Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oven Gate Follow Up

   As is usually the case, a lot of people are sending comments in blaming me for someone stealing an oven that was for sale in front of my Pearl Street property. They say I should have used Craig's List...that I should know crime happens and that I deserved to have the oven stolen.
    I got a call today from a man who said while he was looking at the oven on Friday, he saw a suspicious black man looking at it to. Isn't that a great commentary on us.
Sort of a 'Too Kill a Mockingbird" view that to divert attention from who really did it you only have to suggest a person of color did it. I really got the call. The only thing he left out was the hoody.
    Anyway we have a couple of leads on the caper.

Woods club-kicking does not go unnoticed

   Just when we thought Tiger Woods was back, he throws a hissy fit and kicks his club after a poor shot on the 15th hole of Friday's second round action at the Masters in Augusta, GA.
    I know poor behavior is routinely rationalized in today's victim world, but adults need to be able to control themselves. I don't throw my phone at the wall if Tanya from Pete's beats me again at Words With Friends....
    I was rooting for Tiger to be in the hunt but he was so low that he had finished his round today before CBS let us start watching the actual play...That's another complaint for another day.
    It was a strong rally for Phil today and he is poised to win tomorrow if the Swedes falter.

Woods club-kicking does not go unnoticed - Yahoo! News

THIEVES !.....Commercial Oven Stolen For All to See

     I know a lot of people adhere to "if it's free it's for me".  But when you make it free  by stealing it in broad daylight on a busy city street...Now that's brazen.
     This morning I put an oven I was selling out front of Fort Pearl. It was on a cart with signs that said "Oven for Sale."  It's a chrome finished baking oven with a glass door that we used for pizzas and other items. I now use a small appliance for that and wanted to sell this one, so I put it out front.
     I was doing some cleaning in the rear of the building and I came out and it was gone.
It would require two people to lift it and it was between 10 and 11 this morning on busy Pearl Street.
     Pretty brazen act....
      It's not something you would use at home, so its likely a retailer or someone planning to fence to a retailer who took it.
      People never cease to amaze.
      If you saw anything or know who took it, give me a call at 486-0879.

Kansas Mega Millions Opts to Skip the Presser

    While the circus in Maryland continues, one of the other two MegaMillions winners has claimed their prize in Kansas.
      The lucky player chose not to participate in the press conference and is in the eyes of the Lottery Commission anonymous.
       It would be hard to imagine the media will not find the person as even without an official announcement, word of a relative or neighbor suddenly $105 M richer is not a cat that will stay in the bag.
       There is a winner in Illinois and of course the Maryland ticket is still in doubt.
Kansas Mega Millions winner chooses anonymity, cash -

Christians NAILED to crosses in gruesome Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus's death in the Philippines | Mail Online

    Seventeen people in the Philippines proved they are no "cafeteria Catholics"  as they were actually nailed to a cross in a gruesome reenactment for Good Friday.
    While the Church has again condemned the act, it is worth noting how cruel and gruesome death on the cross is.
Christians NAILED to crosses in gruesome Good Friday re-enactment of Jesus's death in the Philippines | Mail Online

NOM’s Gallagher: Republicans’ Control Of Senate In Danger

     There are still people fussing over last year's same sex marriage vote ? Yes they are.
The National Organization for Marriage is claiming four GOP Senators who broke ranks and voted for the measure will be punished for their dalliance with left wing orthodoxy, secular humanism, hedonism and deviancy.
      Since passage, the sky did not fall, and nobody I know even talks about it...That includes people who run on the Conservative Party line on a regular basis.
      NOM and others may try to meddle in the districts of the four, but it's unlikely this issue will swing anything.....And if it does, swing to whom ?  A party that voted all save one for the same measure ?
NOM’s Gallagher: Republicans’ Control Of Senate In Danger

Friday, April 6, 2012

Albany's Parting Shot May Be Job Killing Wage Hike

      With a budget adopted, Lawmakers in Albany have idle time in which to meddle in our lives. They are considering a hike in the minimum wage.
      The case against Speaker Silver's proposed hike in the minumum wage is that a one size fits all formula for life and the economy doesn't work.
      Wage rates mean different things in different regions and different things to different people.
      Hiking the wage obviously will force employers to hire less or raise prices. Entry level jobs will be lost.  So will second income jobs for families.
       Raising prices at a time when inflation is blossoming isn't such a good idea either.
       In a service based economy like ours in Jefferson County a hike and an index hike automatically after that only costs jobs and increases costs.
        I have communicated my views on the matter to our two state legislators representing the City of Watertown.
        Prosperity does not come through legislative fiat.
Biz Groups Vary On Minimum Wage (Updated)

