Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tim Tebow, Camilla Belle split: report -

.      Maybe she wanted to date a quarterback who gets to play and maybe he wanted to spend more time thinking about football, but a supposed couple made in Heaven has broken up as passed over JETS backup QB Tim Tebow and actress Camilla Belle have announced a split.
Actress Needs a QB Who Actually Takes a Snap

       Meanwhile, Tebow has reportedly told the JETS they need to play him or release him after Greg McElroy got the nod to replace Mark Sanchez. 
       Sanchez himself had a tough year in romance, being dumped by underage model Kate Upton and overage cougar Eva Longoria.
        For a team of dubious talent on the field, Gang Green are always  making headlines.
Tim Tebow, Camilla Belle split: report -

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Anonymous said...

So who is this guy Tebow? Oh yeah - just a millionaire football player, nothing else. Camilla Beele, just an actress, nothing else. What's the big deal?