Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cheney Recovering From Heart Transplant

      Wait til Bill Maher and Comedy Central get a hold of this..Dick Cheney got a heart...a new one in a weekend transplant after 20 months on a list.
      There will be the requisite debate on whether he is entitled to one and somebody will tie the surgery into a debate on ObamaCare.
      Best wishes to Mr. Cheney on a speedy recovery.
      Also today...Syracuse is kaput and Rick Santornum won the Louisiana primary but i won't make a lot of difference.
Cheney Recovering From Heart Transplant - Niraj Chokshi -

Martin Death Becoming a Piece of Americana in the Media Age

   The Black Panthers now have a bounty on George Zimmerman....Sharpton is whipping up nationwide protests.....and a witness says the 17 year old victim attacked Zimmerman while the shooter's lawyer says the tragic act was done in self defense.
    MSNBC wants to hang 'em high and FOX wants young people to stop wearing hoodies...
    The circus is coming to town on the grave of young Trayvon Martin.
Trayvon Martin: New witness tells police George Zimmerman was provoked | Mail Online

Trayvon Martin case: Rev. Jesse Jackson says it's evidence that "Blacks are under attack" in America. -

       The Rev. Jackson says blacks are under attack...MSNBC says there is a "war on women"....Then we have the old stand by's, the war on drugs and the war on poverty.....
        No wonder no one is excited over the war in Afghanistan....Too many wars.
Trayvon Martin case: Rev. Jesse Jackson says it's evidence that "Blacks are under attack" in America. -

Sandra Says Andy's OK at Home

Since becoming Governor, Governor Cuomo's private life has been just that. Now we learn from his first lady what we know from seeing him...He is a hard charging pol.....but Sandra Lee says he is "mellow" at home.
Good thing, I'd hate to see that press conference demeanor at the breakfast table.
This will be an interesting test of changing attitudes when Mr. Cuomo runs for President and the pressure will be on to wed. Ms. Lee says they are comfortable with their relationship and that should be enough.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s live-in girlfriend says the  hard-charging pol is ‘patient and mellow’ at home   - NY Daily News

Everyone Has an Opinion on Florida Tragedy

   The Trayvon Martin case in Sanford, Florida has everyone weighing in from Geraldo to the POTUS.
    President Obama says if he had a son, he'd look like Trayvon, while Mr. Rivera advises parents not to let their kids wear hoodies, as they might be a target for suspicious whites just itching for a reason not to like people of color.
     It's the latest tragedy turned pop culture talking point and metaphor for whatever you want to make of it.
     It sounds like murder to me and certainly not the "stand your ground" explanation initially offered by police. (It does say something about the kind of people who get involved in being do it yourself vigilantes.)
      Now there's mobs in the tens of thousands demanding an arrest and prosecution, which now has to happen since so many people have weighed in.
Shocker! Sharpton is right for once -

Madonna’s new “Girl Gone Wild” video restricted by YouTube for being too raunchy -

   She was OK for the Super Bowl half time show, but can't be on You Tube ?
    Madonna's new video "Girl Gone Wild" got a publicity boost when it was banned in Boston, and everywhere else on line...
    Couldn't be too bad, since I got it from the NY Post.
Madonna’s new “Girl Gone Wild” video restricted by YouTube for being too raunchy -

WDT: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs is now Golf, Golf, Golf in the Big County

      Some people who bought a defunct gold course and want to name it after themselves have received a $50,000 loan from the St. Lawrence County IDA.
Watertown Daily Times | IDA approves loan for Heuvelton golf course

The Journal | Owens slams GOP budget for farm cuts

     This fall's NNY Congressional race may seem more like one pitting Rep. Bill Owens against Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, who chairs the House Budget Committee and is the author of GOP spending proposals.
    Mr. Ryan's plans form the basis of Republican electoral politics. In fact local GOP candidates attend schools in DC to get up on the program.
    Because the Ryan plan is keyed to deficit reduction through cuts, anyone receiving anything through a government program will be a target for Democrats.
    The Journal | Owens slams GOP budget for farm cuts

