Celebration of Mercy Hospital Service at St Patrick's

Celebration of Mercy Hospital Service at St Patrick's
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Overturning DOMA Is More Than Love...It's Real Money

   Back in the 90's (apparently not the gay 90's as that was a previous century) the pols felt obliged to pass a law defending marriage. Appropriately it was called "the Defense of Marriage Act" or DOMA.
     Now the aversion to same sex marriage has faded and the issue is politically tilting in favor (or at least not against) the union of gay and lesbian couples, henceforth known as couples.
     Through court order, referendum and legislative acts, nine states now sanction the unions and more are on the way.....The Supreme Court is getting involved in particular because the economic and tax advantages to marriage are barred in all fifty states by DOMA.
      Of course the evolving views on the topic could be reflected in a legislative decision to repeal DOMA but since its easier to have the courts be the heavy, that's what will happen.
     The Supreme Court has agreed to take up the matter next year.  Congress and the President could make the Justice's job easier by repealing DOMA.
For gay and lesbian couples, real money at stake


Anonymous said...

If what you say is true about changing attitudes, then it should be just as easy for lawmakers to change as it is for the courts. but just like minimum wage, they ignore what the voters want?

Two things come to mind to explain this: 1.) either the people don't really want, what you say, they say they want. Or, 2.) there are bad ramification for giving the people what they want.

Anonymous said...

The court will also rule on the California Ban on gay marriage. The proper ruling would be that only states can regulate marriage. Striking down DOMA and upholding the California Ban. States also have to honor marriages performed in other states. This should be an easy ruling.Any dissenting opinion should be an interesting read.

Anonymous said...

As always, the court is packed with idiots and lesbians who will go along with their thinking. One can only guess what they will invent and uphold and what they will strike down. the only thing you can predict is that the ruling will not make sense logically or legally.

Anonymous said...

Marriage between anyone is good for business. Now more licenses, mortgages, gala parties, etc. can be sold. Since marriage has nothing to do with religion let the states rule. It's what we do here in America.