Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh Boy...Now I Have to Play Fair

   Uh ooh.....I got an email today from the Kellie Greene for Congress campaign asking to be on America's Favorite Noontime Talk Show....aka the HOTLINE.
    Now I have to ask the boss if I can have a candidate for an in-studio interview...and of course, due to his immense sense of fairness, I will have to invite opposing candidates, which in this case is Matt Doheny.
    Then there will be the endless back and forth about what questions will I ask and am I too biased ?....
    Hey gang....I've been doing this for a long time and went to one of the nation's premier J-schools...I am the most fair and balance SOB in this town.

Saturday Musings About This and That

   Had some fruit salsa (strawberries, kiwis and apples) at Pete's tonight made by Callie...never had that before but it was delicious on the sugar and cinnamon pita chips provided.
   You never know when you will be pressed to try something new. 
    I got a good deal on a ping pong net at Sears today and am going to try that as a Saturday night attraction....
    Wait, before the substance abuse council gets their bowels in an uproar, it's not "beer pong:", just straight out and out 1972 Chinese ping pong.   No need to call the SLA. (not that its against the law anyway).
     I am looking forward to the Super Bowl....stop down and see me at the Mayor's Bar.....also known as Fort Pearl.

Chili Cookoff a Big Hit Again

       A huge crowd  was out at the State Office Building today for the Annual Chili Cookoff....
      The event benefits the Volunteer Transportation Center and is a mid-winter hit every year...The half way point between Christmas and St. Pats Day.
       I didn't sample any chili but it smelled good.  Everybody got a ballot for the people's choice award. I voted, because someone asked me to vote for them.
       They always say in politics you have to ask for the vote first.
        I did find out something new. There is a bank in Wal-Mart called Woodforest National Bank. They had some people there with shirts on. Never knew there was such a bank.
       Other than that, I ran into a few people I know....Assemblyman Blankenbush...Chairwoman Fitzpatrick....the Donald....and the nice lady who works at my polling place.

Stocks Jump...So Do Bam's Prospects

While the deficit may loom, my guess is the stock market will be the barometer for President Obama's reelection prospects. Stocks are at or near historic highs and despite all the talk of people suffering from unemployment or the recession lasting too long, the people will vote with their 401Ks.
Those who are working and there are many of them will need bad news to get them to vote for the GOP in large enough numbers to defeat the President. Mr. Obama may be polarizing and he has his critics, but the numbers to watch are the ones from Dow Jones and not the ones from Gallup.
U.S. Stocks Jump on Upbeat Data -

Super Day for Taverns as NY Team Battles in Super Bowl

The surprising NY Giants are confident and fans are excited over tomorrow's Super Bowl match up with the NE England Patriots. This is a game that will draw extra interest as its a natural rivalry grown over years of New York and Boston antipathy.
Everyone has their own plans. Some watch at home or go to parties. There's the big corporate bars with lots of racket or the more intimate neighborhood tavern. That's where I will be , as I am working on Super Sunday...It's a great job when you get paid for doing what you would do anyway. watching the game with friends. At Fort Pearl, we have three large high def TVs, great prices including 160z Busch for just two bucks and a spread of food.
This year, try a neighborhood taverns for the game. Its comfortable, affordable and you don't have a mess to clean up at home. See you Sunday.
Mike Vaccaro on New York Giants showing confidence in words in matchup vs. New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI -

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim glad to have Fab Melo back |

Syracuse fans can rest easier now that star center Fab Melo is back after what the media calls "an academic issue."
What's that mean ? Does it mean a poor grade ? Not bothering to attend classes ? Or is it whitewash for trashing hotel rooms or beating up a girlfriend ?
Whatever it is, the seven foot center's brief absence is credited with the team's first loss last week. There is a Final Four appearance on the line.
Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim glad to have Fab Melo back

Friday, February 3, 2012

Maple City Lends A Hand

In the wake of a vote not to renew the current City Managers contract, I have been working on coming up with a scenario for a successor. After talking with my friend and fellow Mayor Bill Nelson, I decided to call the Maple City's former city manager John Krol who is well respected and currently retired. Mr. Krol does some consulting and is working with the federal government on admnistration of FEMA funds in eastern NY.
The January 18 vote means my job is to lead the Council on a process to choose a successor to Mary M. Corriveau who has been city manager since 2003. I felt it important to protect the decision making role of the Council but also provide a professional view on the search. Mr. Krol is well respected and well connected. He is of the North Country but free of any agendas here in Watertown.
I look forward to Tuesday's meeting and the advice and counsel he will offer. If City Council opts to have him help further, that is there decision. In the meantime, regardless of the feelings on the recent vote, It is my job to move the City forward and I will do so while preserving working relationships with the Council.
Watertown Daily Times Ex-Ogdensburg manager will meet with Watertown council Tuesday

