Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Perkins Urges Cuomo To Stand Up To ‘Plantation Politics’

   "Plantation politics," "back of the bus politics."
   Those terms are still being floated by some State Senate Democrats in response to the GOP-IDC coalition that for now has overridden the results of the elections which placed people who ran as Democrats in numerical control of the upper house.
    Those who define politics in NY as a racial divide wanted control of the Senate to be in the hands of minority legislators from the City of NY, as there are no black pols elected statewide.
Sen. Bill Perkins Accuses Governor Cuomo of "Plantation Politics"

     Meanwhile the fracas was an opportunity for Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins who in the turmoil got elected Senate minority leader.
      Making comparisons to the antebellum South serve no purpose, just like those who compare lifes minor travails to Nazi Germany or use the word "Draconian" in a way that would make Draco angry.
      This was a political play in the Senate to keep the body in the mainstream and not in the hands of people who accuse the Governor of "plantation politics."

Perkins Urges Cuomo To Stand Up To ‘Plantation Politics’


Anonymous said...

The result of the election is what it is. Nothing was overridden. Didn't one of these guys have their name on both the R and D lines? don't a lot of politicians have their name on more than one line?

Slavery was about owning people...I guess some people think they should own people if there is a D after their name.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

“Democrats Earned a Majority”

Mayor Graham: If you think Democrats think this is all just about race you're wrong. It's about power and race, and the minority elected State Senators feel, and rightly so, that Gov. Cuomo did not stand up for the right to have a Democratic Majority in the /state Senate that the vote last election indicated they had earned. If the Republicans had lost a majority in the State Senate the same way, no one would stop crying about it especially you. A lot of Democrats feel this Governor was involved not only with letting this happen, he actually pulled the strings behind the scenes to make it happen.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

I don't know what any of this means. But when there are claims of racism and victimhood and woe is me, I would expect Mikey to be into it over his head. If its stinky politics that centers around party line crap, that's our Mike.