Friday, March 23, 2012

TV Hops on Pit Bull Story

        After a blistering from talk show host Glenn Curry on Thursday, TV7 has finally hopped on the pit bull story stemming from the canine home invasion last Saturday that left an 18 month old dachshund with deep wounds and its owner a hero for killing the beast with his bare hands on his living room floor.  (That's a Missou lead for the writing critics)
         Nobody is suggesting new laws, which are dubious to propose under current state law. What is being suggested is hard core enforcement of leash laws and punishment for those who deliberately expose the public to risks and danger.
         Feedback: Pit Bulls And The Law | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News

Doheny's March to the Sea (Lake Champlain) Leaves Devastated Foes in His Wake

     The Doheny for Congress juggernaut has rolled into the new counties in the 21st CD. Mr. Doheny has made friends with the GOP in Washington and Warren Counties at the far eastern end of the sprawling district.
     He can purge his memory of friends in Oswego County as they are no longer in the district.
      With Doug Hoffman gone, Doheny only now faces a possible primary challenge from Sackets Harbor resident Kellie Greene who is trying without money and organization to run to the right of Mr. Doheny.
      That's actually a blessing as it becomes tougher to tag Doheny as an extremist, which is the usual Democratic tactic.
       However, the race against Rep. Bill Owens is still formidable despite a lot of GOP bravado about uniting three lines and how the North Country is traditionally Republican.
       On hustle alone, Doheny is blitzing any and all opponents.  With three party lines and the publicity from a primary in his own party, the Alex Bay native should say his wedding vows in late June with the certainty he is positioned for a much stronger run than two years ago.
       The only caveat....2010 was a wave year for the GOP. 2012 is not and that's what makes all of this a toss up race so far.
CLEAN SWEEP | Doheny for Congress

Long Island School Superintendent Accused Of Fixing Grades Hands In Resignation, But Gets $545,000 « CBS New York

   Ah to be a can get sacked for a grades scandal and still get a $545,000 severance deal.
    I Love NY !
Long Island School Superintendent Accused Of Fixing Grades Hands In Resignation, But Gets $545,000 « CBS New York

Tim Tebow did not come to NY Jets to be a backup, thinks he can beat out Mark Sanchez for starting QB job: sources - NY Daily News

   I am increasingly of the school of thought that Tim Tebow did not come to NY to be anyone's back up and despite all the nice talk, there is a good chance Mark Sanchez will be toppled before the season or a few games in.
   The tail numbers on the jet Tebow flew in on are N15QB.  Adoring fans were Tebowing at the airport. The stores are full of jerseys with #15 and the football card is already out. Hardly signs Mark Sanchez is the toast of the town.
    Worshiping false idols is a bad thing, so maybe Tebow will be the real thing shortly for long suffering JETS fans.
Tim Tebow did not come to NY Jets to be a backup, thinks he can beat out Mark Sanchez for starting QB job: sources - NY Daily News

WDT: Jefferson County Board of Legislators unveils redistricting map

   The good thing about redistricting at the County Legislature level is that no one really knows what the Legislature does and why there are districts. In most cases people don't know who their legislator is.
    There are no groups worried about disenfranchisement of this or that group. No Goo-Goos in Jefferson County.
      So when the districts are unveiled there are no ooohs and ahhhs.
      Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County Board of Legislators unveils redistricting map

WDT: More Animal News

    The animal kingdom is more active in the warm weather and sometimes they try to go where they shouldn't. A deer burst through a window at a Washington Street apartment. No one was hurt except the deer who sustained a few cuts.
   Watertown Daily Times | Deer jumps through window at Centennial Apartments

Newzjunky:Woman: Pit Bull Almost Attacked My Daughter at Irish Festival Parade

      It's game on in the debate over pit bulls. Another tale is in the media as Newzjunky adds to the narrative about the animals following a harrowing weekend story of a man who had to kill a dog that invaded his home.
       Pit bull enthusiasts are fighting back with the argument the poor stewardship of some owners is not reflective of most dog owners.
       Look for it to spill over in to the April2 City Council meeting, but the emphasis I suspect will be finding ways to use existing laws to put heat on rogue dog owners.
        Woman: Pit Bull Almost Attacked My Daughter at Irish Festival Parade

Ritchie: Budget to Have Funds to Fight Base Closure

    When adopted the new state budget will have funding to help make the case for continued federal military presence at Fort Drum as a new round of base closures is on tap.
     The post near Watertown is one of the only examples of Army presence in the Northeast, so while the prospects for staying open are strong, nobody wants to leave a stone unturned when it comes to lobbying for the post.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Namath: "It Stinks"

   So even Broadway Joe thinks "it stinks."
    At this point as a JETS fan, you just 'gotta believe'.

