Friday, December 14, 2012

President Obama Says Marijuana Users Not High Priority in Drug War - ABC News

    If the War on Drugs includes a war on marijuana it appears that war is just about over although laws are still on the books and will still be enforced, albeit erratically and inconsistently.
    President Obama says the Feds will not go after potheads in WA and CO, where voters recently approved recreational use of the drug.  How can his Justice Department say federal laws only apply to 48 states ?
    A poll in NY shows a majority of citizens support legalization, meaning unlike murder, bank robbery and rape, there is no moral certainty in enforcing the current laws.
    You can't have an evil and only suppress it on occasion. After decades, America, for better or worse, has decided pot is OK.
     But that's OK...alcohol is legal and there's lots of people making a living off those who indulge too much. The counselors will be safe.
President Obama Says Marijuana Users Not High Priority in Drug War - ABC News#.UMtN92_AcaA


Anonymous said...

In case you hadn't noticed, Holder's Justice Dept has, since day one, made a habit of selectively enforcing the laws of the land......

And just enough of the voters have decided that they like the Annointed One's Chicago style government that we now have four more years to look forward to.

God help the Republic......

Anonymous said...

There is moral certainty in any laws anymore. You can rob the banks by lying on your mortgage application and then stop them from foreclosing over technicality of not proving the loan ownership.

Polanski can make 14 year old take Quaalude, rape her and live in asylum in France.

You can murder a 9 month old fetus as long as it hasn't gone through her who-who yet, its a woman's choice. For her health of course.

Anonymous said...

Wow 8:08. That's some uncomfortable stuff you're posting. You might want to lighten up. On second thought, carry on.