Thursday, December 20, 2012

Owner Of Head Shops Pleads In Drug Case | WWNY TV 7

      A one man scourage of synthetic drugs in several upstate cities, including Watertown, is out of the loop for some time.
      John Tebbetts had pleaded out in a federal court in Syracuse to various drug and money laundering charges related to the head shops he ran that sold so called "bath salt's".
       The phenomenon generated a lot of attention in a hurry and the Tebb's shops operated pretty audaciously with reports of whacked out customers hanging around on the curb in front of the shop on State Street in Watertown.
      Tebbetts never seemed to try and hide what he was up to as his business plan was built on the notion that there were no laws regulating his product and that he was in essence untouchable.
       That's why normally drug sales are done on the down low.....Doesn't seem the words "down" and "low" were in this fellow's vernacular.

Owner Of Head Shops Pleads In Drug Case | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


? said...

He should not be allowed to just take a few years in prison. He is a drug dealer who did real well selling them. No other dealer get's a slap on the hand in NYS. Why should he?

Anonymous said...

he's not doing so well,channel three news was reporting his forfeiture of vehicles,including a motor home,thousands of dollars in fines,but which may add up to millions in the end,and a max of I think 10-15 yrs in jail,not sure tho.

Anonymous said...

Drug dealers get slaps on the hand every day in NY. And they don't pay taxes. This guy did. He shouldn't have been arrested. wink