Monday, December 10, 2012

Some African-American leaders support Gov. Cuomo in Senate power struggle -

      Some back channel talk on the State Senate flap as Dicker says there are key black leaders in NY who are quietly against Democratic control of the Senate because of the mess they made of it in '09-10.
        This weekend, race came to the fore as one Senator acused Governor Cuomo of backing the GOP-IDC  coalition because he wants a white Democratic Party.  Rabblerouser and MSNBC entertainer Al Sharpton has also been stirring the pot since it appears Democratic candidates won a majority of the upper house but are unable to organize due to internal divides.
       Bronx Senator Jeffrey Klein is the key figure in the coalition and his relations with NYC pols are strained.
      Dicker insists Klein and Speaker Silver intensely dilike each other.
      That's a good sign.
      Meanwhile, it's a reminder how much race plays an issue in politics as this fight is being viewed through that prism.
Some African-American leaders support Gov. Cuomo in Senate power struggle -


Anonymous said...

Race is only an issue because self serving Sharpton chooses to make it so and, as usual, the media feeds his agenda.....

Anonymous said...

Mikey stay away from this one. As a white Irish catholic you do not want to get in between a Jewish, Afican American spat.

Take a breather here and save yourself for Jeff's next post on this subject.

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Anonymous said...

We've hear about how the black leadership feels. But how to do the red headed big eared legislative leaders feel? I feel it is important that we be seeensiitive to all.

Will we ever treat each other as people?

Anonymous said...

"red headed big eared legislative leaders feel"

Please be politically correct. Red heads are referred to as "ginger" haired people these days!

Anonymous said...

Thanks 6:53!! I say print more bucks, more FreeStuff, and vote Ginger!!

And Ginger do have a vagina, so there's another pander we can woof out to. There will be no end to this. What F'n excitement.

But how will MaryAnn feel? I heard MaryAnn was bi, so would a Ginger vote be anti BiGayTransgender? We's have to be sensitive to all needs.