Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WDT: Why The DC Talk on Middle Class Tax Rates is Specious

    As we follow with rapt interest the debate over middle class tax rates and increasing the top marginal rate for those rich SOB's, it's good to take note of all the little niche taxes paid by well, the middle class and the rich SOB's.
     The hotel occupancy tax is one of those things that adds to the cost of middle class families taking a vacation. Betcha never heard of it phrased that way.
     There is also sales tax on that hotel room, unless you are another government entitity, then you don't pay either.
     A franchise fee here...a surcharge there (remember the 911 tax ?). Don't forget excise taxes on everything from bourbon to tires.
      The taxes you hear talked about on the news are only a small part of the wide ranging array of levies you face....
      You middle class SOBs.Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County bed tax revenue continues to grow


Anonymous said...

I don't want to hear it.
Tax those rich SOB crooked Wall Street thieves that tanks the economy after millions of us lied on our mortgage loans!

We need the money! There are still a few pathetic impoverished tweens that don't own cell phones or if they do they have their aps blocked because their parent is suffering financially and can't even afford another tattoo. So they have to rely on some stranger rich kid to video them when they are bulling the bus monitor.

Anonymous said...

I have long said all the cutting and lowering of taxes out of DC has led to push down to the state - local governments. The result is I pay more for my house, my business and my school taxes all ending in higher effective rate rate for me and you. Here is a hard fact politically, the private sector is better at running things but it hard sell. So you keep ownership and lease the operations. Keep control it with future ownership. You get buying power of the government and less taxes and fees. Yet you reap savings. In a small town this is hard to do as the workers are your family, friends and so on...for the past 20 years the rich got richer, the poor got more benefits and we got the screwed.