Monday, December 10, 2012

Powerful pair storm Albany

    What a well played game by two of Albany's power players who now sort of control the State Senate and enjoy each other's company.
    Senators Jeff Klein and Diane Savino have been an item for some time, but now that they have pulled off a power coup, their relationship is under more are there lives.
Albany Power Couple
    Apparently Mr. Klein has an illegal iguana as a pet ! OMG !
     One things for sure...while Senator Klein will share power with Senator Dean Skelos, he likely won't be sharing the attractive Senator from Staten Island with his GOP counterpart.
Powerful pair storm Albany | Crain's New York Business


Anonymous said...

Should they be allowed to date ? Aren't you supposed to sleep in your district. One of them is not

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I don't think she's that attractive. She's no Kiieeeersteeeinn Giiilliabrand. Probably not as experienced either. Politically of course.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Mayor for your amusement:

The NY Posts Michael Benjamine said in his column today: "At best, the governor’s been a modern Pontius Pilate, washing his hands of responsibility and party loyalty in the name of a cooperative and functioning state Senate."

Sound familiar? Have a great vacation MCM

Anonymous said...

Mikey, it is you and your party line voters that are the Pontius Pilate. You crucified a bunch of "teach a man to fish" republicans and render onto Seizer another mans fish. You crucified Christmas and forced the church to carry your cross of condoms and morning after pills.

If you want to find an analogy for what is happening in Albany you would be closer with the Hitler/Stalin betrayal.

Anonymous said...

Mikey is a Donkey. He wakes up a Donkey, he sleeps a Donkey. When he sits on the John, he's a Donkey. Every thought he has is as a Donkey. He loves Donkeys. He can only see life as a Donkey. Once you realize that he becomes a joke. Then you don't listen, you simple skip over his Donkey crap. Even his wife knows he's nothing but a wimped out Donkey. Kind of like our bud from the links. No, the other kind of links. Nothing to do with computers.