Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ball Sails High and Far in Today's NFL

In today's Saints-49er's thriller the modern game of football was on display...The teams combined for 64 of 105 in passing for 700 yards....Thirty six rushing plays netted 170 yards...
So much for three yards and a cloud of dust.
As I write this the Tebow miracles have come to an Tom Brady heaved five TD passes in the first half.
That game is over, but on a cold January night there is little else to do but watch the rest of it.
New Orleans Saints vs. San Francisco 49ers - Recap - January 14, 2012 - ESPN

Bigger Not Always Better

You think you're pretty safe on a large cruise the 4200 passenger Costa Concordia....Up to 73 are feared dead after the vessel ran aground and listed so far passengers were falling in scenes like in the Poseidan Adventure.....The captain has been arrested.
Costa Concordia accident: Pictures of cruise ship sinking off coast of Italy 'in Titanic-like scene' Mail Online

WDT: Watertown prepares for Factory Street reconstruction

Another key infrastructure project inches towards construction in 2013....The Factory Street project will rebuild a key corridor, but there will be disruptions and city staff is trying to mitigate those issues in much the same way was done on Public Square.
Lives and buisnesses must go on and Factory Street is a busy place.
Planning is now underway to work with property owners and businesses on keeping things a smooth as possible during the busy time.
Watertown Daily Times Watertown prepares for Factory Street reconstruction

Newzjunky: Dog Ban Ordinance Will Likely Pass Tuesday

The proposed dog ordinance advaced in the wake of a mauling of a two year old at the Farmers Market and other incidents will likely pass City Council muster on Tuesday, despite opposition that its an overreach by government and an intrusions into the rights of canine owners.
The measure is in final draft form and has been spearheaded by Councilwoman Roxanne Burns.
In some ways the debate parallels that of a noise ordinance last year although those voting against that measure are for this one and vice versa.
Mayor Graham: Dog Ban Ordinance Will Likely Pass Tuesday

Washington Post Puts Doheny on Its Radar

While he may face token opposition for his party's nomination, the Washington Post thinks GOP Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny is a person to watch. The Post featured Mr. Doheny recently in a profile as someone to watch on the national scene.
What I think will be interesting to watch is the parallel with likely Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on the matter of previous occupation. Both men were involved in investment banking, venture capital and retooling failing companies. Along with that goes the populist criticism now being leveled at Mr. Romney and the phrase used by Governor Rick Perry..."vulture capitalist."
Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Doheny have worked in a career field not easily explained or understood, although even the most liberal will admit creating capital for investment is key to economic success and jobs.
Both men will face campaigns attempting to villify their Wall Street acumen. Since not all companies succeed, you can expect a focus on the ones that didn't and commercials showing those displaced.
There is nothing inherently evil about capitalism and many in the GOP spurn the current criticisms of Romney. However in the broader audience this fall, it is certain both parties will attempt to educate voters on economics and capitalism.
Matt Doheny - The Washington Post

Fascinated by Tim Tebow, More Fascinated by a Brady Loss

With record ratings predicted, Tim Tebow takes to the field in Foxborough Saturday night in the battle of Biblical Proportions the media has coined. Tom Brady vs Tim Tebow....
Young versus old....the suave sex symbol versus the self proclaimed virgin....secular versus faith....haphazard running and passing versus laser-like precision....All the comparisons the media can make in taking this pairing of an also ran team with a potential Super Bowl participant.
By most accounts it should be one of those 42-10 Brady blow outs....
Doesn't bother me, as I will root against Brady even if his opponent is Satan....The fact that Tebow is virtuous speaks well for him, but that's not the reason I am rooting for him.
Fascinated by Tim Tebow on More Than Sundays - Dan Barry -

Friday, January 13, 2012

Getting Used to Winter Again

   Today I got very good service from Cheney Tire...My snowblower wouldn't start and despite the busy day they came right over...Then after they left I was blowing away and noticed I had a flat tire...They came back and fixed it too.
   That's why I deal locally.
    As for the was the first of the year and certainly overdue. Too bad it will ruin a Friday night as we in this business depend on weekend trade. Maybe some folks will come out later if it lets up.
    Then the cold comes in...But that's easy to deal with.
     My street is clear, so no problem getting here.
     It still takes some getting used to...this thing we call Winter.

