History Made as First Major Party Woman Candidate for President Nominated

History Made as First Major Party Woman Candidate for President Nominated
Hillary Clinton Nominated by Acclimation After Roll Call

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Principal Had Planned NNY Retirement Before Fiend Snuffed Out Her Life

    Many dreams and aspirations were snuffed out in yesterday's school shooting in Connecticut, but for one educator the future meant retirement in NNY. Dawn Hochsprung,47,  and her husband had a home in the Adirondacks they some day hoped to retire to.

      Ms. Hochsprung was among six school employees killed by the gunman and for her family too, a bright future was lost.
Two Newtown Educators Went the Extra Mile for Students - NYTimes.com


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Just a few ‘Gun Control’ ideas we need to discuss: and we need to provide ideas that aren’t the same old ones oft repeated to keep the status quo in place. We must change the culture of gun ownership in America now and that is clear to right thinking people.

1. The need to ban automatic weapons, as well as, large ammunition magazines. We need a ten year minimum sentence if you sell or buy automatic weapons or large magazines.
2. Require a background check every time a firearm is sold, and there is no such thing as an unlicensed seller of ‘Fire Arms’ in America. All licensed firearm dealers must be subject to background checks yearly.
3. Improve access to funding and data for researchers to examine the contributing factors of violent ‘Video’ or war games on creating point and shoot mentalities.
4. In order to own large amounts of weapons you have to undergo rigorous serious psychological testing and yearly licensing.
5. We need to commit ourselves to providing training to people who own guns, teaching safety and providing anger management classes, to any and all who own weapons. It’s true that for most people this isn’t necessary, but for those people who need such classes, we might be able to help avoid these tragedies.
6. Have community storage areas free of charge for those going through high stress times, who believe guns in their home is unsafe until things calm down.

Mike Flynn ‘Middle Class Mike’

Anonymous said...

Would someone please explain to me why anyone who is not an authority needs to have automatic pistols?

Anonymous said...

MMM you're WRONG on your first 2 points............Automatic weapons are banned to private citizens...The exception is exsisting ones for which the ATF collects large amounts of CA$H for licenses. Every time a weapon is sold a background check is done, MMM ask yourself this why is it in the Fast and Furious case automatic weapons were sold and then lost by the ATF.......... High Capcity magazines were also banned in NYS in 2004 Other states decided there was no actual staticics linking High-Capcity mags to increased crime........

Anonymous said...

Mikey is all aflutter and advocates for all kinds of things that make no sense, or, are already outlawed. He sees this not as a crime or a tragedy, he sees this as an opportunity to sell BS to dumbasses. And that's what he is pushing. Do not confuse him with facts, 4:44.

Anonymous said...

4:44 and 10:06: Are you guys kidding me? No actual statistics linking high capacity mags to increased crime?

How about an ENTIRE CLASS of 21 FIRST GRADERS AND THEIR TEACHER killed by this jerk with two machine pistols?

If that is not an ACTUAL STATISTIC that makes you angry, ill, or both, then you need help.

Anonymous said...

THe piece is about a brave , wonderful heroic woman who gave her life for the students. How many of you/us could react that fast? God bless her!

Anonymous said...

Hey 1203 theres NOTHING linking that the Capacity of a rifle caused the crime, anything over 10 rds in the Republic of NY is ILLEGAL your arguement is with the state of Ct.

Anonymous said...

This is not the time to discuss the politics of gun control. Have heart, pray for the families and the innocent lives lost-their little lives were just getting started. 4:44 and 10:06, your rant makes you appear to have no heart. How sad for you both.

Anonymous said...

It most definitely is the time to talk gun control all these innocent children were slaughtered and we have had 3 of these in short order . THIS discussion, if resolved a month ago might have resulted in these children and teachers being ALIVE . WE need to ACT not hide our head in the sand because the damn NRA and gun lobby will be offended .

How many more children and others must die before we discuss this ?????????

Anonymous said...

5:26 Its funny how you preach about how sad some are for their views and the direction this discussion has taken, yet you omit the poster who started it on a course of BS gun control "ideas" that make no sense. As soon as you and yours make fools of yourselves with your empty arguments, you retreat to a holier than thou position about the poor kids. So we must assume that you too are a partisan who sees things only one way. You and Mikey are free to get a room. Hopefully no children will result of the union. The world has enough trouble.

Anonymous said...

Hey 929 Ive had a pistol permit since 1979,never been arrested, not even a parking ticket, so I must be punished for the crimes in 2 states over who did not pass any gun laws???????????

Anonymous said...

No more semi automatic weapons or assault rifles ,REAL sportsman don't need them

This latest slaughter is cause enough now to keep them off the market for anyone but military and law enforcement .