Another New York Mandate for Small Business

    Hey employers...have you  seen the latest bit of paperwork that all private sector bosses have to have workers sign.
    It's an acknoledgement (in the employee's primary language) of who the boss is...what they are paid...what the overtime rate is (let's see, 1.5 times....)...when the pay day is...the employer's address and phone number.
   We have to present this to the worker and they have to acknowledge they understand it. We both get a signed copy and I have to keep my copy on file for six years.
     Waste of time.

"Doughnuts With Doheny" Off To Sweet Start; More Dates Announced | Doheny for Congress

A little clarity is needed...What kind of doughnuts are being served ? Are they made with North Country agricultural products ? Do they have the union label ? What's the calorie count ? Are there any MSGs in these greasy floaters. Are there alternatives for the pastry intolerant ? No French crullers I hope....Unless we call 'em "Freedom Crullers."
Doughnuts With Doheny" Off To Sweet Start; More Dates Announced Doheny for Congress

Michelle Obama drops to the floor for a push-up challenge on Ellen DeGeneres

You could tell when she wears those sleeveless dresses, but the First Lady is fit. Michelle Obama dropped for 25 this week on Ellen's show, doing push ups without breaking a sweat to publicize the need for youth fitness.
Critics like to take after Mrs. Obama, but this is a good cause and a good example. Whether it's the President singing Al Green or the First Lady on Ellen, the Obama's are hip and happening for many Americans and a stark contrast to Mitt's off-tone renditions of America the Beautiful or the helmet hair do of Mrs. Gingrich.
Michelle Obama drops to the floor for a push-up challenge on Ellen DeGeneres Mail Online

WDT: When Your Job is to Write About Politics, This is Something to Write About

I noticed in the photos of Kellie Greene's presser an old friend in the audience who is a leading player in the local right to life movement. I suspect her core of support will be from the RTL folks, scattered Tea Party activists and remnants of the Doug Hoffman effort from 2010. That's a good start for someone who just registered to vote back in NNY six weeks ago and is now running for Congress.
That network of people will have to be the ones to go out and gather nominating petitions as all the GOP committee people are supporting frontrunner Matt Doheny, who has a big head start in building grass roots support within the party.
The other significant factor is the Conservative Party, run by Mike Long. Mr. Long is being coy for now but I don't see him going off the reservation and risk a stranded candidate on Line C who is also not on the Republican line. That scenario is widely credited with Rep. Bill Owens reelection in 2010 when marginal Democratic seats elsewhere were falling.
The old saying "the best election is no election" suggests Mr. Doheny's prospects are not aided by a primary. That's true in a sense, but a hard right opponent accusing Mr. Doheny of being a "moderate" is not all bad for Doheny's prospects in the general election against Rep. Owens. This is at best a mildly red district and has a history of electing moderate Republicans like John McHugh, Doug Barclay, Jim Wright and the late Bob Nortz. These are people who don't like talking about abortion or same sex marriage, but in the end the social conservative voters have no other options in November anyway.
The early primary in June offers plenty of time to bind up whatever wounds are created.
Some wags I was chatting with at last night's Chamber dinner were shaking their heads at how much publicity Ms. Greene got including a banner headline front page above the fold in the WDT. Usually the media up here doesn't like the unconventional, but even the most stuffy in journalism like a fresh face and a race to cover. This is the only thing going on in 2012.
If nature abhors a vacuum, so does any political reporter worth his or her salt.
Watertown Daily Times Notebook dump

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Former Carthage Superintendent Resigns From Another School Job

The former Carthage School superintendent run out of town amid controversy has met the same fate in a Western NY district where he went after Carthage fired him.
Carl Militello landed the Niagara County job in 2008 as problems in Carthage were hushed up by district officials anxious to part company with Mr Millitello.
In the clubby world of superintendents, it likely is not unusual to sign hush up agreements which allow the officials to easily get another job.
Former Carthage Superintendent Resigns From Another School Job WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Donald Trump to endorse Mitt Romney - The Washington Post

