Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saving Bucks Means Giving Up Some Old Friends

        As cable gets more expensive, some folks looking for value are finding other ways of feeding their TV.....Off-air signals are back !...So is streaming off the Internet. Astute shoppers can find ways to replicate cable at much less cost....
       But how do you put a price on the cable personalities ?  There's Liz...and the kid who does movie reviews...and the three very pretty weather girls....the tall traffic lady...and of course Bill Carey's mellifluous tones...And the finess lady, Marcie, who is always on the ball.

        Sometimes you have to look at value as well as price.
Cut the cord and say goodbye to cable

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if it's cable or satellite, it's the same story. You pay for a hundred or more channels for every 5 or 6 you want. The rest are either garbage that nobody watches or stuff you aren't interested in.