separate petition period in June and July for state and local races, leaving operatives grumbling about going to the same households for a second time.

Remembering Mike Wallace 1918-2012

    The passing of television journalist Mike Wallace reminds me of the time I met the famed CBS reporter while TV 7s Cathy Pircsuk and I were in NY a long time back to cut some promos with network big wigs.
    Cathy recorded one with Dan Rather who was doing the Evening News at the time. I remember entering Mr. Rather's studio as if it was a holy shrine...At the time it was hallowed ground for news people.
    Later I was assigned to record a spot with Mr. Wallace who dutifully smiled and recorded niceties with anchor teams from across the nation. In front of me was a group of pretty folks from Minneapolis and the happy talk was a flowing as that was the style of the day.
    I came next. A lone news person from the 190th or so market. He looked over my copy which I recalled stressed actually covering stuff and not just looking good. Mr. Wallace complimented my writing and I always remember how nice he was and supportive as I was more than a little nervous.
     He did a lot of other good things in his career, but always remember cutting that promo.

Remembering Mike Wallace 1918-2012 - CBS News

WDT: Graham embraces ‘the mayor’s bar’ moniker

       A pleasant surprise in today's Sunday edition of the Watertown Daily Times, available at stores everywhere.  A story and photo about my business and me explaining the defacto use of "The Mayor's Bar" as the moniker for Fort Pearl, the northside gin mill I have owned for 27 years.
        Even got a photo by shutterbug Amanda Morrison (an RIT grad) showing two of our fine products offered by Eagle Beverage. One is '312', an Urban Wheat Beer brewed by Chicago's Goose Island Brewery. The other offering featured in the photo is Saranac Shock Top Raspberry, one of many in a line of beers brewed in Utica.
          Getting back to self promotion. We have been making improvements to the tavern of late and invite you all to stop by today. Even though its Easter, the work at the Mayor's Bar never stops. And in keeping with a pledge to be the Mayor who's there, I will be on duty this afternoon.
Watertown Daily Times | Graham embraces ‘the mayor’s bar’ moniker

Three Way School Merger Would Require Special Legislation

      This is good, outside-the-box thinking by administrator Ann Adams. Combining three school districts into one. It is so radical, it's not possible under current state law, so maybe Senator Ritchie should send this story to the Governor and maybe something can start happening.
      Change comes slowly in the world of schools, but Ms. Adams shows new ideas are possible.
Local School Districts Consider Merging | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

So That's Why It's Only Stuffy Old Men Wearing Green Jackets

       As a mini-debate swirls again this year over the continued refusal of Augusta National to admit women as members, one wonders when 51% of the population will get a chance at those high priced memberships ?
       Other religious and racial subsets of the population have been allowed in, but as well as women have done in building careers in a variety of fields, they have not achieved the agrieved minority status that forced the stodgy club to admit Jews and blacks.
        As Hillary Clinton found out in 2008, race trumps gender in the correcting of perceived injustices.
        Augusta National is a closed world only seen one week a year as the Master's is held. It's so stuffy the TV coverage is limited on the weekend so that only the CBS coverage of the final holes is allowed.
          Traditions and  standards help keep the brand valuable, but letting fat cat female CEO's open their checkbook does no harm and does seem out of place in today's world.
News from The Associated Press

Paladino says Gingrich Will Compete in NY Primary This Month

   With a paucity of leaders on the statewide level, the NY GOP still  occasionally sees its last standard bearer in the news.
    Carl Paladino, aka "Crazy Carl", says New Yorkers are still "mad as Hell" and that likely Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a "mope" and a tool of the party establishment and big money.
     Mr. Paladino supports Newt Gingrich, but Mr. Romney is expected to win the NY primary later this month.
      Most of the "mopes" in the NY GOP however support Mr. Romney, who will win the primary.
Paladino says Gingrich has a 'blistering' pre-primary schedule in New York, calls Romney a mope and a Jeff Immelt | Capital New York

WDT: Dems to Harp on Tea Party Label in NY-21 (That's Us) Race

    The "Tea Party" as a growing political movement seems to have peaked and you don't hear as much about it these days. The core issues that drove the Tea Party are still there, but much of the rhetoric has been absorbed by main line Republican candidates, which is the usual fate of insurgent movements in our two party system.
      The Tea Party moniker will remain as a talking point for Democrats like Rep, Bill Owens who according to this piece is already festering about likely opponent Matt Doheny being an extremist. 
         Of course good conservatives know "extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice", but we have been taught by today's media to view those who want to balance the budge as being in the same vein as extremists who fly planes into towers.
          Watertown Daily Times | Dems ready to tea off