Thursday, December 20, 2012

WDT: Some Legislators Want to Use Excess Bed Tax as "Walking Around Money"

       There's nothing like an untouched pile of cash accumulating to catch the attention of lawmakers and so it is with the hotel occupancy tax money yet unused by Jefferson County.
        Some county legislators want to start using it for community projects, kind of like a local version of "member items" used in Albany. I am sure the Thousand Islands Council would like more and some in the hotel industry want money spent promoting their product.
        When you agree to have a government collect taxes, you accept the premise that the elected body in charge appropriates how it is spent.
        Since all of us in the City are facing a pretty big hike in our County tax bill, lets hope our legislators will realize that continuing to expand the pool of visiting shoppers will produce the sales tax revenue that can keep property taxes in check.
         However if they use the money to fund local pet projects, I can understand that too as people expect their electeds to be able to bring home some bacon now and again.

Watertown Daily Times | Bed tax


Right Handed Left Winger said...

As one of the authors of the Bed Tax legislation over two decades ago, we went around and around about how it was to be used...and damnit we came up with a quite complete resolution. Apparently it has worked as we wished it would as I see increases each year in the amount collected and the amount returned to the local communities. The Thousand Islands International Council was birthed by Grant Mitchell and Vince Dee as the "mouth" of the Thousand Islands tourism community and it has worked well. WDT this morning made some suggestions that warrent looking at...but do not let the legislators make random grabs at the gold ring here. Keep you hands out of our pot. If it is not broken don't fix it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can buy Sampie some more gas.