Saturday, March 31, 2012

George Zimmerman Trayvon Al Sharpton: Rev. Al Sharpton will escalate efforts if George Zimmerman isn't arrested in Trayvon's death. - Orlando Sentinel

   Civil disobedience is on tap if there is no arrest of George Zimmerman in connection with the death of  Sanford FL teen Trayvon Martin.
    The Reverand Al Sharpton is leading the protest that played out in the Bronx on 9/11.
George Zimmerman Trayvon Al Sharpton: Rev. Al Sharpton will escalate efforts if George Zimmerman isn't arrested in Trayvon's death. - Orlando Sentinel

Mega Millions: See where the $250,000 second-prize tickets were sold in New York - NY Daily News

      Downstaters dominate our politics and our Lottery winnings. Of 17 second place MegaMillions prizes sold in NY , only one was in what we would call upstate. It was at a Wegman's in Rochester.
      Most were sold in the City, and its suburbs.
      Mega Millions: See where the $250,000 second-prize tickets were sold in New York - NY Daily News

Winning Mega Millions lottery tickets sold in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois

   New Yorkers came up short in the MegaMillions lottery as winning tickets were sold in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois.
    The stampede was on all day yesterday as the luckless sought salvation from state sponsored gambling.
    Winning Mega Millions lottery tickets sold in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois: official -

Mayor: Gracie Mansion's A House, Not A Home

     Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to make sure the next mayor doesn't live in the official residence, Gracie Mansion.
     Hizzoner says the mayor's should not be provided a residence the way the President gets the White House.
      Mayor Bloomberg wants the mansion used as a public place.
       New York is a big city and can afford the luxury of an official residence. The mayor should let this crusade slide.
Mayor: Gracie Mansion's A House, Not A Home | New York Daily News

Everybody Feeling the Love of an Early Budget in Albany

        Everybody is smiling in Albany after the passage of a budget a couple of days before the April 1 deadline.
         Still to come is the push for the job killing hike in the minimum wage which Democrats want and I have a feeling the Governor will cave on.
         I continue to be surprised they never passed WIGS and the Wegman family has to be wondering why they give to campaigns.
         The early budget means lawmakers have time on their hands. Beware.
Budget passes with smiles - Times Union

Friday, March 30, 2012

Banks and Lawyers Need to Make a Living Too

    Today I went to Schwerzmann and Wise to close on the refinancing of my mortgage with Watertown Savings Bank. It was like a visit to a doctors office as people were waiting to be called in for their "procedure".
   I drew attorney Steve Haas, who is a great guy and Teri Mallette from the bank was there to present with the ceremonial coffee travel mug from Mr. Lavarnway.
    There were the usual extractions for things like title insurance, which Bob Slye always tells me is just pure mark up for the bank's attorney.
    I didn't care. It was cordial, and I had gone to WSB earlier to have them sign my EFT letter to the Lottery
     My service from WSB has been great, as I switch from the "World's Local Bank" to Watertown's local bank.

WDT: We Long for the Good Old Days When We Didn't Know What Happened after 5PM

      These stories about who is still behind Matt Doheny are predictable. The race is still about ideology and who presents conservative, free enterprise ideas and values.
       Of course, core supporters of Mr. Doheny are not going to bolt because of a photo or a video doing what any of us have done after a long day and a couple of cocktails.
       Today, the NY Post published a cell phone video of Mr. Doheny palling around with two DC lovelies on the patio of a restaurant...It wasn't all that provocative, but Dems are salivating that they have some kind of silver bullet scandal to sink one of the few GOP candidates poised to pick off an incumbent Democrat in 2012.
     The NNY media doesn't quite know how to handle this style of politics and the old guard WDT waited until rival Newzjunky linked to the Post before doing anything.
     The North Country still isn't used to the rough and tumble world of today's politics and yearns for the days when lawmakers didn't have trackers and 'gotcha'meisters trailing them.     
Watertown Daily Times | Long still behind Doheny

