Saturday, December 8, 2012

WDT: Old Newsboys Day, Like Old Newspapers Struggle in a Changing World

     The Old Newsboy fundraiser for the Salvation Army is getting tougher to hold as in todays world there is less relevance to the very concept of young men being the distribution network for a newspaper. The idea of selling papers with the proceeds going to fund Christmas relief efforts by the Army is laudable, but I wonder how many people under age 50 would think to participate in a program where they buy something they don't normally buy?
Other Communities Hold Old Newsboy Days for Charity

       Delivering papers used to be one of those things young men did to 'build character', learn business skills and earn money. It was also a source of labor for the newspaper industry. The notion of getting up in the wee hours of the morning to venture out and do hard work is a little out of date, so adults deliver them nowadays.
     Maybe someday, there will be an Old Bloggers Day, but we are likely too self absorbed to do such a thing.
      Another Salvation Army fundraiser I would think is having trouble is the kettle drive. People don't have cash on them as much and credit card accepting kettles have not his NNY yet.
Watertown Daily Times | Old Newsboys Day finds new volunteers but lags in donations


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe so many old guys have not gotten over their Stockholm syndrome. A job that pays less than minimum wage and skirts child labor laws is looked back on fondly? And that was a time before the mighty had fallen...the newspaper owned the world...through print and television. They could have afforded to pay minimum wage or sales tax on their products. But they didn't...and now they can't.

Today's children have plenty of opportunities to earn the full minimum wage or better. No longer relegated to slave labor at farms or for media moguls. They can work at the mall, Target, Walmart or an endless list of other places. And now they can buy their favorite jeans at Old Navy for a few hours wages instead of a days wages and know they are helping to feed a child in a banana republic somewhere. Meanwhile the democrats are trying to get our teenagers a raise under the guise that minimum wage is something adults work for instead of teenagers.

Right Handed Left Winger said...

Hey...I remember buying that huge wire basket for my Schwinn in order to be able to hold all the papers. Then peddelling my ass all over the little hamlet that we lived in delivering the WDT in 1953...and making enough to "upgrade" my Schwinn to a Columbia spring-fork deluxe model that came in a big semi delivered right to my door. I didn't realize that I wasn't making minimum wage...I just loved my new Columbia.