Bill Would Let Fido Keep His Bark and Travails of Winter on Pearl Street

OMG, who would do that to a dog or cat ?....There is a breed of dog called the Basinji which is barkless...but surgically removing vocal cords...That's brutal....
Both houses in Albany have passed a law forbidding the practice. Wonder if the Governor signs it...
Other than reading about this bill, today has been a day of watching people struggle on the hill in front of Fort Pearl....A tractor trailer is stuck now and its a Nightmare on Pearl Street.   But they did assign my favorite YNN weather person to work the storm today, so that's a good thing.
Bill Would Let Fido Keep His Bark

Someone New to Hang Out at Pete's ? AZ Woman Moves to NNY to Get Involved in Politics

      A 43 year old Sackets Harbor woman who registered to vote in Jefferson County only last month,  spoke to a Tea Party group this week and said she is considering a run for the GOP nomination for Congress in the 23rd CD.
      Kellie Greene just moved back to NNY from Arizona where she worked for a logistics and supply company in the Phoenix area. She claims to know Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
      Ms Greene lives in Sackets Harbor where she registered to vote on December 23 as a Republican.
      While she reportedly has registered witht he FEC, she faces a long haul against likely GOP nominee Matt Doheny who has invested considerable time, effort and money into making a second run at Rep. Bill Owens. Doheny lost by a whisker in 2010.
      I don't normally write about people who just say they are running but since she has taken steps in that direction, she gets a shout out here.
     To further acquaint herself with local politics, I would suggest some face time at Pete's Restaurant and a visit to Fort Pearl, where I am working tonight due to the storm.
      An observer of her appearance this week told me she is reasonably conversant in issues but seems to watch a lot of FOX News.
       Hey, that could be any of us.
UPDATE-Ms. Greene is a Red Sox fan, casting serious doubt on her electability in the North Country.

Storm of the Season So Far Wakes up Watertown

      For really the first time in the 2011-12 Winter season, we are now seeing the wrath of Old Man Winter with heavy snow and gusty winds sweeping in the city this morning after two days of rain and mild temperatures.
       Its time to reacquaint ourselves with winter gear, snowblowers, plows and winter driving techniques.
For those who have gotten used to a North Country without Winter, take it easy today....And don't forget to stock up on milk and eggs.
       As I look out my City Hall window at 8:30 this AM, the Times across the street is just a faint image, but I can see they still have their Christmas wreath up, perhaps a sign of how confusing this season's weather has been.
       For the record, today's date is January 13......a Friday !

NYC Gals Dominate Trumps Contest for a Miss NY

There are 13 contestants for Miss New York USA, and all represent downstate. The Trump-owned contest is the glitzy competitor to the Miss America pageant which has traditionally had contests upstate.
From Miss Roosevelt Island to Miss Concrete Jungle the competitors are from the boroughs, with even a Miss Flushing in the hunt. Somehow that doesn't sound all that glamorous.
Charles Barron

Jefferson County sales tax numbers over expectations - YNN, Your News Now

The reason the tax cap (whatever it really is) does not directly affect local governments in the short run is the continued strong performance in sales tax, which under a 2004 agreement continues to be split with Jefferson County's towns, villages and the City of Watertown.
That should continue in 2012 with Canadian shoppers and returning Fort Drum troops spending.
All of that is effectively masking the sorry situation with the NYS retirement system which is bleeding local governments, with no prospect for reform in sight.
Local governments can live within the property tax cap as long as the sales tax boom continues. It will level off or drop at some point.
Jefferson County sales tax numbers over expectations - YNN, Your News Now

