Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Young Lady Who Aided in Boogie Board Recovery Still on the Job at Brewery

   On the way back from North Carolina today I made a couple tourist stops...One at the Hershey Chocolate visitor center and gift shop...That's quite a complex although at this time of year not that crowded.
   I raided the gift shop which had lots of ways to package chocolate.
   Then I went to Pottsville and stopped at the Yuengling Brewery. I had stopped there in 2010 when I bought the famous boogie board that was stolen and recovered with the help of Newzjunky.
    The reason I was able to recover it was I had a photo of the young lady sales clerk at the brewery who had helped carry stuff to my car. She was holding the sign and was the only image I had to put heat on the thief.

    The same young lady was there today and I told her about the incident and her role in it. She was helpful today as well.....
     It's unusual to see service people offering to go the extra mile and this woman does the brewery proud.
     It's a nice trip to Pottsville, an old city in the mountains of central Pennsylvania. The hilly streets and frozen in time 50's ambiance of the city is amazing.....

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