Council Dogged by Pit Bull Issue...Plans Discussion on Monday

    As it has in many cities, the subject of dangerous dogs and irresponsible and possibly criminal dog owners will be the topic at Monday's City Council work session.
     After spirited public comment last Monday, a "Pit Bull Summit" is afoot with Police Chief Joseph Goss, city attorney Christine Stone and county dog warden Todd Cummings. The trio will answer questions about how existing laws can be used to answer concerns about attacks like the recent canine home invasion on Nellis Street.
      Also on Monday, Council will discuss tourism promotion and the fate of the Woolworth Building.

Md. Mega Millions wannabe Mirlande Wilson ‘loses’ $105M winning ticket

   The strange tale of the Maryland woman who claims to be a MegaMillions winner continues as media  gives credence to a person with a clearly dubious story.
    We have heard nothing of the three winners of the recent $650M jackpot. That is because the people are likely getting their financial and legal pictures in focus for their newfound riches.
     For all we know, the Lotteris in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas may have been contacted and are waiting for the ticket to be turned in.
     As for Mirlande Wilson, the McDonalds employee claiming she had the ticket but lost it, she is a Mega Nut and makes you wonder what's in that order of McNuggets you just ordered.

Md. Mega Millions wannabe Mirlande Wilson ‘loses’ $105M winning ticket -

Will state pension crisis be the tipping point?

     Utica area Congressman Richard Hanna thinks state pension woes will be the next budget crisis for Washington as there will be pressure to bail out retirement plans that are trillions of dollars underfunded
    Rep. Hanna says New York is among the more responsible plans even though here there have been years of pension sweeteners that leave the program funded only through virtue of requiring local governments to pay very large current year contribution for years to come.
      Apparently many states, including the President's home state of Illinois, are in more dire shape.
       Will state pension crisis be the tipping point? - The Hill's Congress Blog

Thursday, April 5, 2012

When Your Ace Has a Two Hit Shut Out After Eight....Leave Him In !

   I like the old style of managing baseball.  Four man rotations and if your ace is doing well you leave him in.
   Today, Detroit's Justin Verlander was leading 2-0 after 8 innings and was pitching a two hitter.   Old school managing says leave him in...Bob Gibson, Mel Stottlemyre, Steve Carlton, whoever...
    New school managing says take him out as his pitch count was 105...Well the reliever came in to pitch the ninth...gave up two runs and fortunately for the Tigers they scored in the bottom of the ninth to win.
    Too many middle men, set up men and closers....Not enough real pitchers.
    There is my grumpy view of opening day.
Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers - Box Score - April 05, 2012 - ESPN

Britannica experiences run on final print edition

   I am surprised it took this long, but the Encyclopedia Britannica is done in its print version. An on-line version continues.
   I so remember encyclopedias as a was almost a must buy for families who didn't want their kids to grow up stupid. They sold them door to door and their were different brands.
    Knowledge and information all are on-line today. All the constructs of our youth from print to finance are fading away.
     Assuming what you read on line is accurate, I think it's a lot better now as it's so easy to check on things quickly.
    Britannica experiences run on final print edition -

Beer Sellers Host Chamber Event This Month.

      Beer will be the order of the day at the Chamber mixer on April 18 at the Tilted Kilt in Watertown.
      Eagle Beverage, Doldo Bros., and AJ Missert are sponsoring the event which brings business and professional people together in a atmosphere of comity, good cheer and the Devil's Brew.
      I am told that Eagle is bringing in the rep from FX Matt, Meghan Fraser, to chat up their product line.
      Patsy are Dave are going to have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to beat that attraction. Maybe Mr. Missert can resurrect the Old Milwaukee Bikini Team from years gone by, although they would be a little long in the tooth now.
      As for holding the event at the Kilt...It may be difficult for some of the blue bloods to have to see bare midriffs and tattoos on women. Counselors will be on site.