WDT: SLU Prof Calls 63rd Seat a Gimmick

Of course its a gimmick to hold on to power, Dr. Wells.....We pointed that out some time ago. However, isn't it desirable to have a split legislature with the GOP at least barely in charge of one house ? Look at the mess when the thugocracy controlled the Senate a couple of years ago.
New York is a Democratic state and the centrist GOP Senate at least provides a little check and balance. It also buttresses Governor Cuomo's efforts at reform.
The use of the nuances of redistricting is nothing new, but adding the 63rd seat is no different than the Democrats using prison inmates to enhance their prospects.
Draw a map and let's get started with the 2012 campaign. We will be reelecting Patty Ritchie from our district, whatever the boundaries are. I would hope she is in the majority come 2013.
And I am not saying that as a GOP loyalist....Just a pragmatist. (After all I count the noted socialist Ted Fort as a friend.)
Watertown Daily Times New seat is a gimmick to hold on to power

Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Niagara Still Silent on Fate of NNY HSBC Branches

If you are an HSBC customer there is no immediately forthcoming bit of information about the future of the bank.
First Niagara was supposed to be taking over the upstate branches....but has hinted it didn't want the NNY branches. That makes you feel special.
Niagara needs to resolve the fate of the branches before their viability is further degraded by poaching from other banks.
 At issue are branches not just in Watertown, but also small towns like Evans Mills, Carthage and Alexandria Bay.
KeyBank buying 26 area HSBC branches from First Niagara - Business - The Buffalo News

Woolworth Stall Frustrates Advantage Watertown Committee

    There was frustration this AM at a meeting of Advantage Watertown over the stalled Woolworth Building project.
    Advantage Watertown is the ad hoc group that advises City Council on development issues in the City. At a goal setting session this morning, the Woolworth Building delays surfaced as a two year old state grant has not been used because other financing has fallen through.
     The prospect of recommending giving the grant back to NYS was openly discussed.

Could Tim Tebow be Katy Perry's new 'catch'? Singer's parents 'want to set her up with NFL quarterback' | Mail Online

The parents of sexy pop star Katy Perry are both ministers who admire the deeply religious Denver quarterback. Tim Tebow....And even though the ink is barely dry on their daughters divorce, Katy's parents want to hook their daughter up with Tebow....
All of this is just gossip, but does provide the opportunity to run a photo of Katy and hopefully increase readership.
Could Tim Tebow be Katy Perry's new 'catch'? Singer's parents 'want to set her up with NFL quarterback' Mail Online

YNN: Mayor Election is OK

The election of a man with felony convictions may surprise people, but such things are not a disqualifier for running for office....Nor should they be...Whatever happened to redemption ? Apparently some have questioned why Chris Miller was "allowed" to run for mayor of Gouverneur.
Voters judge candidates and in their own ways decide if such things as criminal records are relevant. It's not different than judging experience, marital status, family values, occupation, military service, religion (or lack of),sexual preference, or any of a long list of things people may use as their own criteria. Some people decide based on gender or race. Some attempt to judge based on platform or ideas.
Routinely, things like divorces, DWI's, bankruptcies, judgements and the life are deemed not relevant by the media and by extension the voters. That may be what happened in Gouverneur, as I am sure Miller's past was known. In fact, it was the support of the local police department that was said to be a factor in his win.
So Mayor Chris Miller is the people's choice and he gets to be mayor of the village with the giant roll of LifeSavers in its downtown.
Gouverneur Mayor's election justified by law - YNN, Your News Now

