Monday, December 17, 2012

WDT: Ex Scribe Calls Local Paper "Callow, Ill Conceived Journalism"

       A long time scribe for the WDT has taken a swipe at his former employer in the comment section of that paper. John Golden was criticizing the coverage of forcible touching allegations made against a teacher at South Lewis Central School.
         The defendant had already been tried in the callow and ill-considered journalism of the Johnson Newspapers. Mr. McCall was twice convicted, and his career and civic reputation with impunity destroyed, in the Watertown Daily Times and Lowville Journal & Republican. Those responsible dispensed high-priest justice while dispensing a tedious titillation to readers. Shame be upon them.
__John Golden, Watertown Daily Times staff writer, 1983-2007

         Mr. Golden is not one given to intemperate comments, so his remarks struck me as interesting.   A local wag once called John the "Hemingway of Watertown". Perhaps Mencken would have been more appropriate and less pretentious.
Watertown Daily Times | South Lewis teacher’s forcible touching charges adjourned with contemplation of dismissal


Anonymous said...

I must say that John's words have a certain ring of truth; actually he hits the proverbial nail on the head.

Subject and truth be damned as long as it sells papers.

Anonymous said...

What's a heming weigh?

Anonymous said...

I don't view the WDT as some kind of headline chaser. I realize they have received lots of criticism about their obituaries but I don't see it. What bothers me is their reporting on local issues, specifically taxes and education. They get one school administrator and let him/her write whatever they want. In other words, they're lazy. And the way the carve up letters makes them all read like JB's editorials. Kinda middle school. No real positions are taken. Milktoast. The letter policy prompted me to cancel. That after 50 years of subscribing.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this is nothing new, and it's why fewer and fewer people read that paper anymore.

Johnson Newspapers SHOULD be ashamed of themselves, but not merely for this. That list is long and well known.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12/17/2012 9:09AM

"I realize they have received lots of criticism about their obituaries but I don't see it."

Well, if you had ever written and submitted an obituary, only to have it arbitrarily "elaborated upon" by some WDT staff writer, then maybe you'd see it. Trust me. Then to rightfully complain about it and to be told "Tough nuts"?!? WHAT? Now THAT'S arrogance, and that's a lot of what's wrong with that paper.

Maybe incidents like that lead them to change to the current pay-for-publishing obituary policy.

Anonymous said...

With all the news content out there only a fool would subscribe to the Watertown Daily Warmonger.

Anonymous said...

The stories I saw in the WDT about the case were pretty straight-forward accounts of what was happening at the time, which is the paper's job. I didn't find them sensational or titillating at all. Not sure what Golden's gripe is.