Friday, December 7, 2012

The Military Knows It Has a Morality Problem -

    Is the Petraeus infidelity scandal the tip of a broader issue of moral decay in the armed forces ?
    This article in the conservative National Journal makes that case citing adultery, sexual abuse, cashing in, battlefield misconduct and a bunch of other things that suggest there is something amiss after a decade of war.
     Of course, you can write an article shopping a narrative quite easily. There are always things you can string together in a magazine article.
     I think if there are character issues its because the armed forces operate within the context of a society where anything goes and everything is no one's fault.
     You could have written the same thing in the Viet Nam era...lot's of pot smoking, adultery, massacres and black market stuff....It always goes on. It's called life.

The Military Knows It Has a Morality Problem -

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Anonymous said...

Obumba hasn't told the truth since first elected in '08, yet media now plays a tune that its our military that's dishonest. What a F'n load of crap. Look who the leader of this country is. Why should anyone tell the truth about anything? Lie, beg, BS, get Stuff, Free. That's the name of the game.