Journal: Progress Hinted in Getting Rid of Art

The lawyers were on the clock last night in the Maple City as it sounds a settlement is in the works on getting rid of suspended City Manager Art Sciorra. At least that's what I got reading between the lines in this story. You could say the lawyers were like flies gathering on an overripe watermelon, but I prefer the line about "flies on a rib roast", which was used in National Lampoon's 1983 movie "Vacation."
The issue was left unresolved after a public hearing and another executive session. Ogdensburg's most august deliberative body will meet again next Tuesday to further discuss the matter.
Watertown Daily Times Ogdensburg council defers action on city manager’s firing

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg nixes proposal to cut number of bars & liquor stores -

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has backed off a whacky plan to incrementally impose prohibition in a bid to curb abuse of alcohol....The scheme was being floated through the city health department.
Now Hizzoner has backed off his latest nanny state plan....
Mayor Bloomberg nixes proposal to cut number of bars & liquor stores -

WDT: Tax Exemption Without Representation Plan Nixed

An apparently controversial plan for tax abatement without the permission of duly elected local officials has been scrapped by the Jefferson County Industrial Development Agency....
In a hasty retreat, the Agency dropped plans to force abatements on local governments balking at longer and longer PILOT deals....At issue is housing aimed at easing a current housing shortage.
This is a fascinating development as there was heavy pressure from developers and the MSM as the housing is seen as a key to the continued growth at Fort Drum.
The theory had been local electeds lacked the political and fiscal saavy to deal with the increasingly complex and in some eyes, controversial abatements.
Watertown Daily Times IDA drops tax break plan opposed by elected leaders

Day in the Life: Wednesday

     - Congressional hopeful Matt Doheny must be reaching out to the Chris Christie wing of the Republican Party...Matt is holding a series of "doughnuts with Doheny" town hall meetings...
      -I was chatting with Councilwoman Burns today about her meeting yesterday with the Library Board.  Sounds like it was a spirited meeting.
     -Part-time City Judge Palermo got her robe today and says it fits fine. A ceremonial swearing in for her is slated for January 21 at City Hall. She actually started as an OCA employee last week and will be hearing cases soon.
      -I have always thought I worked pretty hard as Mayor, but some new rules say you have to keep a three month log of everything you do. Over-reaction to some abuses I am sure, but I had some extra large calendar pages printed off today so I could write it all down. Do I have to log any time looking out the window ?

Newt goes there: Reminds voters Mitt put family dog on roof of car | The Daily Caller

Revenge is fun...For Newt Gingrich especially as he has ads out making fun of famous Mitt Romney gaffes including placing a dog in a carrier on the top of his car while on a family vacation.
Mitt is definately getting his turn in the barrel and a reprise of the dog story may not endear him to many dog owners who might view the behavior as odd.
Newt goes there: Reminds voters Mitt put family dog on roof of car The Daily Caller

And the Sign Says......

    In a report I was reading this afternoon, I noticed an interesting dilemma arising out of the construction of new housing projects dating back to the 801s back in the 1980s.
    Developers are just naming private streets within these projects after whomever they have a fancy for including grandchildren.  A project up on Ives Street was named Elmore Lane.
    Meanwhile since these are not official streets it poses problems for fire and police calls.
    There are also instances when new commercial developments like on Arsenal Street all have the same address and its hard to identify where they are in a pinch.
    The matter is being discussed, but it may be necessary to provide a structure for naming so called private streets.
     Remember Dividend Drive.......Member F-D-Eye...-C

WDT: Lack of snow idles NNY snowplows

Usually life grants you a break but finds another way to spend your money....Even so, the lessening of the seasonal burden of snow removal is a relief for not just municipalities, but also small business and individuals.
It's nice not running up a plowing bill or having to get up early to go out and snowblow. It's always grates at me, putting all that effort into moving a substance into piles and then paying to move the piles if they get too high, even though in a matter of days or weeks it will all melt anyway.
Put me on record as liking the mild winter and I hope it continues.
Watertown Daily Times Lack of snow idles NNY snowplows