WDT: F.X. Matt’s connection to Prohibition repeal

     This Saturday is the 79th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, the "noble experiment" that helped create organized crime and perfected disdain for authority in millions of Americans.
       Remnants of the repeal of Prohibition still exist. Local taverns like Colesante's on Factory street where the first post Prohibition license in Watertown started the flow of the "Devil's Brew". That license is still posted, I believe.
       In Utica, the famed West End Brewery received its permission to sell beer just two hours after FDR signed the repeal and it still operates today. It's representitives will be in Watertown next Wednesday at the Chamber mixer being held at the Tilted Kilt.
      A different type of prohibition today, the 21 year old drinking age, also born of unction and sanctimony, is creating its own set of pathologies, including widespread civil disobedience and subtle contempt for authority.
       Beer is doing well and many new niche brands are available, with our friends in Utica leading the way.
       Celebrate the end of Prohobition this weekend at Fort Pearl or your favorite neighnorhood tavern.

Watertown Daily Times | F.X. Matt’s connection to Prohibition repeal

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Md. Mom Of 7 Says She Won Mega Millions; McDonald’s Co-Workers Aren’t ‘Lovin’ It’ « CBS Baltimore

      The story about this purported MegaMillions winner in Maryland gets stranger all the time...My guess is she doesn't have the ticket at all, but just got caught up in the attention and likes being on TV.
      If she does have the ticket, it's a shame as she seem ill equipped to handle $105M in a way that's just a little bit responsible.
      Just as you can't pick your relatives, society cannot pick its lottery winners.
Md. Mom Of 7 Says She Won Mega Millions; McDonald’s Co-Workers Aren’t ‘Lovin’ It’ « CBS Baltimore

Been There, Did That, Will Do Again If Possible

   A commenter wrote in that with sales tax coming in so well, I should advocate for lower rates for City residents. Well, it got little publicity last year for obvious reasons, but in 2011 I did lead the charge to lower the levy on City residents and was successful in getting a 2.5% decrease, although I had sought more.
    We will see how this year's proposed spending plan fares when presented to lawmakers on April 16.

WDT: Here We Go Again...Another Debate on Exempting One Product from Sales Tax..Reject The Suggestion

    If the state's sales tax exemption on clothing (4%) attracts Canadian shoppers even more than they are now attracted, that's great and it will help hold down property taxes in NNY.
     When the City of Watertown crows about its tax rate being stable, or when local towns trumpet their lack of a town tax on property, its largely because of the impact of Canadian shoppers who drive sales tax collections on the local level.
      It truly is a case of visitors helping to pay for local government and this makes our area something of an anomaly.
       So when the call comes to exempt clothing from the local share (3.75%) of the sales tax, that should be ignored.
       If the county wants to drop the overall rate, that case can be made, but the case for exempting the one product that is attracting out of area dollars is short sighted.
       If you want to help local folks, get rid of those gross receipt taxes on energy. That's one that solely hits NNY families.
       Media barons and a couple of local pols will push for clothing exemption. Their call should be rejected.
Watertown Daily Times | Sales-tax break on clothing will drive up Canadian shopping in north country, retailers say

The Incredible Shrinking County

    Hamilton County's population keeps dropping and estimates are by 2040 there will only be a few dozen people in the 25-30 age group, making dating and staffing volunteer services increasingly difficult.
     The remote county is entirely within the Adirondack "blue line".
State's Least Populous County Keeps Shrinking | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Slaughter Faces Tough Run With Broken Leg

   Republicans have a shot at picking up a couple of upstate House seats this fall, even though they face losing the Syracuse district.
    In Rochester, 82 year old Rep. Louise Slaughter suffered a broken leg this week and faces a run for a redrawn seat against popular Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.
     Slaughter Breaks Leg (Updated)

Romney Three for Three as Keystone State Looms as Last Stand for Santorum

   Mitt Romney continues to slog towards the GOP nomination with a five point win in Wisconsin and larger margin victories in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
    Rick Santorum says the fight continues, at least through Pennsylvania on the 24th in hopes he wins his home state and can make it to more friendly states like TX and NC in May.
    President Obama is convinced Mr. Romney is the nominee and has already started naming him by name in his campaign for a second term.
     A Romney win in PA clearly ends the race, but the WI win was less than overwhelming considering the state's GOP establishment was all in for Mitt.
Primary results 2012: 5 takeaways from D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin -

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Obama Mentions Romney, Makes Fun Of Him For Calling GOP Budget "Marvelous"

    President Obama is now taking on Mitt Romney, even making fun of the Mitt's use of the word "marvelous" to describe the Rep. Paul Ryan budget.
    Bam has a point...who uses the word "marvelous" anymore ?...It's all part of a subtle effort to make Mr. Romney appear to be out of touch, effete and snobbish.
    This is going to be a brutal year with no holds barred.  I can't wait.
Obama Mentions Romney, Makes Fun Of Him For Calling GOP Budget "Marvelous"

Alec Baldwin Robs the Cradle (in relative terms)

TV funnyman Alec Baldwin, has found happiness at age 54 with his engagement to 28 year old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.
   Five or six years tops and she wears him out.
Alec Baldwin engaged to girlfriend, 28 | Photo Gallery - Yahoo! News

But It's A Great Place to Raise Kids.......

   Jefferson County ranks 61 of 62 NY counties in healthy behavior, according to a survey released today.
   We smoke more, are more obese, have more VD, more pregnant teens, and more fatal car crashes than just about everyone.

Steyer Sacked as State Office Building Manager....Reason in Doubt (sort of )

       Intrigue has enveloped Watertown's Dulles State Office Building as the manager for the last five years has been sacked for no apparent reason. Speculation is Dave Steyer was pushed aside to make room for another patronage appointee, possibly the county Democratic Chair Sean Hennessey.
        Mr. Steyer says he was suddenly informed he was done as he readed to attend a meeting of building managers from around the state.
         A previous GOP building manager lost his job after a secretary was wrapped in duck tape and placed in an elevator.
         No such incidents this time....Looks like just politics as Steyer departs a year earlier than he had intended.

New York State Office of General Services - Building Administration: Dulles State Office Building

Palinistas Don't See That Much Palin on TODAY

     So I was watching the TODAY show today for the first time in a long time to see Sarah Palin cohosting, but it wasn't really cohosting. It was an interview with Matt Lauer about the GOP Presidential race and a couple of hokey segues with the former governor in the green room.
      There was as much time spent on the Bengal cheerleader/sex case and more weight loss surgery for singer Wilson Phillips.
        Once again, the Peacock Network disappoints.

Attorney: Dog Ban Not Likely Solution to Pit Bull Concerns

   On a morning when we note another fatal school shooting in Oakland and more campus rioting in Kentucky after a basketball win, you wonder what are people thinking these days.
    Both these phenomenon are considered almost standard fare in society. Anti social behavior that's mainstream.
     So it is with a small minority of people with pets, who choose to use them as an extension of their own anti social behavior.
     New laws likely won't work any more than a law outlawing basketball riots will change anything.
     It's already illegal but people do it anyway because its considered their right to act boorishly.
      I don't know what to do about nasty and dangerous dogs, but we will be discussing it soon. One answer is likely more stringent enforcement of license and leash laws.
City's Attorney: 'We're Prohibited' from Adopting Breed-Specific Dog Regulations

New York yoga studios face sales tax

   New York wants sales tax paid on yoga classes. Apparently they were exempt for some time.
    Whyshouldn't there be sales tax on yoga like any other recreational activity ?
New York yoga studios face sales tax

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Mayor's Bar" Marketing Push Helps Fort Pearl

   A little fresh marketing and a subtle change in the look resulted in a great March at Fort Pearl...
    It was the busiest month in a while at the "Mayor's Bar" on Pearl Street and I suspect April will be better.
    Come visit us today. There's Diana , Emily, Brianna and yours truly the Mayor.

GOP Assemblywoman Backs Owens for Reelection

   What's the point of being a Republican if you are going to endorse Democrats ?...I mean really...Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward of Clinton County is backing Rep. Bill Owens for Congress...Assemblywoman Diedre Scozzafava did the same....
    That's certainly their right...BUT
     The entire premise of parties is loyalty to the "team".
     The party helps get you get the gig and you reciprocate.
     That's why I am not in a major party...I want to be able to vote for Patty and Addie if I want , without having Sean or Don giving me the evil eye.
      Those who play the party game for their own gain, should not stray...Or if they do they should give up the cushy pension.