Radio Giant With Watertown Roots Retires

    It was a pleasure today on the HOTLINE to hear from newly retired broadcast and social commentator Steve Behm
    Steve is smart, witty and has great pipes. 
    We both agreed we have concluded that whomever wins the White House will not have a dimes worth of difference in our lives.
      The joy of aging is the ability to meld knowledge, wisdom and cynicism in a simmering stew.
       Best wishes to Steve on his retirement and I look forward to his summer visit to NNY.
(28) Steve Behm

Pot of Gold Has New Yorkers Lusting for Record Payout

   Talk about the redistribution of wealth or class warfare. In one fell swoop any American can be more wealthy by far than Mitt Romney just by winning the record MegaMillions lottery jackpot up for grabs tonight.
    Just about everyone is coming out of the shadows for a chance at extreme wealth.
Think of all I could do...I could set up my own Super PAC to harrangue people I don't like...
     I could own a Congressman and  a couple of state legislators. I could buy channel 7 and pick the anchors myself. We'd have pandas and giraffes in the Zoo instead of woodchucks, and by golly that Library would be open on Sundays.
      If you'd like a chance at untold wealth, stop by Fort Pearl today and get your MegaMillions tickets.

Mega Millions jackpot grows again, reaches $540M ahead of Friday's drawing -

Canada to Ditch Pennies Which Cost 1.6 Cents Each to Make

   When it costs more to make and store them than they are worth, even the government figures out its time to stop...
    Canada's Conservative government under PM Stephen Harper is putting an end to pennies and will soon begin withdrawing the small denomination coin from circulation.
     The government says folks will have to figure out rounding up for down.
      We'd spend millions litigating it, to see who gets the edge on rounding, say, 23 cents up or down.

WDT: Hoarder's Home May Finally Conform

   The famous Moot house on Ward Street may finallly be sold and it could be a nice home in a nice neighborhood...Near the schools, shopping and the hospital.
    The strange struggle with Martin Moot over his hoarding did show us all that so called "pack rats" seen on TV are for real and this is a very real malady for some.
     atertown Daily Times | Pack rat’s Ward Street home about to be sold

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Schools Make a Run at Sales Tax

   Despite increases in state aid, I am told by a county legislator that the local school district wants a share of local sales tax revenue traditionally distributed to the county , towns, villages and cities.
    The current distribution agreement results from a city/county agreement reached in 2004.
     This is not a good idea.

Classic Brewery Expands in Upstate City

      The FX Matt Brewery in Utica is expanding with an addition that will produce methane to help power the plant. I like their products but I can never get any information of new things available from the distributor.
       I even carry Utica Club to show the love for our friends there.
Brewery expansion means green for Matt's and city - YNN, Your News Now

You Can't Quench Your Thirst With Clothing

      OK Patty, enough with the clothing tax exemptions...How about some sin tax exemptions for those of us who sell the Devil's Brew ?

It's a Day for Meetings

   Lots of meetings today....This morning it was the owners of the Wizards who wanted to get acquainted before the season starts.
    It went well and we all look forward to another season of collegiate ball at the Fairgrounds.
    Later its a meeting with another frequent user of the Fairgrounds and then a meeting with the Chamber over the promotion of the Fireball Run Road Rally coming to Watertown this fall.
    After that its dinner at Pete's and then working tonight at Fort Pearl.

Days after Daily News exposé, Gov. Cuomo bans ‘legal pot’ statewide  - NY Daily News

   Governor Cuomo has banned incense being smoked as pot after numerous health problems have been linked to the practice.
    It's a shame unscrupulous people were still selling the stuff after problems became apparent.
   Days after Daily News exposé, Gov. Cuomo bans ‘legal pot’ statewide  - NY Daily News

WDT: Albany's Image Improves and Local Pols Benefit at the Polls

   With high poll numbers and editorial boards a gushing, Governor Cuomo not only helps himself, but helps Legislators who have had a collective image problem of their own of late.
     Locally that means the two Members of Assembly look to be headed for unopposed races, according to a GOP insider. Increasingly Addie Russell is untouchable and Ken Blankenbush' new district makes it hard for anyone to mount a credible challenge.
     Senator Ritchie faces a long shot challenge from a one term Oswego County lawmaker and I doubt Senator Joe Griffo has much of a challenge either.