Team Doheny Rallies at Pete's !

         No media here, so let me fill in....Supporters of Congressional candidate Matt Doheny gathered at Pete's for a fundraiser and rally while the candidate was busy in the newly acquired eastern counties nailing down support from the party faithful in Warren County.
        Supporters included Senator Ritchie, Assemblyman Blankenbush, Lewis Indy Chair Joe Baruth, Maple City Mayor Bill Nelson and Jefferson Leg Chair Carolyn Fitzpatrick.
        Mary Reidy, the candidate's charming fiance, MC'd the event.
        The crowd scampered quickly around 7 for the SU game....I'm sorry Matt wasn't here as he is my sports advisor and I am having trouble making sense of the Tebow trade now that Broadway Joe has called it crazy.
        I urge all candidates to hold events at Pete's, so it won't inconvenience me.

Mountain Lion Exhibit Opens at New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

    The Thompson Park Zoo has its mountain lion "Ninja" on display. With summer coming early its a good time to support the zoo which this season will feature renovations on the former aviary, now to the Karl Burns Learning Center, after the mayor in office when the exhibit was built.
    City Council junked inked a new lease with the Thompson Park Conservancy.
Mountain Lion Exhibit Opens at New York State Zoo at Thompson Park

WDT: Council to Consider Interim Manager While Search Continues

    The purpose of the meeting is to discuss those individuals Council may want to approach about the possibility of serving in the interim role. In doing so, there will be discussion of the employement history of individuals (plural).
     The process is pretty clear. Council must have a consensus on which person or persons are appropriate, then those people would have to  be approached to determine interest.
     Meanwhile an April 20 deadline is in place for response to current ads for manager running in various publications. John Krol is assembling the responses and will assist the Council in winnowing the field and making a final selection.
Watertown Daily Times | Watertown City Council to consider hiring interim city manager

Tebow Trade Leaves This JETS Fan Excited but Puzzled

   I like the hype and circus that Tim Tebow brings and he can be an exciting figure on the field, despite horrible numbers.
   What I don't understand is how the JETS high command thinks this will work if Mark Sanchez is indeed to be the starting QB.  After every pick or three and out, will eyes shift to the sidelines and Tebow ?
     Football is built around the quarterback as the commander in chief and the model being advanced in JETS nation is different...It's a notion that a different general can pop in and out for certain plays.
      This will send the message to Sanchez. No more seasons like last year.
Tebow signing shows Jets aren't fully committed to QB Sanchez -

WDT: Pit Bull Journalism...Is There An Evolving Editorial Narrative

       The WDT has discovered a way to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable....Assuming the comfortable are social pariahs who find solace in owning big, vicious dogs.
       Pit bulls are the metaphor for what Rudy Giuliani called the "broken window syndrome."  The notion that certain pathologies, while small in the scheme of things, are indicative of just what's wrong with this country.
        Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in water cooler journalism. The old notion that to hear the sermon you first have to get the pews filled. Times editors need to ride this story even if the other media chooses to ignore it.
         The narrative surrounding pit bulls is clear. The people who own them are bad....Two things you won't find in a pit bull household are a dog license and a marriage license.
          In a "food stamp nation", these people use drugs, live in sin, and project their contempt for virtue by harboring ominous and dangerous animals in urban settings where the maximum number of people can see how bad, or how gangsta, they are.
           Every good news story needs a narrative.
          Now, not everyone who owns any breed are the same. One bull dog owner pointed out to me today that more people are bit locally by labs than pits and that had this been any other breed there would be no news coverage.
       I disagree. This is news and a canine home invasion forcing the owner to stab the dog to death is news. I had an argument with a broadcast reporter over that today. He argued it's just a Times "crusade" and not news unless the man comes and speaks to a City Council meeting.  By then, it's old news.
 cWatertown Daily Times | Watertown woman traumatized by recent pit bull attack

A Challenger to Patty ?

