Sunday, December 23, 2012

WDT: Preparing the Battlefield for 2014 ? Or a Serious Desire to Know What's Happening ?

    A county legislator is teeing up the ball for the 2014 election for Sheriff by asking for a possible outside investigator of a series of misconduct and personnel issues concerning the police agency.
    While dependent on them for appropriations, the running of the department is really not the duty of the County Legislature as the office of Sheriff is a constitutional position, elected by the public.
      It's one of the few such positions left.
       The debate over the propriety of the running of the department or the behavior of its employees will and can be the subject of the next campaign, whether or not Sheriff Burns decides to run.
       While it would be tough for an internal candidate to run due to recent events, it is still the job of voters to make the judgment.
        Names are already being talked about from both parties. A lot will depend on what the incumbent does....whether he runs...doesn't run...moves on to something else earlier...
        Republicans would like to win this one back. They hope the misconduct issues and the jail expense issue will help them. Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Like Addie's seat, the GOP could have both for the taking if they came up a guy that didn't suck.

The last guy ran on his "fort drum connections". What a douche. He should of run on cutting back to basics and getting rid of the "free" expensive toys that cost so much in labor to operate.

Anonymous said...

I still have complete confidence in Sheriff Burns. There have been problems, but I believe he has the credibility and professionalism to staighten things out. The staff at the PBS is a good one. Give him a chance to take care of things.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

I don’t read anything political into this? This is about a cover up of a Sheriff's deputy being given special treatment for a violation that others are dragged into court on every day. Allegedly a DWI. As does the WDT, I find it peculiar that the day before an article and almost 3 weeks after the event, the Sheriff goes into damage control with a BS press release.

So now we have Mr. Gray calling for an outside investigation while Burns thinks he should be reviewing an internal issue that he had previous knowledge of and most likely involvement in. Talk about the fox watching the chicken coop.

The other legislator's should look to the City of Watertown for what inaction and cover ups can bring. Let's not forget Mr. Mayor, that the City PD had similar problems several years ago with an officer getting special treatment. That special treatment led to an unspeakable crime by a city PD officer. Just think what could have been had an investigation been done before his issues escalated?? The city waited until someone was kidnapped and another almost murdered before seeking an outside review. A review showed significant issues that if acted on could have prevented the crime. Not to mention the 600,000 dollars the city paid to settle the lawsuit.

I give Mr. Gray credit for pushing for an independent investigation. I find it amazing that other legislators are not following his lead.

Anonymous said...

The COW a few years ago had an out side agency investigate the Police Dept. As far as I can remember there was always something amiss @ the Dept. this goes back to the days of Former Sheriff Chaufty, then O'Neil, Then Newberry, Maybe we hire the wrong people, or elect the wrong people, How about it being a job you apply for??

Anonymous said...

I recall when the COW had their outside investigation. the responsible adult that acted on his own to ask for one got a lot of sh$% over it. H should have gotten a medal of honor.

Sounds like the COW po-po is running great these days. But the city manager should be advised that the last excuse of "I don't micromanage" was a lame excuse for incompetents.

Anonymous said...

Doheny would be good and it would be a cheaper run for him LOL

Anonymous said...

Under the state constitution the sheriff is only required to run the jail. Sheriff's road patrols are not mandatory. The State Police are mandated to enforce the law in rural NYS

Anonymous said...

I am waiting for more lawsuits to come out of hiding. If there is smoke there is fire. So if there is shady dealings in one area I bet there is shady things going on in every area. Of course no one is going to do anything about it because it appears to be the norm around here.
I wonder if there were an internal investigation of this should there be an investigation in other parts of our local government.