Watertown Daily Times | Albany works

Blago aide gets only 10 days

     When a special prosecutor is on a mission, the scales of justice get tipped. While Governor Rod Blagojevich is serving a 14 year sentence, his aide accused of essentially the same thing gets ten days after ratting out the Governor.
     Blago aide gets only 10 days - Mackenzie Weinger -

Good Weather Means Less Education ? Unused Snow Days Get Used in Fair Weather

       If it didn't snow and students spent more time in the classroom learning, isn't that a good thing ? 
       While it's assumed a certain number of days will be lost to snow in the winter, if that doesn't happen, why shorten the school year as some districts are doing ?
        It's like illness. If you are sick, by all means stay home and get better. But make no mistake, I would rather enjoy good health and be at work than miserable and staying home.
         Leftover snow days mean some students can plow into summer –

Regardless of Your Political Inclinations...Rest Assured There is a Such Thing as "Gotcha" Journalism

   This is really the type of 'gotcha', blogger journalism that previous generations of NNY pols never had to face. 
    I mean really...Hanging around a restaurant and getting a photo that may or may not be two people kissing and then surrounding it with a narrative that makes it sound like its a big deal.
      Back in the day, I remember being told not to shoot video with a prominent pol holding a drink at an event because it was a courtesy provided. That has changed.
      I recall after winning an election, a photog hovering and if it looked like I was going to pick up a bottle of Miller Lite his camera was raised. I quickly learned the game being played and the photog had to settle for a picture with me in front of a Coors Light promotional piece showing an attractive woman. That was the piece printed to show I was a bar room deviant.
      There was another time, a reporter new to town and unknown to me was assigned (he later told me) to sit in my tavern to get me reacting to or saying something snippy about an episode of ABCs 20/20 that was airing a story of local interest.
       If someone is intent on telling a tale, they can be very sneaky.
       If I had been Jude, I am not sure I would have reacted at all, and it may go no further than an Internet story for a day.
Doheny, Fiancee Reject Gawker Report Of ‘Impropriety’

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Doheny Campaign Rocked by Gossip Site and "Face Sucking" Allegations

    This is nasty politics and it's not the public's right to know that is in play.  The piece linked here purports to show GOP Congressional Candidate Matt Doheny "sucking face" with a campaign operative named Monica Notzon.
     The story attached attempts to discredit Doheny in light of his pending marriage this summer.
     First of all, these photos are not that revealing and are likely a DCCC effort to derail a campaign that could topple a Democratic incumbent.
     Frankly, you shouldn't have to deny all of this, but that's what is wanted and it keeps the story going.
     I know Matt Doheny and his fiance, Mary. Matt is a smart guy and a hard worker. Mary is a decent lady and while this is the politics of today, it's a shame.
     Dems will delight in the news, and will attempt to weave it into a playboy narrative.
     This storm will pass and the race will get back to normal shortly.

Matt Doheny, 'Strongest GOP Challenger in Country,' Sucks Face with Campaign Consultant Who Is Not His Fiancée (UPDATE)

Cops Raid Wrong House....Roust 76 Year Old After Kicking His Door Down

       He got his door fixed, but what if the 76 year old man whose house was raided by mistake had suffered a heart attack and died ?
       Police in Cayuga County kicked in the front door at the wrong house. Someone should be fired, but they won't.
Wrong house raided during drug search; police admit mistake: Cayuga Neighbors Today |

Lawmakers Seek to Impress With Their Low Self Esteem

   When it comes to Legislators pay, I am long past being impressed by those who brag about how little they will work for or that they don't need the cash.
    Effective representation is a job. And anyone in their 40s, 50s or 60s should not be paid the same as a toll collector on the Thruway for representing the interests of hundreds of thousands of people.
     We should be able to expect a good job and if we don't get, throw them out.
Representitive government is undermined by  the marginalizing of electeds in favor of the appointed rulers of various agencies.
      I know the state legislators and I know the effort they put in. They should stop apologizing for what they are paid and we should realize that the opportunity cost for a bright and talented person to leave what they are doing and serve in the role of elected leader is not easy and not for everyone.
Skelos says pay hikes for legislators not being considered - Albany - The Buffalo News

Silver: Hearings On Minimum Wage Coming

      Speaker Silver wants a job killing higher minimum wage. It won't affect his friends, but it will small businesses across the state.
      Silver: Hearings On Minimum Wage Coming

WDT: Money for All !