      Who is Amy Tressider ?
       She is the possible challenger to Senator Patty Ritchie, the one term GOP lawmaker from Heuvelton who it's generally felt had a clear path to reelection.
        Ms. Tressider is a county legislator from Oswego County and really that's about all I know about her.
         Dems had wanted someone from Oswego County in order to create a rivalry between the northern and souther ends of the 48th District.
         In other state races, the local Members of Assembly so far are not opposed. The period for circulating nominating petitions for state office is not until June.
        As for both Ms. Ritchie and Ms. Tressidor, I will need to how they feel on the issues I care about this week...Which are pit bulls and the Tebow trade.

County Legislator Files Against GOP State Senator in North Country | Politicker

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sitting Lawmakers Collecting Retirement Benefits

   Let me be clear...I think people who work at a job deserve some kind of retirement scenario, whether it be a pension or a defined contribution system.
   However the double dip by the electeds bothers me...I didn't do it last December when I was ending one term...could have retired and then started a new term...But lots of state lawmakers do it, including two NNY Republicans in the Assembly.
   It's one more case against defined benefit systems....
Sitting Lawmakers Collecting Retirement Benefits: The Sequel

WDT: Conservative Boss Offers the Blessing All Expected

      No surprise that Matt Doheny gets the Conservative nod but the official annoiting sets up a talking point for Mr. Doheny in the possible GOP primary against Kellie Greene.  Mike Long has spoken from on high.
     With the minor parties in tow, only Doheny can provide the united front of three parties to defeat Rep. Bill Owens.  If Ms. Greene were to win the GOP nod, Doheny would be stranded on the C and E lines, ensuring another race like last one.
     Look for that argument to be made should there actually be a Republican primary.
     Meanwhile, Ms. Greene is holding an event today at Seaway Lanes, right up the road from me. She is welcome to stop at Fort Pearl afterwards. We can work out that date for the HOTLINE.
Watertown Daily Times | Long: Doheny will get Conservative nod

New York Jets Acquire Tim Tebow From Denver Broncos For Fourth-Round Draft Pick -

  I thought it was risky and wouldn't work, but I'm a JETS fan first and welcome Tim Tebow to Gang Green.
   According to reports he will augment but not replace JETS QB Mark Sanchez and Tebow may add the wildcat offense to the JETS arsenal.
    It will also be a media circus that will help attendance.
    This is all dire news for New England with its aging QB Tom Brady.
New York Jets Acquire Tim Tebow From Denver Broncos For Fourth-Round Draft Pick -

Mac is Back Home But Bears the Scars of a Brutal Attack

   Mac is home today and while quite chipper, the signs of his near-death experience over the weekend protrude from his shoulder and hind quarters. Drainage tubes from the deep wounds inflicted by a pit bull that invaded Mac's Nellis Street home.
    The incident occured as owner Brian King struggled to get Mac indoors when neighbors warned of a pit rampaging the street. Mr. King slipped and fell and the door went ajar allowing the pit bull in the house where he bit the 18 month old long haired dachshund, nearly killing him before Mr. King grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed the attacker to death.  All with four feet of his front door on the hard wood floor of his living room.
     Mac has run up $1200 in medical bills with more to come, but Mr. King says he will do whatever it takes to make his pet healthy again. Mac seems to be taking it in stride and was playful and chipper despite his woes. Another dog, a Yorkie named Mitch looked on.
      Mr. King is angry over the proliferation of pit bulls in the City and I invited him to the April 2 Council meeting to express his views.
     This was one scary incident and I felt the pictures were important to share.

Weather is Always News But This Year, It Dominates the Water Cooler

    Jet skis on the River, farmers in the field, duffers on the links, streets already swept and the little snow we had this year a distant memory.
    The incredibly mild winter of 2011-12 has given way to the summer in spring mode that has brought Chicago to 85 degrees, Buffalo to 80 and here in NNY we are not far behind.
     The weather is the talk of the town. The dominant water cooler story eclipsing biting dogs and colored clocks.
      Who's ever going to pay attention to news about redistricting when the weather is this nice.
       Another award winning day is on tap, so enjoy !
It's so warm that Central New York farmers are out planting earlier than many can remember |

Buffalo's Bizarre Bar Ban

   It will likely be vetoed by the mayor or found to be in conflict with existing booze laws, but the Buffalo City Council has approved a law that prohibits anyone under 21 from being in a downtown bar after 10 PM, except for Thursday nights. 
    It's all part of problem created by the 21 year old drinking age and the class of criminals it creates with the fiction that adults over 18 should not and will not enjoy the "Devil's Brew."
     Apparently the Queen City's greatest deliberative body is trying to keep the youngin's home in bed by ten....except on Thursdays.
Underage ban for downtown bars is OK'd - Downtown - The Buffalo News

