Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sampson Says He’ll Step Down If Dems Unite In Senate ...Racial Divide in Party Deepens

    Poor Senator John Sampson...not only did he wreck his state owned car this year, but he doesn't quite get why the Democrats don't get to organize the Senate.
    At a rally organized in part by Al Sharpton's National Action Network, the minority leader said he would step aside if Dems would unite and use their electoral majority to organize the upper house in Albany.
     The key word in the preceding paragraph Senator is "Sharpton".  Nobody wants half the Legislature to be a province of the Reverand and his posse from MSNBC who are leading the media charge to block the coalition of Republicans and independent Dems who are now in charge. Governor Cuomo sees that and that is why he quietly backed the coalition deal cut by Senators Jeffrey Klein and Dean Skelos.
      Some black senators say the coalition is a bid by the Governor to make the state's Democratic party a "white-led" party.
      Senator Sampson has been to the North Country, so he has seen our way of life...but as an attorney he also represented rapper Lil Kim. Politically, I think his view is limited by the NYC clubhouse politics he has thrived in.
      Racial politics have been rubbed raw by this affair, and its the type of politics Rev. Sharpton excels at. He has pledged protests at the offices of the three IDC members from the City of New York. One of the three, Senator Malcolm Smith is black.    
Sampson Says He’ll Step Down If Dems Unite In Senate (Updated)


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Cuomo’s In a Political Minefield:

not caused by race, but by the Democratic Voter being denied a Majority in the Senate. The Governor’s internal angst is now caused by a harsh reality of his own making. Its this, “If he doesn’t pull away from the ‘Coalition' concept he suffers all the big political career hits. They include an ongoing ‘Civil War’ in the NYS Senate where his own party will work against his proposed legislation – pronouncing it as unworthy of a ‘Progressive’ Governor. The Republicans he sought to curry favor with are an uncertain ally, who might pull away from his legislative program at anytime in the future, when it serves Dean Skelos’s and the Republican Party’s political purposes. The Governor is standing in a political minefield and needs to get out quick, because no one standing in a minefield has much of a future.

The ‘Coalition’ approach to Governing NY as opposed to establishing
a Democratic Majority is proving a political disaster for him. The ‘Coalition’ deal is now such a bad trade off for Cuomo. I fully expect him to say, “The ‘Coalition’ concept is flawed and I will use all of my resources as Governor to create the Democratic Majority, that Democratic voters deserve and desire in the Senate.” If Gov. Cuomo fails to do so he will face a steady erosion of his favorability ratings, which once in play he has no easy way to remedy with future political maneuvering. The Governor’s legislative program will be under constant assault by his base. One might say, “Oh what a web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”

Andrew Cuomo is hanging out on a limb and the spotlight on him hanging from that tree, will grow brighter each and every day along with the pressure to state, “New York State Democrats expect a Majority in the Senate and I now intend to see they get that Majority. Short of this he no longer can lay claim to a realistic chance to run for President in 2016. Hillary Clinton is now looking like a runaway favorite, both in the State of New York and Nationally for the Democratic nomination. The Governor will have to either scale down his Presidential ambitions for 2016, or go back to the drawing board and run at a later date. He must now clearly take a very pro-active role, in getting the Democratic Majority in place in the State Senate, that we all had a right to expect in the first place. Only then politically speaking, will he be back on safe political ground able to depend on his base for support.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

ray lear said...

Ask the real question Mike.

Why can't they just do the job we sent them their to do?

Anonymous said...

Oh Mikey Mikey Mikey, you my friend are dilusional and have way to high opinion of yourself and your political influence. The Governor will squish you like a bug in a rug pal.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

I have been posing a question Ray which is, "Why is there an assumption that a Democratic Majority Leader, would be less helpful than a Coalition? Former Gov. Elliot Spitzer said, "The Coalition is sure to lead to chaos, and will not produce functional Senate in any case." And please don't tell me Democratic track record, when Gov. Cuomo just sited last week how disfunctional Republicans were, when they ran it in the past.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike

Anonymous said...

Mike has a habit of writing lots, saying little. We should assign a retired public employee to rewrite his posts into an understandable format.

Anonymous said...

Its pretty simple Mikey...
The best most functional government is a deadlocked government that can do nothing. The second most functional government is one lead by Republicans. And the least functional is one lead by Democrats.

The thing that makes Democrat governments nonfunctional is the spending and laws that they pass.

If you could wave a magic wand and rescind every law passed in the last 30 years we would all be better off. If you could rescind every law passed by democrats you would go back a hundred years and still be better off.

And even democrats don't care what Spitzer thinks.

Anonymous said...

10:29 Thanks!!