    Everybody gets to be seen as bringing home the bacon in the $133B state budget being approved this week....More school for the War of 1812....prescription drug money for seniors...
    It doesn't get any better than that in a state that's broke.
Watertown Daily Times | North country schools to see boost; War of 1812 programs to be funded

Lawyer: Refuse the Breath Tests

     An amazing .384 blood alcohol content reading in Rhode Island may be further evidence of the unreliability of the long accepted method of popping people for DWI.
Experts say such a reading would render you dead, comatose and at least incoherent, but the man who registered it was functioning and coherent.
     One lawyer who has been fighting the issue for years advises refusing the test in all circumstances, although in NY that means an automatic loss of a driver's license.
      I recommend you take a cab.
     Breath analyzer debate blows up over ‘amazing’ .384 reading -

Mega Millions Jackpot Now $476 Million After Numbers 9, 19, 34, 44, 51, Mega Ball 24 Produce No Winner

   MegaMillions is nearly $500 million.  A $40K Take 5 was sold this week in Carthage. The Elks Queen of Hearts is up to $58K. The state is forming a new Department of Gaming and a casino constitutional amendment is in the hopper.
    Sports gambling is rampant and there are still the old stand by's like Quick Draw and scratch offs now available just about everywhere.
     With so many ways to get rich, why would any New Yorker work ?
Mega Millions Jackpot Now $476 Million After Numbers 9, 19, 34, 44, 51, Mega Ball 24 Produce No Winner - ABC News#.T3LUjmGPUsI#.T3LUjmGPUsI#.T3LUjmGPUsI#.T3LUjmGPUsI

Newzjunky: LDC Seeks Funding for Clayton Distillery

    A distillery in Clayton is among the economic development plans being supported by Jefferson County officials.  The manufacture of spirits would include vodka, gin and whisky, although my year's in the business of selling spirits suggests taking market share from Jack, Jimmy and a slew of other well establised distillers will not be easy.
Auto Body Shop Proposed; JCLDC Seeks Funding for Clayton Distillery

WDT: First User of New Pavillion Will Be Weekend Farmer's Market

    A downtown events pavillion ridiculed last year as a bathroom in the middle of a parking lot will have a weekend farmer's market as its first major user this summer. The market held for 20 years at the Fairgrounds will move to the new facility located in the JB Wise Parking Lot along Black River Parkway.
     The pavillion is an attractive structure in a highlly visible location with lots of parking. It should function as a spot for downtown events for many years to come, and serves as a link between Downtown and the nearby Black River.
      City Council was wise a couple years ago in approving the project. One might say they showed "vision", but that's such an overused term.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

WDT: Yorkie Frightened to Death

    Seems Times scribe Craig Fox' career is going to the dogs as he writes another canine abuse story. This one surmises a Yorkie on Olive Street suffered a fright induced heart attack when confronted with a rampaging German Shepherd.
    This does take the heat off the pit bulls.
Watertown Daily Times | Yorkshire terrier’s heart gives out after scary incident

WDT: Duffy in Watertown

   This is twice in a month the LG has been in Watertown and didn't visit City Hall. Gee, I went down to Albany for the pension show and tell.
Watertown Daily Times | Duffy in Watertown

Jackpot Chasers Turn to Elks Tonight to Learn Fate of $55K Prize

     This is like manna from heaven for any bar owner....A progressive raffle, sign in pool, or dice game where the payoff reaches unusually high levels.  Tonight a "Queen of Hearts" raffle reaches $55K at the local Elks Club.
   Its a real traffic builder. We all remember years ago when sign in pools were prevalent and people would chase the pots, buying drinks along the way. Some bars had thousands of capsules in the sign in pool and prizes would reach into the thousands.
   Then there are football squares and I guess its done with NASCAR too.
    State sanctioned gambling is so big now the Governor's new budget calls for a consolidation of all such matters into a new NYS Gaming Commission.
     A couple years ago the Legion had an enormous Queen of Hearts and with the profits they were able to repave their parking lot. The Elks will surely find a good use for the money and the lucky winner will as well.
Who Will Win The $55K Queen Of Hearts? | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Mayor Grahams View- Over the Million Mark