WDT: Relevant or Not, Pit's Owner Has a Past

   The narrative is coming together and surely pit bull owners cringe when they read it. The owner of the pit killed during a canine home invasion Saturday had been popped for drugs, and it looks like the dog was part of the gangsta' culture often associated with such backgrounds.
    Of course that's a stereotype, but stereotypes exist for a reason. The incident, along with another reported near miss incident Sunday at the Irish Parade only amplify the debate over whether some breeds become dangerous when they act as an extension of their owner's character and demeanor.
     Meanwhile the tiny dachshund injured in Saturday's attack on Nellis Street is back home after three days the veterinarian's office.
     So far, this has been only a one media story with no other local journalists willing to bite at the water cooler type story. That often happens when due to circumstance one media gets the scoop on the story.
      Best way to advance the story and get a fresh angle would be photos of the injured dog back at home.
Watertown Daily Times | Pit bull owner has drug history

Public pension 'millionaires' club - Times Union

    $316,245.  That's the annual pension of one Long Island school superintendent and that's why taxpayer advocacy groups are not satisfied with the reforms passed last this month in New York.
     There are still calls to do more, although the Governor made it clear last week, he has done all he is willing to do and isn't interested in more feuding with the unions as he readies for an expected White House run in 2016.
     Public pension 'millionaires' club - Times Union

Take a Pass on Tebow

   Its probably more of a media spin cycle, but speculation the JETS would actually acquire Tim Tebow speaks to whether the team is committed to making a stand this fall with Mark Sanchez or not.
    Tebow is a decidely risky choice, but would be a good one for one of the Florida teams where his homestate appeal could fill the stands.
     Tim Tebow made a splash last year but Tebowmania can be as fleeting as Linsanity was for the Knicks.
Steve Serby says New York Jets should take a pass on quarterback Tim Tebow -

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

White House Admits to Asking Malia Story to be Pulled

     The White House scrubbed the media of stories about Malia Obama's pending school trip to Mexico and the 25 Secret Services agents assigned to keep the First Daughter safe.
       I don't want to subject the Obama children to frivolous publicity, but the public expenditure related to the decision to send her to this dangerous country is news.
      The MSM skipped the story and many of the foreign tabloids succumbed to pressure. That says volumes.
       White House Admits to Asking Malia Story to be Pulled |

Resident Reports Close Call at Parade

     I was talking to a friend named Rachel who had a bad dog experience at the parade on Sunday where people were not supposed to bring dogs to mingle in the crowd but did anyway.
     Rachel says her daughter had a close call with a pit which lunged at her while they were standing in front of First Pres Church.. It was just a nick of a wound and so its not really news, but there are two lessons. One is dogs don't need to be thrust in strange surroundings and the other is children should be taught to never approach and pet a strange dog even if they ask permission.
    Look for a spate of mad dog stories in the MSM in the wake of the latest incident on Nellis Street.

Bubble Headed Bleach Blond Could Tell This Story With a Gleam in Her Eye

    I actually bought a paper today so customers could read about the pit bull story....Everyone was abuzz at the tale of the Nellis Street man who suffered a canine home invasion and stabbed the pooch to death with a kitchen knife.
    Everyone thinks Brian King is a bit of a hero for coming to the defense of his own dog who was in peril with its hind quarters in the jaws of the pit.
     Because it was a one media story few under 50 had heard about it.
     I see this as one of those stories that could go national. Mr. King could end up on Fox and Friends and there's lot's of folo-up possibilities.
     Meanwhile others with dog tales are coming forth so the MSM should have lots of fodder.
     I have often said the old guard media in this town wouldn't know news if it bit 'em on the ass. They spotted it this time.  And for the first time in a long time they have a water cooler story.
     Remember how long people talked about the charred person in the window photo ?
Watertown Daily Times | Man stabs to death pit bull that entered his home

Occupy Goes After Dicker

   Occupy protestors flooded the Capitol third floor to protest the appearance of Governor Cuomo on Fred Dicker's radio program. 
    The protestors are mad over the Governor's attempts to reduce the amount of free stuff and they consider Mr. Dicker a "mouthpiece for Governor 1%."
Occupy protesters target New York Post - Politics Now - The Buffalo News

