Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With Amedore Up 37 Votes, Judge Certifies In SD-46

    Its off to court in the one remaining State Senate race deemed to close to call. A judge certified the results today giving the GOP candidate a 37 vote win. However, the result hinged on hundreds of paper ballots thrown out and Democrats are pledging a fight in court.
      May the candidate with the best lawyers win.
With Amedore Up 37 Votes, Judge Certifies In SD-46


Anonymous said...

Usually the Dems WANT votes thrown out. But that's usually when it involves military votes.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Is it just me?

Or is Gov. Cuomo seriously misjudging the importance of making sure every vote that should be counted ‘is counted in the race for the District 46th Senate Seat? In any case Democrats will be appealing acting Supreme Court Justice Guy Tomlinson’s ruling, and many think Cecilia Tkaczyk will still defeat Guy Tomlinson. It may take months to sort it out, but many insiders feel Tkaczyk will still win the seat, following the appeals process to have outstanding votes counted, which will likely favor her. Gov. Cuomo seems totally unconcerned that a State Senate seat might be decided by votes not being counted that should be counted in a fair election. Instead of speaking to that issue, Gov. Cuomo states in a Talk 1300 interview: “If Amedore wins, then the whole IDC thing would be irrelevant,”

The Gov. shows all NYS voters once again how little real concern he has for fair Election process. A process that needs to ensure that voter’s wishes, through the voting process are realized through fair election results in the 46th Senate District. He immediately refers us to the recent creation of a ‘Coalition’ government, which many people think epitomized Cuomo’s lack of concern for voter’s wishes. The IDC played a major part in the voters not getting the Democratic Majority in the Senate that they’d earned by voting a Majority of Democratic Senators into office. Gov. Cuomo washed his hands of that fiasco, letting the IDC drive a ‘Coalition’ agreement, by not taking an active public stand against the IDC and Coalition government in the first place. Of course its demise appears not to trouble Gov. Cuomo at all if he can get a Republican Majority which he wanted in the first place. I hope the appeals process keeps the 46 District in a position to elect the official the voters voted for this past election. I wish we had a Democratic Governor who cared as much. Gov. Cuomo clearly could care less about seeing a Democrat elected in the 46th District.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Every vote was counted. You just don't like the results, Mikey. You can't steal 'em all. Most of the big thefts, like the Sen from Minnesota, the Franken deal, have gone your way. Shut up.