   We've passed a million page views on Watertown's favorite blog. Thanks for reading.
Mayor Grahams View -

Silver, Skelos: Budget Votes Will Begin Wednesday | Politics on the Hudson

     I wonder what's in the budget bill to be approved this week in Albany ?  We have to pass it before we can read it, right ?
     Keep your ear cocked to the capital, as the last minute rush is when things are enacted you didn't know were coming.
     Silver, Skelos: Budget Votes Will Begin Wednesday | Politics on the Hudson

Money on the Move

      Changing banks takes a while, but I took another step today by submitting my change of direct deposit paperwork to the payroll lady at City Hall.
      The departure of HSBC from NNY is unfolding over the next few months. I got a letter the other day telling me my HSBC credit card will be with First Niagara, but they are selling everything else to Community Bank. I will go where I want so I opened a couple checking accounts at WSB.
       It takes a while to change various accounts and automatic transfers, and after 27 years I wasn't looking to change...But I'm sure HSBC would rather be financing an office building in Singapore than holding paper on a gin mill in Watertown, NY. So much for being the "World's Local Bank."
      Anyway, I wasn't the first.  Payroll Lady said a bunch more people have already changed this year.

No Happy Ending for 19 Year Old Working the Net Instead of the Streets

      A 19 year old woman has been arrested for advertising massage services and then offering her would be client sex for money. Nobody prowling Craig's List would actually call the cops to tell that tale, so I assume it was the cops cruisin' the Net.
     Watertown Police Arrest Woman on Prostitution Charge

WDT: Addie and Patty Say the DOT Regional HQ to Stay in Watertown

   In a move that will keep numerous high paying state jobs in downtown Watertown, the Department of Transportation will retain its regional hub in the City.
    That's good news.
Watertown Daily Times | Some small, local things

Gingrich Begins Charging $50 for Photos at Events

       This is a novel way to raise campaign funds. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich is posing for photos with supporters, but now you have to slip Newt a Grant for the privilege.
       Everybody likes a souvenir photo and I am glad Mayor Bloomberg didn't ask me for $50 at a recent event in Albany. (I don't think I'd have paid it, but Joe Brosk and I did pay to get our photo with Sarah Palin a couple of years ago.)
       People who support Mr. Gingrich surely can afford a small contribution, but paying for a photo is surely a sign the campaign is running on empty.
Gingrich Begins Charging $50 for Photos at Events - Sarah Huisenga -

WDT: Dem to Count on STAR Power in Bid for Senate

       The Oswego County woman said to be running against Senator Patty Ritchie reportedly plans to make STAR property tax rebates a big issue. Amy Tressider wants to blame the Senator for not restoring the Pataki era program as promised.
        STAR was cut by Senate Democrats when they controlled the upper house on the argument the state couldn't afford to spend money on a middle class giveaway originally put in place to buy votes by sending out checks just before election day every year.
         Ms Ritchie had said she wanted it restored. That didn't happen. OK...You don't always get want you want.
          The big issue in this campaign is will voters want to swong the Senate back into the hands of Democrats who had a disastrous tenure in charge three years ago. Remember Pedro Espada and Hiram Montserrate ?
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

Monday, March 26, 2012

Council Approves Some Stuff

   City Council tonight approved a two year labor pact with the Police Benevolent Association....Lawmakers also gave a thumbs up to a new fee schedule for Parks and Recreation.  Council also gave a conditional thumbs up to a two month lease with the Wizards baseball team.
    I am willing to support the pact, but not until the previous owner withdraws a notice of claim against me and the City for a list of fictional grievances made last September in the heat of the mayoral campaign.
    Council also adjourned to executive session to discuss possible choices for interim manager when City Manager Mary Corriveau retires next month.  A recruitment process for a permanent manager is underway.