Summer Weather Heralds the Start of Petitioning for Federal Office

      Most people are spectators when it comes to politics...A few donate money, even fewer still do the grunt work of politics which is gathering signatures on nominating petitions.
      Over the years I have driven many miles and burned much gas chasing down Indy signatures in four counties.
      Much of it was done in my wilderness years after I felt the need to get back in the good graces of the political class.
       I don't feel that way as much anymore, but I will get signatures of people I run into.
       The petition and primary dates were changed by court order due to state non compliance with a law on absentees being sent overseas.
      Other than federal offices will still have a September primary.....Plus there is the Presidential primary in April.

Times Finally Discovers "Water Cooler Journalism"

   A City man had to stab a pit bull to death after the stray dog chased him into his home, attacking the man's dachshund in the process.
    Of course, the owner of the pit is quoted as saying what a friendly dog it was and how good it was with children. And of course the pit bull was unlicensed.
      The script changes little with these cases.
      This is a tale that will be talked about around the water cooler, at least among those water cooler people who still read the paper.
Watertown Daily Times | Man stabs pit bull who entered his home to death

City Council Looks to Strengthen Ties with Advantage Watertown

      Last week they were the "shadow government". Now City Council will be meeting with Advantage Watertown to strengthen ties with the ad hoc advisory group that had come under fire for usurping Council functions.
      Advantage was formed eight years ago as part of an agreement with NYS to get funding for certain waterfront improvements. The advisory board, which meets once a month with City staff, brainstorms in open session about various topics.
      Councilman Jeff Smith had rapped the panel as operating without any authorization from Council.
       Turns out the panel was authorized by Council actions and a suggestion was made to meet with them later this Spring.

City Council Looks to Strengthen Ties with Advantage Watertown

Monday, March 19, 2012

Council Hears Latest Request to Color the Clock

    City Council has agreed to my suggestion to meet next week to discuss interim arrangements for City Manager when the retirement of the current manager nearing.
     Lawmakers also agreed to regular joint meetings with the advisory group Advantage Watertown to try and lessen the perceived disconnect some Council Members had with the ad hoc group that meets monthly with City staff.
     Council approved a variety of contracts and will review arena fees at next week's adjourned meeting.
      Council also read a request to light the Town Clock blue on April 2 for Autism Awareness Day.
      In a tip of the hat to an early Spring, I asked staff to put up the nets at the tennis courts in the Park a little early.

Light It Up Blue !

       From the No Surprise Here Department.
       A Summerville, SC resident with ties to Watertown has emailed the City Manager with a request to light the Town Clock blue on April 2 for the "Light It Up Blue" campaign which is part of Autism Awareness Day.
       Pam Williams wants to light it up blue in recognition for her grandson and all others who are autistic.
        Comments please. Should this be accommodated ?

Malia Obama heads to Mexico on a SCHOOL TRIP... but brings 25 Secret Service agents along with her | Mail Online

   Presidential daughter Malia Obama gets to go on a school Mexico and she is taking 25 Secret Service agents with her on a journey will have a price tag I can only guess at.
    Couldn't she just go to Colonial Williamsburg or to Philly to see the Liberty Bell. This is indulgent, and a sign of 'let them eat cake' sentiments in the First Family.
    Sometimes you have to say no either due to circumstances or costs.
     Why do I have to read about this in a British tabloid ?
Malia Obama heads to Mexico on a SCHOOL TRIP... but brings 25 Secret Service agents along with her | Mail Online

Report: Tim Tebow Could Be Traded To Patriots

   Tim Tebow to the Patriots ? That's the scuttlebutt in the wake of Peyton Manning signing with the Denver Broncos.
    Report: Tim Tebow Could Be Traded To Patriots « CBS Boston

