Sunday, December 23, 2012

White Christmas and a Little Less Green in 2013

       It's official. We will have a White Christmas !
        All those for whom that is important will be happy and for the Grinches, it hopefully will be but a few inches and not too much extra work.
    The shopping frenzy should wrap up today and then its time to enjoy the season with friends, whether it's at home, at McDonalds or with us at the Pearl Street Pub.
    Best wishes for a white and joyous Christmas and don't let the media wags get you down with talk about the fiscal cliff.
     Just realize that no matter what happens the increase in the FICA tax will take effect and that means you will have a thousand dollars less to spend next year if you earned $50K a year. That tax is not part of current discussions.
       So that middle class tax cut they talk about is just not letting the marginal rate revert to 1990s levels and the FICA tax is being billed as stimulus that we all knew would go back up so the media will not call it a "hike".
       In 2013 , switch from Budweiser to Busch, from latte to coffee and no more Coach handbags and you'll be just fine.

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