Chocolate lovers are thinner then those who enjoy it less often -

     And I Love why is weight control such a chore ?
Chocolate lovers are thinner then those who enjoy it less often -

Tim Tebow ‘excited’ to be with NY Jets

      Tim Tebow thinks it will work.  The rest of the football world is skeptical, but all we can do is wait and see.
     Tebow was introduced to a gaggled of reporters today while JETS brass and purported starting QB Mark Sanchez stayed away.
      It was likely the biggest event ever held to introduce a back up quarterback.
Tim Tebow ‘excited’ to be with NY Jets, thinks he and Mark Sanchez will work well together  - NY Daily News

Now You Can Take in Old Fort Henry and a Brothel

    With so many Canadian shoppers visiting us, the Province of Ontario may have a new attraction of its own. The province's highest court has ruled brothels are legal, although open solicitaion is not.
       Ontario News: Prostitution law: Ontario's top court allows brothels, but soliciting ruled illegal -

At Noon, Mark Sanchez Gets a Haircut as Tebow is Unveiled

    Today's JETS press conference will be fascinating before a word is spoken for who may not be there.....The introduction of Tim Tebow will leave purported starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in the shadows and diminished.
     Since it's been 43 years since the JETS won a championship, the team has shown a propensity for grabbing the spotlight but not the crown.
      As one Giant fan said to me last night when I suggested they might trade Sanchez as the power sharing plan won't work. "You better hope not," said Johnny Tufo, adding that on the field Tebow is not a step forward for the JETS offense.
      In JETS nation, the coming showdown will be good theater. Whether it's good football is to be seen.
Steve Serby: Tim Tebow’s charisma will make life even more difficult for New York Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez -

Public Schools Shield the Little Ones from Taboo Topics

      "Educators" don't want dinosaurs, birthdays, Halloween and other topics to be used in standardized tests because they may evoke negative vibes among those taking the tests.
       Dinosaurs could evoke thoughts of evolution....birthdays are not celebrated by Jehovah's Witnesses (I never knew that) and Halloween may evoke thoughts of paganism.
       The banned words are among dozens in requests for proposal sent to test preparation firms.
City avoids placing taboo topics (that kids may actually know about) on public school exams -

Lawmakers May Ban Release of Teacher Rankings

    State lawmakers have a way to make up in part with the unions for passage of the pension reform bill that has them howling.
    A move is afoot to place a measure in the budget bill due this week to seal the results of the much heralded teacher evaluations.  The Post reports lawmakers are under considerable pressure to do so and that Senate Republicans may go along.
    Recently the Post published evaluations of 12,000 NYC teachers.
    Of course the release of evaluations is problematic for the media. As a reporter, what do you do if your teacher spouse scores poorly ?
     Better just keep 'em secret.
Lawmakers pushing for budget provision to ban release of teacher ratings -

WDT: Afghanistan: American’s hubris and folly

     With virtually all locally based troops home from duty in Afghanistan, they come home to a nation wracked by debate over the wisdom of the policy they are risking their lives to prosecute.
       "Hubris and folly" are the terms used by a local newspaper editor towards US efforts to tame a wild country. "Graveyard of Empires" is the phrase used by the Times to compare the US effort to that of other meddling superpowers like the Soviet Union which had to scamper out of the country after a failed attempt to take it over in the 1980s.
       In a country where everyone learned from Vietnam, we are supposed to "support the troops" with yellow ribbons and the like, it is curious to see the media establishment starting to head for the exits on the decade long plus Afghan War.
        It feels like a place I have been before.
Watertown Daily Times | Afghanistan: American’s hubris and folly

Sunday, March 25, 2012

WDT: Shocking Double Suicide On The Down Low for Too Long

   Maybe it's because it was in the South Lewis School district, nestled in a no-man's land between media markets, but I am shocked this shocking story is only now coming to light...
    A young girl sexually victimized by a thirty-something teacher who gets caught and kills himself and then after hazing over the affair the young lady follows suit.
    This is tragic and beyond shocking.
     Everybody has heard tales of these affairs in schools, but with such tragic results, that's of interest.
     It's a one day Sunday story in the Times, but it should make us all wonder not at indiscretions, but at cover ups.Watertown Daily Times | South Lewis continues to struggle with suicides of student, ex-teacher