New York City plans to curb alcohol sales, bars -

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is committed to curbing the Devil's Brew in the Big Apple....His radical plans for social engineering now include limiting public exposure to alcoholic products by limiting the number of outlets like stores and bars.
The Mayor's Health Department is drawing up plans to limit points of sale and limit marketing similar to what has been done with cigarettes.
Mayor Bloomberg also continues his battle against soft drinks.
New York City plans to curb alcohol sales, bars -

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Romney Handily Wins New Hampshire

No surprises in New Hampshire....Mitt Romney has won the GOP Presidential Primary by about ten points over Ron Paul...Jon Huntsman is third another eight points back.
Now it's on to South Carolina for a multi million showdown in a conservative, Southern state...A Romney win in the Palmetto State will leave him the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination.
Romney Handily Wins New Hampshire - National Journal Staff -

One in six adults is a binge drinker -

There are 38 million binge drinkers and according to the definition offered, I am not one of them...
Eight drinks on one occasion, four times a month gets you in the club. I do have something to drink pretty much every day, as long as I don't have a cold or the flu.
I get tired of the righteous trying to define people as sinners in need of their services...Some people drink too much...always been true...just don't drive, or throw a wine bottle at your dog and you are OK.
One in six adults is a binge drinker -

Teen Accused of Using Bogus $100 Bill to Pay for Pizza Order

For the second time in a week, a business is stiffed with a fake hundred dollar bill.....I's only 'the Man' and big business can afford to eat the C-note. I get people all the time telling me how rich I am, while they nurse a draft and complain about the price.
People who pass fake money are on a par with tire slashers. They victimize the little guy.
Teen Accused of Using Bogus $100 Bill to Pay for Pizza Order

Barclay Introduces Legislation to Ban Sale of ‘Synthetic Cannabinoids’

You can fish on the Salmon River (for a price) but don't be smoking any fake doobies....Assemblyman Will Barclay of Pulaski wants to ban synthetic cannabinoids...which is incense that imitates real drugs...
I think weed tends to undermine people's work ethic and creates a lazy shiftless society....But a lot of people smoke it and the prohibition on it is silly.
If people are seeking escapism through drugs, why not find out what they want to escape ?
One day you outlaw faux weed...and before you know it, its illegal to take your dog to the Farmer's Market.
Barclay Introduces Legislation to Ban Sale of ‘Synthetic Cannabinoids’

Restaurants, bars add dish to game-night menu - Television - The Buffalo News

Hockey fans and others who watched the MSG Network are busy installing dishes after Time Warner dropped the service. I had a tenant who dropped cable in favor of the Dish Network.
The other thing that's annoying is Thursday Night Football which is on the NFL net and not on cable.
Restaurants, bars add dish to game-night menu - Television - The Buffalo News

Political Gadfly Placed on Gouverneur Board

        Union boss and husband of a former Assemblywoman, Ron McDougall has been named to a vacant seat on the beleaguered Gouverneur Village Board.
       Mr. McDougall replaces Carl. A. Petitto, who resigned this week angry over the new Mayor.
       McDougall attends just about every political presser and dinner held and is an insider on local politics as he controls the sought after labor endorements.
        He lives in the village with his bride, Deidre Scozzafava, who has a cushy job in the Cuomo Administration.
       Mr. McDougall is pledging to work with Mayor Chris Miller for the betterment of the village.

WDT: Our Lead is Different Than Their Lead

As a former journalist trained at one of nation's better J-schools, I always think about "news judgement"...That's the decision by reporters and editors what is important...And this can result in different versions of the same event in competing media.
Take last night's Council meeting. The WDT chose to emphasize the hour long debate over reorganizing the Water Department. It's a real and tangible change in the structure of local government and certainly newsworthy.
Meanwhile, competing Newzjunky made the presentation over the "tax cap" its lead. In that presentation, the Comptroller outlined that the much talked about two percent property tax cap is riddled with exemptions that could allow much larger increases. In the case of a well publicized local government like the City, any hike gets attention, but the higher allowed increases could go unnoticed by taxpayers in the thousands of tiny jurisdictions no one pays attention to.
Both stories are real and interesting. I honestly cannot say which one is right to lead with....That's why I read both stories.
I didn't see what TV led with...I saw them there...Maybe they thought the dog ordinance would be voted on.
Watertown Daily Times City council delays decision on changes in Watertown’s Water Department

