Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Study: NY Easiest Place to Buy the Devil's Brew

      New York State has a third of it's "minors" admitting they drink and many say they have no problem getting the Devil's Brew. 
       The reason is a large swath of the population just doens't support the current drinking age....Many do, but from college presidents to police chiefs, the support is spotty for what is viewed as hypocritical and unenforecable and in many cases unwanted regulation of adult behavior.
       Since lowering the drinking age is politically impossible, we will continue with a tolerance  of drinking on the down low with occasional expressions of outrage and stepped up enforcement here and there.
       Fact is a lot of people don't consider a twenty year old with a beer to be "underage drinking."  It may be illegal, but with all the things 18+ people participate in as adults, the 21 year old age was never destined to succeed.
        New York easiest place for teens to illegally buy booze, a new study reports -


Anonymous said...

This is a key component to perpetuating the "adult kid" concept. So we can put them on our insurance and extract child support for overpriced SUNY indoctrination tuition. And lets not forget paying for 30 year old student Fluke to f#$% I mean "women's health issues."

Anonymous said...

In the realm of untended consequences the 21 drinking has done more than anything else to encourage binge drinking. But the pols can't stop patting themselves on the back for "saving our youth"

Anonymous said...

Exactly 4:20 PM

18 Year olds can vote or being send as Soldiers to oversees but can not get a beer, even when they are two months short of their 21. birthday.

Talking about dangers for our youth:
Iam all for it to raise the driving age to 18years like in European countries and having harter punishments for driving while texting and driving under the influence.

Anonymous said...

The drinking age was 18 when I came of age.Back then the bars kept an eye on you,I think that is a good age for kids to start adjusting to being in the company of elders in a social setting.I agree that it is time to roll back the legal drinking age to 18..