Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quality Time With Kari and Other Boxing Day Activities

     Today I sat down with Kari Plumpton to buy some radio spots to promote our upcoming New Year's Eve party at the Pearl Street Pub. She was her usual affable and helpful self, although I felt I was buying a car.
     In any event, the spot is cut and Johnny Spezzano will be giving out free tickets on Thursday and Friday, so listen up.

    Also today I had lunch at the Herrings Inn, which was a pleasant experience and I stopped by Verizon to return a cord I mistakenly left with after transfering data to my new I Phone.  Other than that I am watching it snow at 10:20 in the evening, and expect no further business tonight, although it wasn't a bad day after Christmas...It's hard to overcome the weather gloom.
    Tomorrow there is a dedication ceremony for I-781 being held at Fort Drum. The Lieutenant Governor was scheduled to appear, but I don't know what the weather will do to all that.

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