So The Donald is going to endorse The Mitt, after initial reports The Newt would be the special one. This guy plays the media and candidates like a fiddle.....
Donald Trump to endorse Mitt Romney - The Washington Post

Groundhog Day 2012: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, 6 more weeks of winter

At our latitude, six more weeks of Winter from today is a given, but considering the light season so far, we would have liked an early Spring.
Not so says Punxsutawney Phil as he saw his shadow.
Groundhog Day 2012: Punxsutawney Phil sees shadow, 6 more weeks of winter - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post

The Journal | Owens asks feds for I-98 answers

The State DOT made the right decision in seeking to use available dollars for needed improvements to the existing travel corridor along Route 11.
I-98 is an evaporating pipe dream. Witness the discord in Massena over the advocacy of the highway to the exclusion of more pressing economic development needs. There is also the rejection by the Regional Council to make a rooftop highway a priority.
It's easy to advocate for I-98 without having any inkling of its real need or how to pay for it. Then there are the environmental concerns.
This is not a project we can afford or one we should be dangling out there as having any real prospect of happening.
The Journal Owens asks feds for I-98 answers

WDT: Succession Plans Rapped

I understand the frustration over not having an instant solution to the challenge thrust upon me, which is to lead the City Council in a search for a new manager following a vote two weeks ago not to renew the current manager's contract.
Sometimes, being circumspect is needed to privately get the consensus needed to move ahead in a challenging environment. That is being done and will become apparent in the days ahead. Meanwhile, despite the differing views on what has happened, I don't want to add gas to the fire by public statements that undermine current operations or play Council members against one another.
Watertown Daily Times Poor management

WDT: Let Me Correct the Record

I don't normally like to quibble over quotes or even paraphrases, but the attributed remarks in this story do not match my recollections or my intentions.
This Times story says I said City Council could take over the function of hiring to vacant Recreation positions if the current manager does not fill them quickly. That's not how the system works and Council doesn't have the authority to hire.
Since attributions often become the basis for later stories and editorials, I feel the need to point this out, as what is suggested is not consistant with past practice.
I do hope these hirings will occur in a timely manner and am confident all aspects of city government now in process will continue to be dealt with.
Meanwhile, I will continue to lead the Council in its efforts at recruitment to the Manager's post, as I did last year during the successful hiring of a City Clerk, which is the other of only two jobs the Council actually hires.
Watertown Daily Times Search continues for Parks and Recreation Department team

WDT: Is Kellie Quixotic or a Fresh Face ?

In politics, the vehicle you drive often becomes the metaphor for your common folks bona fides, so it should be no surprise newly minted Congressional candidate Kellie Green plans to travel the massive NNY district in her pickup truck, which she described to her supporters as "cute."
Surely her primary opponent or her potential November foe would never describe their vehicles that way.
And in the district that long elected moderate John McHugh and more recently, Democrat Bill Owens, Ms. Greene is not mincing words in describing herself not just a conservative, but also a "far right" and "staunch" one.
Assuming she meets ballot access requirements by garnering signatures from GOP voters, Ms Greene will first face Matt Doheny in a June 26 primary. She also indicated a third candidate may still enter the race. That could be Doug Hoffman, who narrowly lost the primary in 2010 and is widely credited with a third party run that prevent NY 23 from being part of the national GOP wave.
Strange things can happen in a primary. I remember some years back a three way Democratic contest in which a woman named Margaret Ravenscroft spent no money and beat two seemingly stronger candidates.
That would be a hard thing to imagine here, as Mr. Doheny has worked very hard over two years to build support among party regulars and he has the resources to mount the campaign needed over eleven counties, hundreds of miles and several media markets.
It will be interesting to see if the primary becomes a race to the right or will Mr. Doheny be content to run a little to the left of Ms. Greene, as has been the tradition of North Country Republicans as long as I can remember.
While her career was in international trade and logistics, I didn't see anything in the coverage to suggest whether she is working now or why she chose Sackets Harbor as a residence rather than her native Oswego. It could be because Sackets is sure to in what district ultimately contains Matt Doheny and Bill Owens.
Her entry makes the race more interesting, but for now it does not change the dynamics as the hurdles she faces are high. Her kickoff looked good but it's a long way from a press conference to winning an eleven county primary.