WDT: NNY Political Hobbyists "Vacation" in NH

Politics does strange things to middle aged guys...It causes them to leave home for seemingly no reason and travel long distances just to hang out with others in the political class. Like some hard to explain animal migration or mating ritual. In this case its not procreation that's in's politics. That is why longtime Democratic activists Mike Schell and Canton's Brad Mintener were spotted sitting in a Manchester restaurant with MSNBC cameras there.
Both men are Democrats and there really is no serious contest in their party as Barack Obama will easily win the primary....It's the GOP contest and it sounds to be me Mike and Bruce just couldn't stay away...
While most men their age would cherish time golfing in Florida....Maybe they will when the Sunshine State holds its primary in a couple of weeks.
Watertown Daily Times North country men are in N.H. for primary

Herrings Man Accused of Breaking Wine Glass Over Dog During Domestic Dispute

This is why you should put the dog in another room when you are going to have a domestic dispute.
Herrings Man Accused of Breaking Wine Glass Over Dog During Domestic Dispute

Carl Paladino on Cuomo: ‘He Didn’t Solve Shit’ | PolitickerNY

Carl Paladino is Harry Truman on steroids....And fun to listen to.
The GOP gubernatorial nominee in 2010 got beat soundly by Andrew Cuomo, but that doesn't stop Mr. Paladino from speaking his mind....He speaks it about what he sees as the phony claims by the Governor and the sellout by the GOP leadership in the Senate.
Crazy Carl may never win, but he makes it interesting....And since the GOP has no candidates for statewide office, he is the next best thing.
Carl Paladino on Cuomo: ‘He Didn’t Solve Shit’ PolitickerNY

Monday, January 9, 2012

When is 2%, actually 6.16% ? When You are in NY !

     City Council heard the nuances of the property tax cap and with the exemptions offered in the computation of the City's 2% cap... the City really can increase the tax levy 6.16% without passing a politically unpopular override.
    There are various factors including escalating pension contributions that are factored in to the cap. When you do all the ciphering, the City's levy can rise three times the advertised amount and still be within the statutory cap.
    What a great state !

State Street Business Hit Hard By Vandals

Few things are more senseless than vandalism...and it so often hits the person who can least afford addition there is nothing being accomplished...
In the case of a State Street business hit today, it's the small businessman who likely struggles with building inventory and heating his building....
Or it can be like the car owners on East Main Street who saw their tires slit just before the holidays....I know one young married couple with a newborn and five slit tires.
Robbing a bank....hey I get it...we all could use the cash.....but just destroying stuff...sad behavior for sure.
State Street Business Hit Hard By Vandals WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for Watertown, NY Local News

Monday Musings

       At City Hall today, I ran into Judge Palermo who says the staff at City Court has been very welcoming and she looks forward to hearing her first cases soon.  They had to order her a new robe as the off the rack offerings from past judges were a little large.
         A ceremonial swearing in will be held later in January.
          On the HOTLINE today, we talked about the photo on Newzjunky of a man who shoplifted liquor from JRs Discount Liquor in Seaway Plaza. I hear mid afternoon he was in custody.
         Getting your picture on line is a hazard for today's criminals, and it makes it harder to go through your everyday activities without someone noticing.
         The weather forecasts continue to be rosy as we near the statistical nadir of Winter which is around the third week of January.   The money I have saved on plowing can go for those unexpected furnace repairs....You always pay...that's one of life's rules.

