Friday, December 7, 2012

Texas Won't Mess With NY When It Comes to Spending $$$

    A floundering Florida in recent years left New York still in third place in population according to the 2010 Census behind California and Texas.
     But when it comes to raising and spending money, NY comes in a solid second ahead of the Lone Star State despite having six million fewer people.
     New York also leads the nation in lottery sales with seven billion dollars wagered...and with more casinos on the way, we will be one state full of gamblers.
    Capitol Confidential » Census state fiscal data, or: We’re No. 2! We’re No. 2!


Anonymous said...

Politicians at all levels need an intervention to rid them of their spending crack habit. (Mayors excluded)

Anonymous said...

Bbbbut according to our obamalovers, we don't have a spending problem at all. The real problem is getting more out of the rich. Borrowing, spending, FreeStuff, deficits, none of that matters, as long as someone else pays for our stuff.