Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rex Puts Himself on the Line With Sanchez Start on Sunday

   JETS coach Rex Ryan took the traditional choice...he went with the high payroll guy to be his starting quarterback on Sunday versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    Mark Sanchez will start and not Greg McElroy, who rescued the team last Sunday after the long-struggling Sanchez was benched.

     The Jags are 2-11, so they may be right up Sanchez alley....but he was unable to handle a horrible Arizona team four days ago.
      Still Jets' starter, Sanchez out to prove himself - Yahoo! News


Right Handed Left Winger said...

As a Jets fan, Mr. Graham, what do you suppose the life span of Rex Ryan's job is? What to hell is he thinking? I guess he is not thinking. What's to hurt with the new kid? Tebow is the one that I feel sorry for...a likeable kid with far reaching talent not being given the opportunity to showcase himself. He could have gone other places and now be considered among the elite rookies, but no he is now considered an object of sorrow by most fans. Rex Ryan is all that is wrong about the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Winger .. Do you know football? Tebow is not a rookie at all. I like tebow but he may be the worse throwing qb ever. Also were you at the Pearl Street Pub when you wrote that? ;)