Sayward supporting Gibson and Owens for re-election

Mac's Owner Makes Plea for Pit Bull Crackdown

       An emotional appeal for action came at tonight's Council meeting from the man who had to kill a rampaging pit bull with his bare hands after a canine home invasion.
      Brian King argued dangerous dogs have no place in the City, and he urged Council action. Council will summon the dog warden and police chief to a future meeting to answer questions about the issue of dangerous dogs and what can be done to better protect residents from irresponsible or criminal pet owners.
      There has been no call for new laws after the March 17 attack at Mr. King's Nellis Street home that resulted in severe injuries to his pet dachshund.
      Others spoke as well, including those urging no effort to ban dogs.
      Canine ombudsman Scott Gates renewed his call for a municipal dog park.
      Council also discussed the issue of an interim manager. I also had to reprimand a reporter for wearing a hat during the meeting because he said his hair was a mess.

Hillary Clinton Won't Join Barack Obama On Campaign Trail

    Good for you Hill.....You've done enough for this guy...being a good sport and a team player has it's limits.
Hillary Clinton Won't Join Barack Obama On Campaign Trail

Less than 'Transformational:' Watered-down Tier 6 pension plan still burdens local governments |

     Despite all the self congratulation, the Post Standard points out the new Tier 6 pension was in many ways a victory for unions as the final plan was so watered down, including the virtual scrapping of a defined contribution option.
      The Syracuse paper opines local governments are still burdened with ever increasing pension contibutions  in the years ahead, even though long term, Tier 6 will help contain costs.
      Sadly, the matter will have to be revisited at some point, although Governor Cuomo has made it clear he doesn't intend to seek any more changes.
      Progress is never absolute and if a tax cap is to be real, and pensions remain as they are, local governments will have to reduce the numbers of employees in the coming decades.
      Those are the tough decisions ahead.
Less than 'Transformational:' Watered-down Tier 6 pension plan still burdens local governments |

WDT: Council to Ponder Interim Administration

    As the clock ticks down on a changing of the guard on the third floor of City Hall, Council must be prepared to appoint a city manager on an interim basis while recruitment of a new permanent manager proceeds.
     Lawmakers have some needed flexibility in how the matter is handled as so many loose ends, including preparation of a budget have been dutifully resolved by retiring Manager Mary Corriveau.
      However the day to day ministerial tasks as well as longer range projects continue past this month and while several options have been discussed, City Fathers (there's a blast from past expression no longer used by media) must discuss their plans tonight and come to a consensus.
Watertown Daily Times | Council to discuss interim city manager

Greed and Intrigue Grip Maryland Burger Joint Over Lottery Pool

   Intrigue is gripping a Maryland McDonald's over an employee pool purchase of MegaMillions tickets. One employee, who was holding the tickets for 15 workers, claims she has the winning ticket, but it was not one meant for the group. Instead, she says it was one she bought separately for herself.
    It is also unclear if the woman really has the ticket as her story doesn't match up with ticket agent video shot at the time of the ticket sale.
    Advice. Photocopy all the tickets in a pool and distribute to all participating.
Maryland woman claims she has Mega Millions winning ticket and won’t share with co-workers in her lottery pool at McDonald’s -

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Police: Man bites off bartender's finger - Times Union

   Every day we face these risks.
Police: Man bites off bartender's finger - Times Union

Taylor Swift's Academy of Country Music Awards date hospitalized, can't join singer   - NY Daily News

     Kind of sad that the young man who was to be Taylor Swift's date to the Country Music Awards tonight couldn't make due to hospitalization. He suffers from leukemia.
     Ms. Swift is a star with a heart and was treated poorly a couple of years ago on one of these awards shows.
     Let's pray for the best for Kevin McGuire, who is playing a bad hand in a New Jersey hospital.
Taylor Swift's Academy of Country Music Awards date hospitalized, can't join singer   - NY Daily News

Too Much Jim Beam With Their Basketball

    Once again a sports event is carte blanche for rioting as University of Kentucky at Lexington students burned cars and sofas after their team beat Louisville to move to the NCAA Championship Game on Monday against Kansas.
      These people are idiots as they lit a car on fire and then stood on top of it.