WDT: Friend request denied

   There is little worse you can do to the younger generation than to deny a Facebook friend request....So when the Times' political scribe got rebuffed by Congressional hopeful Kellie Greene and then told by Ms. Greene he is not welcome at her events....well that may have been too much for Brian Amaral.
    Obviously Ms. Greene is not satisfied with the Times' coverage of her. Frankly, I don't think the media has spurned her. Coverage is, in the end, going to be commensurate with how legitimate the press thinks the effort is. That is usually measured by money and endorsements, easily quantifiable and written about.
    As for dealing with obstreperous, snarky, and self indulged journalists, I learned some lessons long ago (I used to be one)...Charm and respect for their job works better than outrage over their real or perceived slights and prejudices.
    As for Mr. Amaral, who now occasionally sports a Fort Pearl t-shirt, I was warned early about him and he singed me in covering an event last spring.
     I sensed he came to my race with a dossier about me as a wily and unprincipled interloper who somehow had picked the lock on the safe of respectable, God fearing politicians. I also sensed a desire to keep his boss happy.
     So I was always available and avuncular. Always willing to talk politics and journalism. Careful to be sure, but not anxious to shut the reporter out since his words did shape at least a portion of the race I was in.
     Feeding the beast sometimes means you will get nipped, but not feeding it will send the beast elsewhere and he will take his audience with him.
      That's why former journalists like Seymour, Reagen, Compo and yes, yours truly are to be watched carefully in politics. We know too much about the game.

Watertown Daily Times | Friend request denied

WashPo: Romney Should Go One Toke Over the Line

        In a political world where a liberal dem like President Obama still has to toe the line on gay marriage publicly, it's highly unlikely Mormon Mitt Romney will be taking any Ron Paul positions on marijuana.
       Support for legalizing the weed is almost mainstream as the public is more and more suspicious of government's outlawing of everything in some quest for a Christian nation of virtue without vice.
      The Washington Post opines this may be an opportunity for Mitt....but he won't take it....In politics, it takes a long time for truth to overtake righteousness.
       Romney’s opportunity on pot policy - In the Loop - The Washington Post

Trio Seeks GOP Senate Nod

    Its a three way GOP primary on June 26 for the right to likely lose to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.
    Wendy Long, George Maragos and Rep. Bob Turner got the OK at last week's GOP convention to compete for the US Senate nomination.
     Mr Turner is the Weiner replacement who has been drawn out a district. Ms. Long is a former law clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas and a conservative activist. Mr Maragos is from Long Island.
     They all face an uphill battle against Senator Gillibrand, who has a large war chest and is running in a Democratic state.

WDT: Greene May Run as Independent as Party Prospects Dwindle

    With petition work due to begin tomorrow, I wonder whether there will be a GOP primary as promised between poitical newcomer Kellie Greene of Sackets Harbor and Watertown's Matt Doheny.  Mr. Doheny obviously is well organized and funded and has been pursuing an "aura of inevitability" campaign by rolling out endorsements.
     Ms. Greene now hints via Facebook at an independent campaign even though she had pledged a Republican primary. The minor party lines are already in the bag for Mr. Doheny.
     I was chatting with a very active right-to-life Republican at the Irish Fest who says she likes Ms.Greene's candidacy but knows nothing about her petition efforts. This is someone I would have lined up early to do signatures as she is connected to a network of like minded people.
      It made me wonder if Ms Greene is actually going to be able to secure a spot on the June 26 primary ballot.
      She is now hinting at an independent run, which has some pretty high hurdles to get on the ballot and without a party line her name would end up at  the bottom of the ballot. However her strong right to life stance could still make her nettlesome to Mr. Doheny by offering more conservative voters a choice as did Doug Hoffman in 2010.
     If Ms. Greene had done the HOTLINE, I could have politely asked her all these questions, but that never came about.
      Amaral's latest tome about her candidacy suggests some real antipathy towards the press, which strikes me as a rookie mistake since the free media is important in this situation.

Watertown Daily Times | Greene may run as an independent, she says

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doheny Steals Thunder at Irish Parade

     The Congressional Districts will be in place by Tuesday for the beginning of petitions and the Matt Doheny campaign is in full swing. Green footballs were flying.
     Today, Mr. Doheny had a large contingent with his float in the Irish Parade in Watertown. I did run into Middle Class Mike at the bar in the Dulles Building, so  Congressman Owens did have his support there.
    I caught a football, but gave it to someone nearby who didn't have as nimble hands as me.

