Zephyr Gets Down with Dance Moves at Parade in Brooklyn

Zephyr Gets Down with Dance Moves at Parade in Brooklyn
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Looking the Part...Gubernatorial Hopeful Teachout at West Indies Parade

Looking the Part...Gubernatorial Hopeful Teachout  at West Indies Parade
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

WDT: Storage Firm Continues to Market Despite Decidely Bad Press

   As commercials continue to air on cable TV, more and more is known about Fort Drum Vehicle Storage as one of those involved with the business was arrested on a Florida warrant and because of her 580 lb weight has to be carried to the bathroom at the jail and requires 24 hour medical care at taxpayer expense.
      The WDT has outlined the back tax issues and there is even a report that the make-up artist who worked on TV spot had to seek payment in small claims court.
      There is so much going on here, yet the TV spots continue to air as if nothing is amiss and soldiers deploying to Afghanistan who don't read the media might be inclined to entrust their vehicle to this firm.
     City Council on Monday will set January 8 as the date to re-auction the firms West Main Street warehouse seized for taxes earlier this year.
Firm Gets Bad Press But Still Advertises

      Where's the NY Attorney General who recently touted how he had recovered money for soldiers from a purportedly unscrupulous lender ?  Oh, he's looking into the legality of the GOP led Senate coalition instead to see if he can get the Democrats back in charge.
Watertown Daily Times | Fort Drum Vehicle Storage official needs medical care in jail


Anonymous said...

And the commercials are shot on City Property?

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something. Have soldiers lost cars by entrusting their vehicle there?

Anonymous said...

The fact that Obama won the election proves that a lot of people don't pay any attention to the news but still watch commercials.

Anonymous said...

I was in that court room and the Judge literaly said his time was being wasted on this whole situation as it was a 10 year old check for 410 dollars that bounced in florida for a laptop computer???? This is what you are calling this woman all these horrible things for. Seems to me Mr. Mayor I remember you being in the news for some shady lottery dealings a while back??? So what is really going on here. I think this is a witch hunt. Stop wasting our time talk about something we voted you into office for, before you are voted out.What about gun control?? Safety for our children in school? All these tax breaks for out of state developers your giving??

Anonymous said...

What about gun control?? The woman shouldnt have been jailed she's no FLIGHT RISK...........LOL