Journalism 101: Cheerleaders in Trouble Stories a Great Vehicle to Use Photos You Otherwise Couldn't Run

    This is the kind of gossipy story about a public figure of sorts that allows the media (in this case, me) to use photos of pretty girls or lurid acts as a journalistic counter balance to cute animal photos. It's all designed to give the product sizzle.
     Last year when I was a candidate I was under strict orders not to run any such stories as those who hated me for having a blog were really apoplectic about anything racy or risque..
     The operative words last year were "family man" and I sure didn't fit, although for all my years I have had a family.
     This year I can run the cheerleader in distress story, but I did pass on today's NY Post photos of Paris Hilton adjusting her thong....That's a line I just won't cross in the name of increased viewership.

Sarah Jones: Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and ex-teacher indicted for sex with student | Mail Online

Exclusive - Palin to Couric: 'Game On'

    Finally a reason to watch the Today Show on NBC....Seems Sarah Palin is guest hosting on Tuesday.  2008 Nemesis and former nightly news anchor Katie Couric is filling in for the week on ABC rival Good Morning America.
Exclusive - Palin to Couric: 'Game On'

Michelle Catches Some Slime at Awards Show as First Lady Ramps Up Visibility

   Four years ago Michelle Obama was cast in the Angela Davis mode and was not that effective a campaigner. In her first three years in office, Ms. Obama became poster girl for the travel industry and was seen by critics as too enamored with the trappings of America's version of royalty.
    Now with reelection on the line, the First Lady is out front all the time, pushing fitness, nutrition and charming crowds in a variety of on-television venues designed to highlight her fashion and sense of style.
     Last night it was the Kid's Choice Awards.
     Mrs. Obama may still possess the traits some don't like but this year she is marketing the product (her husband) very well.
      Actually Anne Romney is doing so, as well.  Their race to capture the fancy of voters will be an interesting one to watch.

Michelle gets slimed: First Lady caught in green goo's line of fire at children's awards | Mail Online

EXCLUSIVE: Highest paid school superintendent Carole Hankin continues to rake in $400,000 despite state plan to limit educrat salaries -

     Tax caps and all that talk by the Governor of overpaid superintendents won't affect the state's highest paid local school czar.
      Carole Hankin of the Syosset District on Long Island has inked a five year deal at $405 K +.
       And her top deputy in the district is paid over $400K as well.
        Ms. Hankin is 69 years old. I'll bet you if the Post checked they would find she had already retired and is getting a pension as those 65 and older receiving one can earn as much as they want while still working in government.
        EXCLUSIVE: Highest paid school superintendent Carole Hankin continues to rake in $400,000 despite state plan to limit educrat salaries -

Buchanan: Now It Is All About Race

       This is why Pat Buchanan can't work at MSNBC anymore. He says things that don't fit the narrative.
        His analysis of the Trayvon Martin case is insightful although it broaches the realities of why profiling exists.
         The conversation in America, or at least among media bloviators, is all about race more than it ever was.
It's all about race now - HUMAN EVENTS

Greene Says She Is Still in the Hunt

      While the race for the newly minted 21st CD is likely between Rep. Bill Owens and challenger Matt Doheny, there is still an effort being made by Sackets Harbor resident Kellie Greene.
     Ms. Greene says on Facebook she will be in Glen's Falls today working with petition gatherers. She also picked up a rare endorsement this week from a Conservative chair in Fulton County.
      Even with recent events, Ms. Greene is still a long shot and her first test is whether she can gather the petitions needed to force a GOP primary on June 26.
 (25) Kellie Greene

WDT: New Member of Congress Will Find a New Definition of "North Country"

        The shiny new 21st Congressional District may be the North Country district, but it's not the same district we had. It's sprawling to the east and includes areas near Albany.
         The population center is also moved east, making Watertown more on the fringe of things.
          The word "North Country" is open to interpretation. To some it's the Adirondacks, to some it's the I-87 corridor, to some it's Greater Watertown. It's a whatever you want to make it designation.
           I know I wouldn't want the job of trying to represent such a sprawling area, especially when the people living there don't have a feeling of linkage.
          For virtually everyone, their Member of Congress will end up being a man or woman from someplace far away.
          I have said before the district is too big for its own good, but that is always rebuffed by the "North Country" argument. 
          Running in such a large area requires time and energy the likes of which few have. That may explain recent events as making new residents of the district nervous about their potential new Congressman is good strategy.
         I was glad to see Cary Brick quoted in this story as a political sage, which of course he is.
Watertown Daily Times | New district to bring new challenges for representative