The Journal | New Mayor Causes Gouverneur Shakeup

Sounds to me like a shakeup was needed in Gouverneur and that's why the people elected an out of the box mayor. A Village trustee has quit only days into his new term because he says the workload is too great....Can't imagine that's the case.
Mayor Miller needs the support of interested people, not a take your toys and go home attitude.
The Journal New Mayor Causes Gouverneur Shakeup

Three Items on Council Agenda for Tonight's Work Session

    City Council tonight at its monthly work session will chat about the tax cap and what effect it will have on local budgets.
    Lawmakers will also discuss a proposed elimination of the Water Department in favor of combining supervision of water, sewer and the hydro plant under a utility director. Also on the agenda is a proposed revision to the management benefit plan to increase employee contribution to health premiums to 25% for new hires.

Paladino Stumping for Gingrich

Crazy Carl is trying to boost the flagging Presidential campaign of Newt Gingrich. 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who was "mad as Hell" but lost by a mile to Andrew Cuomo, is in Manchester, NH working in the Gingrich campaign office.
Carl P. Paladino, Ever Unpredictable, Stumps for Gingrich -

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tebow Pulls Rabbit out of Hat...Broncos Win in OT

    A stunning 80 yard pass play on the first play of overtime gave miracle-prone quarterback Tim Tebow and his Denver Broncos a dramatic and shocking win over the Pittsburgh Steelers...The score, 29-23.
     I could hear the groans a block away.

Is Shootie Praying for the Steelers ?

Many a North Country football fan will be glued to the television at 1pm for the Giants/Falcons game....But in that remote enclave for Pittsburgh Steelers fans...called Shooties Tavern on Pearl Street....the emphasis is on the late game pitting the Terrible Towels against Tim Tebow's tent revival called the Denver Broncos.
I am bitter over my team washing out in the regular season. I will watch from down the block to see if my old friend and Class of '85 bar owner Steve Romig has an epiphany watching the faith-based Tebow take on Big Ben.
Chances are the Steelers win....but if not, will we on Pearl Street be learning a lesson on the wages of sin ?
NFL Playoff Schedule For Sunday: Broncos-Steelers, Giants-Falcons On Tap -

Romney cruises through live GOP debate as candidates fail to topple frontrunner | Mail Online

Observers say last night's GOP debate on ABC did nothing to derail Mitt Romney's march towards the Republican Presidential nomination. With an expected primary win in NH on Tuesday, Mr. Romney will begin looking at SC on January 21 where its thought he could deal a knockout blow to competitors, who last night got testy with each other but did little to lay a glove on Mitt.
Rick Perry said he would put troops back in Iraq....Now there's a platform a war weary nation wants to hear. Why is Rick Perry still there ? Shouldn't he have taken the graceful way out like Rep. Michelle Bachmann did ?
Romney cruises through live GOP debate as candidates fail to topple frontrunner Mail Online

WDT: Tax Debates Continue

It's an interesting point raised by County Legislator Michael Docteur. Should the unelecteds be able to override the electeds on issues of taxation, and more specifically in imposing PILOT deals ?
Mr. Docteur argued a proposed policy to allow overrides for so called enhanced PILOTS essentially bypasses the will of the people as expressed through elected leaders.
Of course the argument in favor of overrides is that electeds are so parochial and in some cases not that saavy on matters of development, thus they cannot be trusted with sole authority over such matters.
Some wonder why taxes are such a contentious issue...It's because the ability to confiscate individual wealth through taxation is one of government's most sweeping powers and people have for all time debated the matter.
Watertown Daily Times JCIDA narrowly authorizes distribution of new tax-exempt policy that would allow overrides

Five Guys Opens

      Tonight on Facebook I saw a photo of the fare offered at the new Five Guys hamburger joint on Arsenal Street.....
       I first learned of its opening from a HOTLINE i see the story on Facebook.    Are we less and less in need of conventional news coverage to make us aware of the things we might find interesting ?