Watertown Daily Times Kellie Greene launches congressional bid

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sources: Trump to endorse Newt -

Doing the expected doesn't get as much attention as the unexpected. Word is The Donald will endorse Newt, even though the former Speaker's campaign is limping after a whoopin' in the Sunshine State.
I don't think it makes much difference, but its something to talk about.
Sources: Trump to endorse Newt -

Owens Supporter Interviews Tea Party Candidate

As he promised on the HOTLINE, "Middle Class Mike" attended the presser for Kellie Greene, who is running for Congress. Here is his report, unedited.
From: Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’
To : The Host of 1240’s ‘Hotline,’ Mayor Graham.
Topic: Kellie Greene announcing her candidacy for Congress at the Ramada Inn at 7:00 o’clock this evening on February 1, 2012.
I had the pleasure to speak with Ms. Kellie Greene before she announced her candidacy to run for the NY 23rds Republican Congressional Primary. Kellie was kind enough to grant me this time less than an hour before she announced tonight and I tried to make it worth her time.
Ques: Why are you running in 2012 for Congress in the NY 23 Congressional race?
Answer: I feel it’s important to run as a true Conservative (Tea Party) and not a relative moderate in this race. Why should there be any doubt as to why I might want to run in the NY 23rd when I grew up here and although I had to leave to earn my living, so did Matt Doheny have to work in NYC.
Ques: What’s really driving you to want to do this at this time. Are your trying to build name recognition now, in the hopes that if Matt Doheny loses to Bill Owens this time, you would be the go-to person in 2014?
Answer: No. I’m not motivated by 2014’s race, but instead I’m clearly focused on this years’ race. I’m motivated to address a key issue. This race needs a true conservative in it. Matt Doheny is running like a moderate, not a true Tea Party Conservative.
Question: So in this race you intend to run as the true conservative to the Right of Matt Doheny. What will this mean to voters in this Congressional race.
Answer: The key thing is I stand for real Conservative values and I’m not running like a Moderate Republican.
1. I want to cut spending.
2. I want to help government create a climate in the Country where the private sector can go about creating jobs.
3. We are failing to capitialize on the types of infrastructure improvements that would produce jobs and spur on economic activity in NY 23. Mike here’s an example of what I mean. We have the ability to modernize Ports like Oswego, etc. where we can upgrade this port and be able to handle something like Container Shipping, which is how we can ship World Wide; instead of the way we ship items now in bulk packaging. The need to modernize our infrastructure is obvious and it will spur a growth in jobs and economic activity on the Great Lakes.

Three Primaries are Possible After All

Maybe there will be three separate primary elections this year....There is the Presidential Primary in April....The federal court ordered Congressional primaries on June 26...and the run of the mill state and local primaries in September. Governor Cuomo wants all the September votes put in June...but you never know what will happen as in Albany they don't like to reach a decision too soon.
Capitol Confidential » Cuomo: We don’t want three primaries

Super Bowl: NYC bar bans Sam Adams for game - Sports Blog - CBS News

In the interest of solidarity, Fort Pearl...aka "The Mayor's Bar" will not serve Sam Adams Beer on Super Bowl Sunday....
The Boston based lager is too linked to the New England Patriots for the tastes of many NYC taverns supporting the hometown Giants.....
This will mirror our boycott of Iron City last year when the JETS played the Steelers for the AFC Championship.
Super Bowl: NYC bar bans Sam Adams for game - Sports Blog - CBS News

Greene Enters Race for GOP Nod

Kellie Greene may be a long shot for the GOP nomination for Congress, but her sentiments are shared by many. She says she is sick of the same old-same old in Congress....We all are.
She can't win as the major parties have their nominees, who are both well heeled and ready for the Battle of the Bromides in the fall.
The successful candidate in the end will embrace the best of the Tea Party sentiments...the disgust with government as it is and the spending spree that threatens us all.
Of course, when you get done promising to protect Social Security, Medicare, Fort Drum, the Seaway, food stamps, college loans, VA benefits, and border security...well heck, you are right back in the red..
So, maybe none of it matters. Sorry, I am lapsing into cynicism again. If only I could bring my self to believe that registering as an "R" or "D" would mean something.
Republican woman enters race for Congress Breaking News » Press-Republican

