Saturday, December 22, 2012

Senate Wants Newspaper to Stop Adult Ads...But Its the Backpage That is the New Home for Such Stuff

   The US Senate has voted to ask the Village Voice to remove its adult entertainment section.....Apparently the US Senate has little to do as they wait for the President and the Speaker to reach a resolution on the "fiscal cliff", event though a solution has already been reached.
     The Village Voice action is a bid to stop child sex trafficking....Actually a new site for such things called had taken the place of what Craig's List used to do....
     Funny how we used to go the back page for local news...Now backpage is where you go for hookers.'
     Times have changed.

Senate resolution tells Village Voice to take down 'adult entertainment' section - The Hill's Floor Action

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Max Volume said...

Evidently the U.S. Senate is finding their "Pages" via smart phone now.
Whoda' thunk?