Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WDT: Another Panel of Elites to Tell Us What We Need

       Governor Cuomo has named a commission to recommend changes to the state's tax system. Former Comptroller H. Carl McCall heads up the panel of the usual cast of characters.
       Making the system more "fair" is easier said than done.
       I doubt there is any representation by people in small business and certainly folks like Mr. McCall are smart people well marinated in the political culture of NY.
       Meanwhile a report was released today criticising state and local governments in NY, saying they have unsustainable structural budgets.
       With state government leaning more to the left as a result of the 2012 election, don't look for many changes to come out of this debating club.
Watertown Daily Times | N.Y. taxes


Anonymous said...

You conflated the word "elite" and "criminal". McCall should be in prison for pay to pay pension crimes and Cuomo should have been the guy to put him there.

Cuomo is a POS and he is worse than your average left wing nut job because he hides the fact that he is a left wing nut job. All these left wing nut jobs have in common is a desire to create and be head of a syndicate style totalitarian government, with no rule of law. At least Davis had good intentions.

Anonymous said...

The "usual cast of characters". Don't you mean the usual suspects?

Anonymous said...

The only "change" we will see is more state spending and even higher taxes. And 8:47 is correct. Andy is just as bad, or worse , than his old man and his cronies because he's sneakier about it.