The Vortex... Urban Legend or Is It Real ?

The Vortex... Urban Legend or Is It Real ?
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Watertown Mayor Attends Grand Opening of Dog Park (North Carolina)

   With persistant calls for a municipal dog park going nowhere in Watertown, I had occasion today to visit a state of the art dog park just to get a better idea of what's being talked about.
    While visiting NC, my mom spotted a story in the News and Observer about a dog park opening today in Apex, NC about six miles away.
Apex, NC Dog Park in Background
    Since you don't check your mayor duties at the state line, we went to Apex, a well-to-do exurb of Raleigh. In NNY a town government is located in the "town barn." Here it's called a "town campus" and the facilities looked very nice.
    The new dog park is a beauty, nestled alongside the road into recreational facilities. The Carolina pines provide the perfect setting and this was set up nicely with a keycard access ($30 a year for townies, $60 for non-townies) and two separate areas, one for large dogs and one for small.
No Free Lunch at this Dog Park
    The fences were four feet high so it didn't seem prison-like and there were benches, gazebos and water troughs for the dogs. I talked to a couple of ladies using the park and they were enthused.
    It seemed very nice and very practical. Whether it fits the Watertown lifestyle and demographics is something City Council seems to have already decided. However, its nice to have some first hand knowledge.


Anonymous said...

Did the experience make you more apt to support a part here in Watertown or less supportive?

Anonymous said...

I have had occasion to visit dog parks on the north side of Chicago and thought they made very good sense for city dwellers with dogs, especially the larger breeds. What was paticularly interesting was the self-policing nature of the folks using the parks and their friendly attitudes.

Dennis Honeywell said...

Jeff; I have been lobbying for a dog park for our community of Clayton for a couple of years and the issues are several. Health of the dogs and sanitizing of the park is one of the big ones. Finding real estate is the second big one. You need fresh water and the field/lawn conditions need to be looked at carefully. It is much easier in the milder climates because you don't have the freeze/thaw issues that make mud and messes. Some of the parks I have visited in Florida are wood chips or gravel surfaced which makes sanitizing easier. I don't have all the answers yet...but I will keep at it and see if we can't develop something here along the river. There is a need.

Anonymous said...

Fort Drum has one on the way into Remington Pond Rec area. It's functional.

Michelle B said...

We have a nice one in Liverpool , built by Wegmans. It is attached to the Onondaga lake parkway. It is used year round!

Anonymous said...

Thompson Park has plenty of space!

Anonymous said...

watertown should get DOG park, and charge a little to use it. people will feel more safe with a park they can go to its good for the dogs also great socialization for them. even if its a big fenced in area so people can take there animals to run around in. must have uptodate vet papers to join.

Anonymous said...

The same bums who use up all our police and social service time will screw up a dog park. It will be full of unvacinated dogs, worms, drunks, and of course people with legitimate disabilities with time on their hands. All others will be working to pay the bill.

Anonymous said...

I think the user fee is a great idea.

SG said...

Yeah Mayor Graham!!...Unlike Roxanne Burns who after 5yrs of the Dog Park idea being in the Watertown news had to ask you if a leash was required in a dog park???...that's just sad!

As for the paid Dog park, it all depends on what you want to achieve from a park. My vision is to draw people from outside the City. Wegman's good dog park gets more people from outside the area...which translates to $$ into the community.

Kudos to you for taking the time out of your vacation to check it out. The dog owners of this City thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

SG, don't screw with Roxy. If you do, you'll find yourself living UNDER a dog park, permanently. And Milk Bone will be the only bone you ever get. Kapeesh?

Mrs Burns is a fine Lady. Be nice to her. Or we will break all four of your legs.

Cathy Anderson said...

Mayor Graham, I am surprised and dismayed that you would allow threatening posts to remain on your blog.