Monday, December 31, 2012

WDT: Florist Says County Flush With No Cliffs in Sight

        County Legislator Scott Gray, who is always interviewed by the media on money matters, says Jefferson County is not in dire straights and has a healthy pot of money just hanging around.
       Mr. Gray was commenting on  NYS Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's gloomy assessment of the fiscal health of the state's local governments.
An Oasis of Cash in a State of Dire Straights ?

       Tell that to city residents just smacked with a 7% hike in their county tax bill that officials blame on "equalization" rates.
        Mr. Gray says county government has been "stingy" in its spending but is plagued by "mandated" state costs.
Watertown Daily Times | Jefferson County escapes Comptroller’s dark determination, for now


Anonymous said...

Don't they have a comptroller for the county that would be more qualified to comment on the county finances?

The problem with the fund balance is that Burns managed to have a lien put on every last cent, by hiring and not supervising butthole-jerks. And invited it homself by branching his police work out to internet stings.

Anonymous said...

Just got my Tax Bill in the mail, I see "our share" went up 5% to the county.

Melbourne Florist said...

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