WDT: Owens raises $214K, has $554K on hand

On a day when the newest Congressional hopeful is asking for $44 contributions in honor of her 44th birthday, the major party candidates for Congress continue to talk about their much larger war chests. A filing from Rep. Bill Owens shows the incumbent with over a half million dollars on hand. Republican Matt Doheny has also outlined six figure fundraising in the most recent quarter.
Issues and "love of country" are all well and good....but money is still the mother's milk of politics and this race will be free spending by both parties.
Watertown Daily Times Owens raises $214K, has $554K on hand

Greene Makes the Rounds on Mullin Street Radio

Would be Congressional candidate Kellie Greene got dinged by the MSM yesterday for misspelling "Sackets Harbor" in her media advisory about today's press conference, but a look at her Facebook page shows she seems to be a Tea Party type candidate and did take the time to travel to Albany to attend a Conservative Party dinner.
The 44 year old Oswego County native reveals her plans this evening at a press conference in Watertown, and would oppose Matt Doheny in the June 26 Congressional primary.
However, its still not as easy as just saying you are running. A candidate must obtain 1250 GOP signatures on nominating petitions in order to get access to the primary. There is also money. Both Doheny and incumbent Rep. Bill Owens have large war chests. Also, Mr. Doheny had courted GOP faithful the past two years and has the petition-gathering class on his side.
Whatever happens, the earlier primary will allow party divisions to be resolved well before the November showdown with Rep. Owens.
Ms. Greene appeared this morning on the WTNY morning show and sounded well spoken, even speaking a little Japanese to show off her background in global trade.
"I've spent some time around the World, but there's no place like home. This is home."
Ms. Greene pledged to stand up for Constitutional principles and described herself as a social and fiscal conservative Republican.
Most recently she lived in Arizona and recently moved to Sackets Harbor.
(21) Kellie Greene

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romney claims return to inevitability in Florida primary win

Mitt and the media agree...He is the frontrunner and his primary win in Florida makes him the likely GOP nominee once again.
Mitt Romney claims return to inevitability in Florida primary win - Reid J. Epstein -

Comets Whip Warriors

      I ventured out of town this evening to watch a high school hoop match between ladies from Carthage and Indian River....The Comets easily beat the Warriors in front of a crowd that included former Judge Lee Clary and other luminaries from Carthage.
    It was a good time, but my presence should not be taken as a desire to run for office outside the City.

Green Gadfly Said to Plan Run for Congress

One of the quirky figures in politics who often claims he will run says he is seeking to run as the Green Party candidate for Congress in NNY. Donald Hassig...if he is able to get on the ballot....could be a blessing for the GOP as conventional wisdom says left leaning Greens might otherwise vote Democratic....
I don't entirely buy that brand of wisdom, as a quirky fringe candidate often just attracts protest votes not linked to an ideology. Nonetheless, it's a certainty that the Matt Doheny campaign would welcome a Hassig candidacy.
Meanwhile everyone is going to have to get used to the new June 26 primary date which will mean petitions being gathered as early as March. Brrrrrrr!
Hassig plans Green Party run - News, Sports, Jobs, Saranac Lake region — Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Pageants and Politics Mingle at City Hall Today

    Fresh off her second runner up performance at the Miss America Pageant, Miss NY Kaitlyn Monte of Rochester visited City Hall today.
    While the media spurned the photo op (too pedestrian for the serious in the craft) we snapped a few photos as I presented Ms. Monte with a City Coin and First Citizen Proclamation.
      Miss NY was crowned last summer on Staten Island. The state pageant used to be held in Watertown.
     Congressional candidate (and Flower Library Board member)  Matt Doheny stopped by to greet Miss NY as well.
     Mr. Doheny is seeking the GOP nod and tomorrow he gets a challenger as Sackets Harbor resident Kellie Greene announces her bid. 
     The Congressional primary is June 26.

