Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Upside Down Flags Reported Down...

    A Fort Drum soldier flying her American flags upside down to protest the reelection of President Obama has folded her cards after apparent pressure from her commanders.
    The flags are down as post officials said they are "monitoring" the situation.
Update: Drum 'Monitoring' Copenhagen Flag Situation | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Dan Francis said...

The military serves under a totally different set of rules and "freedoms" that regular citizens do not have to comply with ... one of them if never showing disrespect for the CINC, no matter what one's politics might be.

The UCMJ is not the same as the Constitution, and everyone in uniform knows that going in.

She was wrong ... and I hope she learned a valuable lesson and is not punished too harshly.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is not important. That is why they put the guy in prison for making fun of the Satanic verses religion on Youtube.

Everyone knowst he military is too important to bother it with the Constitution. Unless of course it involves social engineering.

Anonymous said...

We think upside down flags are disrespectful. We will protest PEACEFULLY.
Not sure if you should get involved to protest against people flying Old Glory upside down?
Why not ask the fine veterans at the local VFW or American Legion posts if they think it's OK to fly the flag upside down.

Anonymous said...

Those veterans and some of their friends have paid high prices for the freedom to speak your mind,I think that is important too.I would rather know what people think than have them hide their true feelings due to fear of repercussions,isn't that what most of the countries we fight against have as their standard practice,repression of ideas and criticisms of their govts?Don't like this particular display but 8:58 has a point.It should be noted that our military fights for people to have freedom of speech, and they should be allowed the same freedoms.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:58 PM and 12:25 PM

My husband is a combat vet and thinks the same.
Freedom of speech is a unique right and this is why soldiers are send to other countries to fight for their freedoms and then should be restricted in their own country?

Besides some people act like the flag is the cross or some other cherished religious symbol.

It is just a flag and if they cherish the flag so much why do they tolarate the flag on T shirts pens, even underwear is that not disrespectfull in their mind?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dannie is certainly and expert on bending over and complying with any Democrat that occupies the White House. And this woman should be stomped on accordingly. But isn't that part of the War on Women MrF warns us about so often when it suits him? Its so hard to keep track of his partisan requirements. I agree with the Dan. No soldier should have a right to speak about politics. In fact, they shouldn't be allowed to vote. But that's always part of the Democrat's campaign strategy, to depress the military vote with lawsuits. So I guess they're already on to that one. Sorry, never mind.