Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tax Cuts for the Rich and the Odd Coming in NY This January

    Get ready for the news stories about all the new laws taking effect January 1st. Among them is one exempting the purchase of home solar panel arrays from state sales tax.
      Why ?  If a family buys a new furnace to heat their home, they have to pay sales tax, but a well-to-do eccentric who wants to buy solar panels gets a freebie.
       What ever happened to the pols and their middle class tax cuts. Middle class people don't buy solar panels as a rule unless they have a particular interest in the technology.
        There is a new feel good law on banning e-cigarettes for those under 18.
        The state's millionaire income tax surcharge is expiring, meaning a tax cut for rich people. Again, where's the middle class tax cut we would expect in a state run by Democrats ?

New law bans e-cigarette sales to minors in New York state | syracuse.com#incart_river_default#incart_river_default


Anonymous said...

The proper term is "tax breaks".
It is important to keep in mind that the people paying the most taxes are still considered to "get a break" when they pay less. Or in other words they are no longer paying their fair share.

Meanwhile all the public union pensions pay zero zip zilch nada nothing.

Merry Xmas!

Anonymous said...

As our President says, "We need to all share," so the unions need to share too - right?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why buying solar panels makes a person eccentric. I think the person making the statement is "eccentric."

Anonymous said...

12:22. The reason it makes them eccentric is that without the subsidies, solar panels don't pay. Its the same argument used against wind, when its nearby, by people from Rochester, when they vote in Cape Vincent.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why a subsidized solar hobbyist would object to being described as eccentric? At least the mayor was not more honest in choosing his words to describe these sanctimonious, Toyota-Pious driving solar idiots.