7-Eleven Focused on Renovating WNY Locations First

Slurpees and Big Bites may be coming our way but not for a while after 7-11 bought 188 Wilson Farms and Sugarcreek convenience stores across upstate. Ones in western New York will be converted first.
Thank Heaven for Seven-Eleven.
7-Eleven Focused on Renovating WNY Locations First

Fired Syracuse coach’s wife slept with players, court papers say - NY Daily News

Down the road at SU, the Bernie Fine story has erupted again and if true the latest allegations will be hard for college brass to deny knowledge of.
Alleged sexual relations between Coach Fine's wife and basketball players was hinted at when molestation allegations against Fine forced his firing early in the season,
Since then the team has prospered and is ranked number two in the nation.
If Mrs. Fine was servicing the players and it was common knowledge, that would be easy for the media to confirm as there are so many past and present players they can talk to. Don't look for Syracuse area media to hop on that one as they have been cheerleaders for the SU sports for so long, there is little objectivity.
Fired Syracuse coach’s wife slept with players, court papers say - NY Daily News

Monday, January 30, 2012

What to do with Five Women

   I am sitting here at Pete's listening to the problems of the guy next to me....He is a recent 32 year old divorcee who says he is fending off five women who want him....
   They are aged 26 to 51.
    Obviously the latter is a "cougar".  He describes her as a "recovering Mormon."
   He says he is going through a "post divorce thing" and learning to "date properly without it immediately going to sex but not avoiding it either." (That's what used to be called being single)
   These are weighty issues and surely eclipse my dilemmas which revolve mostly around the issue of who runs city government past May 1.

WDT: Silver intros minimum wage bill

Another defacto tax hike is on the minds of Assembly Democrats...They want to raise the minimum wage to $8.50 and hour from the current $7.25 ....Then they want to link the wage to the CPI, so it will go up every year.
This is very anti-small business...and its patronizing to the "little people" as the inequities are on the high end of the wage scale. There is a cost to this legislation.
But if you are one of those who doesn't think it costs anything, let's raise it to $20 an hour.
It wouldn't surprise me if this passed both houses, and in the end the Governor won't want to be seen as anti labor.
Watertown Daily Times Silver intros minimum wage bill

Fulton Gets a Wallop..A Late Reminder of Winter in the Snow Belt

   The mild Winter of '11-'12 finally gave way to a good old fashioned lake effect dump on the Oswego County City of Fulton...
    Nearly three feet came down while others east of Lake Ontario only had a few inches.
    Another thaw is slated to begin on Tuesday with temps in the 40s by Wednesday.

Miss NY Comes to City Hall

The current Miss New York and recent second runner up in Miss America comes to City Hall tomorrow morning.
Kaitlyn Monte of Rochester will visit my office in a visit set up by local pageant activist Nancy Kall.
Ms. Monte will be presented a First Citizen Award and a City Coin.
Kaitlin Monte

Paladino To Support Primaries Against Senate GOP

Carl Paladino is one of those well to do political gadflies who flits in and out of political consciousness promising challenges that may or may not happen. It's like Tom Golisano, the less erratic but even more wealthy Western New Yorker and his dalliances with reforming Albany.
Paladino showed up at a Conservative Party function this weekend and pledged primary challenges to key GOP Senators. Paladino thinks the GOP under leader Dean Skelos has been too accommodating to Democrats...
Well, don't they have to be ? In order to get favorably drawn districts and a 63rd Senator, you have to give up a pound or two of flesh. One only hopes the compromising achieves a modicum of balance against a Democratic Senate Minority so insulated from defeat they can pursue any policy they want.
Mr. Paladino's high mark in politics was the night he beat Rick Lazio for the nomination. His erratic behavior has been a disappointment and let down to conservatives.
Paladino To Support Primaries Against Senate GOP (Video Added)

The Journal | County's Schools In Fiscal Crisis

Who to believe ? The Governor says aid to schools is increasing in conjunction with his teacher evaluation program, yet back here in the heartland, those who run schools use words like "fiscal crisis" as they ready for the spring lobbying ritual in Albany.
I will be respective to all and reserve judgement, but it does seem to me the superintendents...the 700+ of them who for the most part are paid more than the Governor....those superintendents need to tell us what as managers they would like to see changed to achieve efficiencies and thus contain costs.
The primary job of managers is to deliver the product and contain costs. If the only way to deliver the product is to inject more dollars, then fine. Say so and raise property taxes. Every school district and every municipality has always had the right to do that.
School administrators hide behind state aid the way cities and towns hide behind sales tax.
The Journal County's Schools In Fiscal Crisis

Sunday, January 29, 2012

NYC can’t fire this $100,049-a-year teacher pulled from the classroom 11 years ago -

