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Monday, December 17, 2012

Senate Dem Leadership Battle Brewing

    The battle over who gets to be the minority leader among State Senate Democrats is a little bit of a case of fighting over nothing.
    It's widely thought now that the GOP-IDC coalition struck to counter the voters choice of a Democratic majority will fall apart as the coalition will be asked to do the bidding of the progressives in exchange for their titles and perks.
    When that unravels, IDC leader Senator Jeffrey Klein will rejoin the Dems in exchange for him becoming Majority Leader. The only rub will be the insistence of some Dems that their caucus leader be of color, but the numbers just won't add up for that.
Senate Dem Leadership Battle Brewing


Anonymous said...

I'm the Liberal Democratic who is always hanging around "cracking wise" at my Neo-Con buddies on this blog.

So, you will be surprised when I write the Democrats in the State Senate should pick the best leader, and not cave in to pressure from single issue guys like the Rev. Al.

Personally, I feel it is better for the North country to have a Senate controlled by the Republicans because it is never good to have one party in control of everything. The problem is, the Republicans have gone so far to the right (i.e. Pledges to Grover Norquist), that they can't (won't?) help us solve any problems either.

Maybe the solution is a split Senate that might show some moderation, and common sense.

Anonymous said...

Why do you conflate the words progressive with regressive?
I would be funny if I didn't live in NY to see just how far left Cuomo would go to suck up to his party of dimwits. Raising minimum wage and raising taxes was dumb enough. What is left? Reparations for slavery and affirmative action for transsexuals?

Anonymous said...

I want to see Republicans making pledges to Henrik Lundqvist and stop palling around with the likes of Grover, Bert and Ernie.

Anonymous said...

To pick a leader on the skin color is just plain stupid. A blind person would be the smartest person to pick that person. If non-white is the qualification then a hispanic has to be the choice as they are next to whites in the numbers game. NOT Sharpie - with the white guy's slick-down hair.