Al Jazeera Interviews Your's Truly

     When I saw a satellite truck at the Irish Parade I wondered what's up ? Turns out the Arab network Al Jazeera was in town doing stories on the return of troops from Afghanistan.
     That caused a stir in the political class, but I didn't think any more of it til a local MSM reporter came up to me and said the Aussie reporter working for Al Jazeera was quite the looker....He suggested I wander over to the truck to take in the scenery on a gorgeous June day in March.
    So I met their crew and reporter Cath Turner who ask me to do a live interview on the network's English language version.  They had been in town a couple of days.
     This may sound oh so shallow, but I put on my best diplomacy to explain the effects of deployments on families and how glad everyone is that troops are home.
      Then their crew asked me to recommend a restaurant for dinner. I told them Pete's, but I think they were more interested in trying Sackets on such a nice day.
      Eat well Cath, especially when on expense account.

Parade Caps Green Weekend as NNY Enjoys Freakish Weather

   It was a Chamber of Commerce day in Watertown as sunny skies and freakish temperatures in the 70s brought crowds out on Washington Street for the NNY Goes Green Parade.
    It was a wonderful event, enjoyed by all and organizers did a good job.
    I walked with my Members of Assembly Russell and Blankenbush. There were two Irish Wolfhounds in the parade and the 10th Mountain Division Band.

Face of Weekend News in the Balance

    While on the Thruway Friday returning from Albany, who did I run into at the rest stop but TV 7's Rob Krone and Sarah Compo. They were headed off in the TV 7 news cruiser to cover a high school basketball game.
     So with Ms. Compo leaving Arcade Street for the womb of a state job as Senator Ritchie's press flack, I got thinking who will be the new weekend anchor ?
     Since there is no media reporter in town, I will fill in.
     The obvious choice on gravitas is John Moore, but insiders say he is unlikely to  want to leave his cushy Monday through Friday reporting shift. The same is true for any senior staffer there.
     The two weekend reporters, Asa Stackel and Matt McClusky, will likely be left where they are, leaving three choices.
     One is to go outside the station, but that's unlikely as recruiting a weekend anchor to Watertown is like the hospital trying to find brain surgeons.
      The other two choices would be reporters Katie Alexander and Caitlyn Cissne.
      I don't want to offend anyone or ruin anyone's career by being their booster in this humble blog. And frankly I don't know the internal politics and personalities, just the deameanor and presentation I see on the air and in my limited dealings with them as a newsmaker. I won't be waiting by the phone for Scotty to call for my two cents either. I mean, my career in TV wasn't the stuff of Emmy's.
       With all that said, best wishes to Ms. Compo in her new role as chronicler of the Senator's parade appearances and tree tappings, and good luck and Godspeed to the new anchor, whomever she or he is.

Tiger's a Cad....Didn't We Know That Already ?

  Tiger Woods may not be making as much money playing golf, but those around him are by writing books which suddenly reveal what a jerk he is. Tiger's "swing coach" (not that swinging) now says his boss was rude, cheap and addicted to porn.....
    Hank Haney, has a book coming out detailing Tiger's takeaway from his sex addiction following the 2009 unraveling of his game after all his mistresses came forward.
    Those who rode the gravy train have had to find another train after being left at the station by Tiger's stumbles.   
Swing coach Hank Haney’s book reveals Tiger Woods’ takeaway from sex-addiction rehab -

WDT: Advantage Watertown Issue a Diversion Not Needed Now

    Whether or not Watertown has a "shadow government" (something I now stand accused of being a part of), the City Council has another issue even more pressing.
     Next month the City Manager retires and while a recruitment effort is afoot, there clearly will have to be someone appointed to the position on an interim basis until someone new is hired.
     There is now a debate going on.  Councilman Smith is attacking the legitimacy of Advantage Watertown, an advisory group that meets monthly and talks about City issues.
     Council needs to address the matter of an interim manager by identifying possible people and then finding out if they are available. Decades ago, a vacancy would have been handled differently, but the intracies of the manager's job require a competent interim manager who can keep the departments on track.
      City Manager Corriveau has been tying up many loose-end issues in her final weeks, but the show must go on and the future of "Advantage Watertown" is not the issue Council needs to focus on. Neither is the color of the Town Clock.
       As I did on setting up a recruitment process, I will get the Council focused on this matter, as a consensus person in the short term is a harbinger of Council's abililty to fill the office permanently.
      As for whether I am part of a "shadow government" by being on the Advantage board.
     I can only say I would never be a member of a shadow government that would have me as a member.

Watertown Daily Times | City Council to talk about Advantage Watertown controversy Monday night