Friday, December 21, 2012

NY Post: Jets will release or trade Tebow after season

    The great Tebow experiment, complete with all those secret plays promised during training last summer in Cortland, is ending now that the JETS high command has agreed to trade the Floridian after the season, or if that doesn't work, they will release him by spring.
    A customer who is an avid JETS fan too, says he thinks its a prelude to Sanchez being the starter in 2013, because they pay him too much....Its like those banks that were too big to fail in 2008.
Jets will release or trade Tebow after season: source


Anonymous said...

Why does the mayor have no view on the current Hospice saga? Surely you are not afraid to comment because of the players?

It sounds like they listed a valuable commercial property with an agent not known for their commercial property sales expertise. Perhaps at a discount commission and got what they paid for.

In a small community where you only have a handful of accountants to choose from, I have to wonder if anyone involved is on the buyers list of clients.

Or maybe it is all on the up and up. That they tried to sell it for months and eventually took an offer for half what they were asking, instead of lowering the price every month until they got a more reasonable offer, like a normal person would do.

Jeff Graham said...

Why get in the middle of a squabble over a private sale of property.
I do hope it is sold to someone who pays taxes, but the details of a private sale are none of my business.

Anonymous said...

Come one now...
if you kept your blog to topics that were none of your business, then it would be pretty boring don't you think?

This is a private sale but the seller is a not for profit that seems to get mentioned in at least one obituary every day. It is close to a lot of peoples hearts and it gets a lot of donations. The people who donate want to feel like money is not being thrown away.

The people that pull the strings are on the who's who of the shadow government, and the guy throwing the wrench has inspired a lot of water cooler conversations on his own.

Its a big story and you don't have to "get in the middle" to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

They never gave Tebow a chance. They were stuck on that Sanchez guy. Probably didn't want to get sued for some sort of discrimination. I knew they had affirmative action presidents, but no idea they had affirmative action quarterbacks. But what about Christians? Don't the rules say you have to hire at least one believer? It'll never come to that. Gots ta have race in there, or sexual preference.