Saturday, December 8, 2012

WDT: Fort Drum undecided on punishment for soldier who flew upside-down flags to oppose Obama

   The soldier flying the flags at her home upside down to protest the reelection of President Obama is no newcomer to the Army.  SFC Melissa Coss got a speaking-to over the protest and she took the flags down at her Lewis County home.
    As an E-7, she had enough years in to have known her actions would likely subject her to some kind of command intervention. While the local Army post said it was undecided on a punishment, I suspect her prospects for making E-8 have dimmed.
     As for the Obama campaign, you'll remember they came up with their own official seal for the new President back in 2008. That's a flag Ms. Coss could have got in big trouble for desecrating.
Watertown Daily Times | Fort Drum undecided on punishment for soldier who flew upside-down flags to oppose Obama


Anonymous said...

Her only saving grace is that anyone in the military that is worth a sh$% is in agreement with her on Obama...its the new don't ask don't tell.

Anonymous said...

Sad but true, 9:01 a.m.

Anonymous said...

And the fun is just beginning folks, just beginning. Greece, slide over. You,re going to have company within a few years.

SFC Coss may have decided that principle is more important than career in this case. I expect it took a certain amount of soul searching to make the decision to fly the Flag upside down.

ray lear said...

Come on! You all need to grow up! She was not in any way hero for speaking bad of our President. That is a big no no in the armed forces of America. You don't question command. He is the top of the food chain. He is not to be in any way questioned or made fun of by our troops. That can land you out of your job. Then add the flag being flew upside-down, well she is a great American. You seeing where she is going as far as a punishment? She will be kicked out, hope that's what she wanted.

Anonymous said...

Gee Raymond, what if she voted against the president? Is that allowed in your book of no questions? She is a hero.

Anonymous said...

Ray is right. That's why the Democratic party always files lawsuits to interfere with military voting procedures. They know these people could be dangerous to the FreeStuff mindset. We want dumbasses only speaking out on policy matters. I'm with Ray.