Saturday, December 22, 2012

Obama Says Aloha to Speaker Boehner and Does What We Would All Like for Holiday

     While the media continues to insist there's a "fiscal cliff" and "no deal in sight", the President and the rest of Washington are headed out for the holidays knowing there is already deficit reduction policy in place to take effect on January 1, 2013.
    It's called new tax rates and sequestration.
     Maybe they will just let it happen and make that long overdue down payment on fiscal sanity.
      Establishing lower rates for 98% of Americans, or cancelling the sequestration cuts commits the nation to ever larger deficits and debt.
      If your household budget were teetering, what would you do ? I know what I have done in those situations is take another job and cut as many household and personal expenses till I could to ride out the storm.
     In my case it worked, so I have adopted this crazy notion it could work for a whole country.
      Some bromides for you.
       If you are short of cash to pay bills but refuse to work overtime or holidays, then you are not really short of cash.
      If you eat out every night and have a new four wheeler but are behind on your mortgage, then you made a choice.
     I just got a notice my county taxes are going up 7% and my cable bill by $15 a month. That means I won't be spending Christmas in Hawaii, but am glad I was able to take a few days last week to drive to see family in NC.
    Rationale people adjust their spending and income to meet reality. Washington never has had to.
With no deal, Obama heads to Hawaii


Anonymous said...

You screwed up with your example: Four wheelers are bought and driven by rednecks and they are financially responsible and vote republican.

If you have no money but borrow to take basket weaving course at JCC then you are a librul democrat voter.

If you have no money but haven't dropped smoking top brand cigarettes or switched to tax free injun cigarettes, then you vote librul democrat.

If you have no money and you still have tattoos and are scheduled for another...then you are a sure vote for librul democrats.

If you have no money but you pay extra money every moth for a ring back tone, to let your fellow slacker callers know how cool the rap is you listen to...then you vote for librul democrats.

If the speakers and rims on your car are worth more than your car then you voted for Obama.

If you get your pension tax free in this state while whining that the rich don't pay enough taxes then you vote librul democrat.

Anonymous said...

1:58 is on it.

Anonymous said...

Major crisis brewing in DC,so what does our president do? He goes on vacation in Hawaii.One hell of a leader we have. What a douche.

Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Save for a handful of dummies on this site the over whelming majority of American people favor Obama over Boehner…
The Disparity Between Obama And Boehner's Approval Ratings On The Fiscal Cliff Is Staggering:

[snip] “Obama's approval-to-disapproval split sits at 49-42 on the issue of handling the fiscal cliff. Boehner's approval rating is only 25 percent, and his disapproval mark stands at 49 percent…”


Anonymous said...

What? Our POTUS works hard and deserves his little vacation in Hawaii. It probably only cost us a couple million dollars. What the hey; it's only Chump Change, right?

Anonymous said...

You guys are right. Obama is the first president to ever take a Christmas vacation. Damn black man! PS The rednecks with the fourwheelers are exactly the people that can not afford the four wheeler in the first place. They are the ones with the illegitimate kids, using UIB, and living in sin. Just so you know.

Max Volume said...

Boehner and the "Tea Party" politicians were right on the money for NOT caving in and voting on a tax INCREASE for most of us Americans.

Now it's quite clear that the DEMS/LIBS are the only ones who want to take more of your (our) money.

Brilliantly played Mr. Boehner!

I would now resign my Speakership in protest, walk-out and put the whole tax increase 'ball of wax' right back on the DEMS/LIBS where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

After the debt crisis fiasco of 2011, Speaker Boehner said,"I got 98% of what I wanted."
Now. we have the fiscal cliff crisis as a direct result of the negotiations of 2011. Thus, If Speaker Boehner got 98% of what he wanted, doesn't that make him 98% to blame for this whole mess?

Anonymous said...

Max is on it.

Anonymous said...

WE are responsible for this mess. We want FreeStuff. We demand that our kids pay for it. We want someone else to pay our taxes for us. We want free healthcare. We want free loans, free grants, cell phones, more money for everything. And we want someone else to pay for it. This is what you get when you decline to face reality. Obama is a thug, but he's the thug that is simply giving us what we demand. It's not all his fault. Everybody is entitled, from the 47%, to the rich guys, to the folks who live by the golf course and expect others to pay their property taxes and give them free healthcare. We all share responsibility.

Anonymous said...

And we always seem to get FREESH-it