Monday at Noon, Tim Tebow is Introduced to the Big Apple....God Help Us

   As a JETS fan in Watertown, NY , I don't have a lot of comrades to share thoughts with about the Tebow acquisition. I haven't found anyone who thinks the Tebow-Sanchez power sharing will work in the real world.
    This weekend, Tim Tebow took in a Broadway show and on Monday holds a press conference to be introduced to NYC.....How does he not overshadow Mark Sanchez who is still said to be the starting quarterback.
     Look, if the JETS high command says this is the plan, I will watch the games channel 7 allows past their Giants-Bills filter.
     In the meantime, as a media follower, I am enjoying the orgy of coverage of Tebow even though I know in my heart no good will come of it all...It's not his faith, it's his quarterback rating, which is far from heavenly.

Newest NY Jet Tim Tebow paints the town green on Broadway - NY Daily News

WDT: Progress Continues on Parks Remake

     In a memo to Council, the City Manager has outlined new protocols for reserving and using City recreation facilities, addressing many issues that came up during the past year.  Council will have to take a look at fee changes proposed, but it's the protocols that are of more interest to me and the clarity that is evolving on issues like alcohol sales.
      As a new Parks and Recreation Superintendent and a program manager come on board, the operation of the department should continue to improve.
      Some things have already been improved.
      It was a busy weekend for city firefighters as they battled an apartment house fire on Winslow Street, with no injuries reported. And today my street got a second pass by the street sweeper, although it looks like the summer-like weather is giving way to seasonal weather for a few days.
Watertown Daily Times | City to review parks fees

Remember the "New Nixon" in 1968 ? Well, There Won't Be a "New Pit Bull", No Matter the PR Blitz

    A fellow named Armando Perez is a rapper who took part in the "Anger Management Tour" and had a top single named "Culo" (Translated 'ass')  Mr. Perez goes by the stage name Pitbull.
     Then's there's the aggressive guy or gal in any organization.  They are a real "pit bull" , aren't they.
      Rightly or wrongly the name and the breed are and forever will be a metaphor for bad behavior. So with that said, I understand some pit bulls are great with kids and I know it was a German Shepherd that killed the Yorkie last week on Mechanic Street.
      As long as entertainers name themselves Pitbull, the image won't change.
Pitbull (entertainer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Dog Lovers Seek to Avoid Pit Stop

     As happens everytime there is publicity over a pit bull incident, the warmer, fuzzier side of the breed gets aired as owners come forward to ward off what they believe is an unfair characterization of the breed.
      So it is again as dog bites and maulings are in the news. The recent law in the City banning dogs from public assemblies had brought sustained letter writing from those opposed.
      For years, one breed or another has been the badass breed. Used to be Dobermans and Rottweilers. Now there's the slogan "if it ain't a pit, it ain't s---."
       We were brought up with the less provocative saying, "every dog has it's day."
Watertown Daily Times | Local News, Sports, Features, and Community Information for Jefferson County, St. Lawrence County, and Lewis County in Northern New York

More Pay...Less Nonsense...Another Lawmaker Gets the Ticket Out

    A Bronx Assemblyman is the latest Albany lawmaker to be rescued from the drudgery of the Legislature to be tapped for a top job in the Cuomo Administration.
    Peter Rivera will head the Department of Labor. He follows other former lawmakers, including Darrel Aubertine and Diedre Scozzafava to find salvation in such an appointment.
Cuomo Appoints Peter Rivera To Department Of Labor

Manager Searches...A Tale of Two Cities

      In the area's only other city with a council/manager form of government, there is still no search process in place for a new manager over two months after the previous executive was fired and many more months after it was apparent Art Sciorra would be departing.
     In Ogdensburg, councillors are meeting Monday to try and adopt a recruitment process, which is centering on hiring a consultant to conduct the search.
      In Watertown, a recruitment process was adopted within weeks of the decision leading to the announced retirement of City Manager Corriveau. That is underway with ads running in media and trade journals. The application deadline is April 20 and several submissions have been received.
      In either city, obtaining some kind of assistance to keep a process focused and on track is the right move.
Watertown Daily Times | Ogdensburg council to interview city manager recruitment firms