Alan Rosenfeld is a 66 year old NYC typing teacher who has been banished from the classroom for over a decade due to being deemed a danger to students is still collecting a $100K salary...and health benefits...all while accruing a nice pension nest egg...Rosenfeld also has a $10 million real estate portfolio and is able to work on managing that while he sits in an indefinie reassignment in a School System "rubber room."
It's all about tenure.
NYC can’t fire this $100,049-a-year teacher pulled from the classroom 11 years ago -

Gouverneur Man Attends Swanky NYC Wedding

A Sunday wedding in Manahattan for Assemblyman Danny O'Donnell attracted the state's top politicians and even a political gadfly from Gouverneur who called me from NYC to tell me what a big deal affair it was. Mr. O'Donnell is the brother of entertainer Rosie O'Donnell. The Assemblyman married his longtime partner which was made possible by last year's passage of the same sex marriage law.
The Daily Politics New York Daily News

Watertown, NY - Garland City

A reader asked if Watertown has a secondary moniker like Ogdensburg has the "Maple City." We do, but its seldom used anymore...Remember the "Garland City" ?
The expression has faded, but I remember a Garland City Auto Parts store and maybe you all have references as well.
Actually, I am probably the only semi-media type to still use Maple City as an alternative reference to Ogdensburg.  In my news world, it's like "Pope" and "Pontiff". You alternate usage so the prose isn't as dull.
Watertown, NY - Official Website - Garland City

Nelson Takes Over NYCOM Helm

      Congrats are in order to Mayor Bill Nelson of Ogdensburg for his ascension to the top spot at the New York Conference of Mayors (NYCOM). This is the primary lobbying and support group for the state's cities and villages.
       Mayor Nelson takes over as President after years of activism in the group.
       I was chatting with Bill the other day as we have a common challenge to address, and I hope the network NYCOM has can be a help to both of us.
       Despite all the sniping Hizzoner takes in the Maple City, his role at NYCOM is a big deal and he deserves a pat on the back.

Time Warp Changes Hands

    Congratulations to long time tavern owner Danny Deegan of Time Warp fame on his retirement from selling the Devil's Brew. A change of ownership party was held last night at the State Street tavern.
     It's a nice place and I know Danny had wanted to move on. For years local entertainment has found a stage there as one of only a few spots to offer live talent.
    One longtime patron posted on Facebook, "Danny has provided a fun and safe place for us to hang for thirty years. He will be missed."

WDT: Upstate Senate Districts Drawn to Maximize GOP Prospects

It's always good to see a new generation of political reporters and operatives come to the understanding of how the GOP maintains control of the Senate in the state where Democrats control everything else.
Through the dark art of residistricting, GOP leaning districts each have the minimum allowable number of people in them, thus allowing more districts upstate and few districts in NYC. This subtle shading has gone on for years as the state guidelines allow a district to be plus or minus by 5% the required population. The premise of representation is equal districts...Thus "one man, one vote."
Another subtle way to keep the majority was getting Democrats to allow an extra seat be added to the Senate just as was done ten years ago. That was done this year as part of a tradeoff for GOP support for the June 26 primary date wanted by Speaker Silver.
And you thought the people just go out and vote for representation. It's all laid out ahead of time in a way to get the desired result.
So when you read that the North Country is over represented, that's technically true , but its not done out of benevolence towards us.
Oh, the Assembly districts are drawn the same way only the goal is preserve the Democratic majority. It's hard to remember now, but back in the 70s the GOP actually controlled the Assembly, something unthinkable today.
PS- I am told these boundaries are a lock as they are part of the deal on 63 seats and the new primary date. So don't bother going to the public hearings.
Watertown Daily Times With smaller districts, voters for Senate in NNY have more sway

Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich

It seems like a lifetime ago that Herman Cain was flying high as the leading candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination. After his quick fall, Mr. Cain didn't endorse until last night when in a surprise move he appeared with New Gingrich to offer this support.
This does help set up the primary as estabishment GOP vs Tea Party activism, but I cannot think a Cain endorsement means too much.
Mitt Romney seems on track to win the Sunshine State on Tuesday and then the MSM can resume its drumbeat about the inevitability of Mitt.
Herman Cain Endorses Newt Gingrich - Rebecca Kaplan and Lindsey Boerma -