Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tipping is not a City in China

   With hockey so successful at the Fairgrounds Arena, I  know how hard working our part time concession help are.  At games like last night they cranked out four figure numbers in just three hours.
    As a long time member of the hospitality industry I realize the value of tips and since these folks are part timers I think they should be able to get tips. Current City policy prohibits that.
    As long as the tax laws on reporting through TEFRA are met, I don't see the problem. Obviously you don't want to solicit tips but good service should be rewarded and those who offer tips shouldn't have to be told they can't.
     Of course I have an entrepreneurial background, so my views may be tainted.


Anonymous said...

You can always pay them incentives and commission. If McDonald's ain't allowed tips then you don't need allow them either anyhow. They served billions without tips.

Anonymous said...

Why not put the concessions out to bid?