Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pot Smokers Light Up in Northwest

P   Now that pot smoking is legal in Washington State, is the War on Drugs losing its long time argument that weed is the gateway drug to a life of perdition. ?
Pot Heads Gather Under Space Needly to Light Up
      There are still many ministerial issues to be worked out in Washington, but the camel has the nose under the tent and the prohibition on pot seems to be unraveling.


Anonymous said...

So Mr. Mayor, have you ever smoked the weed ?

Anonymous said...

What’s the definition of a Libertarian?

1654… a Republican who smokes pot.

RonS said...

I thought smoking was bad for the health! 'Mary Jane' is even worse but then durg abusers don't care. I care about the children in those homes enjoying the second hand dope smoke! Stupid!

Anonymous said...

RonS you know nothing. Marijuana smoke is by far less dangerous than cigs. Also it has health benefits are you forgetting that. Also if the Parents smoked some mary jane wouldn't they be more likely to want to play kid games with their kids? You would not know that because you have never smoked it i can tell

Anonymous said...

“So Mr. Mayor, have you ever smoked the weed ?”

I seriously doubt that an upstanding law abiding citizen such as Mayor Graham would partake in the consumption of Beelzebub’s ‘whacky tobacky.’ Although, legend has it, there was that time back in the late 60’s when he was allegedly overheard mumbling the following statement…

“I don’t know... I don’t know, like, how many of you can dig how many people there are man... like I was rappin’ to the fuzz, right? Can you dig it? Man, there’s supposed to be a million and a half people here by tonight. Can you dig that? The New York State freeway is closed, man! Ha ha ha… yeah, it’s far out man… lotta freaks! ” Can ya dig it?