Sunday, December 16, 2012

Noonan: Republicans Need to Talk -

     There is lots of advice from the GOP chattering class of which Peggy Noonan is a charter member. Ms. Noonan writes today about the need for the party to have a "conversation" with itself....Everybody wants conversations these days.
       There is a good point in Ms. Noonan's column about party orthodoxy enforced by talk show hosts and pledge makers. The lack of independence in the party that claims to have narrowly won independent voters in the lack election.
        We saw that locally and nationally. Mitt Romney was what he appeared to be as Governor of Massachusetts, a centrist tolerant on social issues. In the big campaign he felt obliged to conform to what he wasn't....The true believers didn't trust him and the intermittent believers were unenthusiastic and in many cases stayed home (turnout among GOP core groups was lower than expected).
       Locally, it was the same with Matt Doheny, the mini-me of Mitt in terms of occupation, and also one who lost by two to three points to a Democrat many were ambivalent about but more comfortable with because they thought he was more in the sensible center.
       Mr. Doheny had to tow the line with pledges on taxes and an insistance he is pro-life and anti-gay marriage. He is pro choice and fairly agnostic on marriage, according to my observations.  He was unable to claim a centrist mantle...His opponent did, plus Mr. Owens had the tail wind of a President who won the district by six points, something hard to overcome.   He is now out of politics, but hopefully will find other ways to help the community.
       I voted for Romney and Doheny because I was hoping they could address America's money problem.  I had to hold my nose at their purported position on other issues,  rationalizing my vote by figuring they didn't really mean what they were saying.
        The North Country Congressional seat is now Democratic and the GOP prospects for 2016 are clouded by a current cast of characters really not capable of winning nationally...Jindl,Christie,Rubio,Ryan ? No winners there. (not all is lost, the GOP lost PA to Mr. Obama but still holds 13 of 18 Congressional seats)
          Here in NY, its really a lost cause for the GOP....Senator Gillibrand set the new gold standard for the Democratic statewide candidates in 2014...And you know what ? Cuomo, Schneiderman and DiNapoli are all capable of matching her 72%.
Noonan: Republicans Need to Talk -


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

The Republican Party:

has needed a face lift for over a decade and that includes an understanding that 'Progressive' thinkers are needed desperately in the 'New Republican Party' and that the ultra right money people, can't be allowed buy our platforms any longer, and push social values that don't represent the views of the majority of Americans.

I'm going to work to make the Republican Party a big tent party, to ensure it stays a Major Party, whose views are in line with most Americans. It's a tough road I've traveled, but people are coming round to Peggy's and my way of thinking and that's a start.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Mayor Graham is obsessed with gay marriage and abortion. The polls keep telling us that there is plenty of votes for either viewpoint. Yet we keep hearing that these two issues are what does politicians in.

If you pay attention to the advertisements then you could tell what happened. They painted Doheny as too rich with too many islands.

They painted Mitt as too rich and going to make abortion illegal even for rape. And that he was going to put blacks back in chains and deport all Hispanics.

No one ever advertised that they were pro-life or anti gay marriage so don't vote for them. There is a reason for that. Those things alone have enough support to win elections.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that NNYers will get to enjoy ObamaCare. Maybe some, no, on second though, we're too stupid to make the connection, but some might make the connection that Owens was a central figure in giving us this great and lovely program. So, when you get your bill. And you sloooowly figure out what's in it for you. Remember to thank Nancie Pelosi's desk cleaner, otherwise known as Mr Owens. He's her boy, but he's yours too. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

What specifically did you have to "hold your nose" on, Mr Mayor? I would love to hear that. I'm thinking there were no such "positions", and that you simply stated that because you a deep desire to fit in with the fashionable folk who wish to have all things both ways. In other words, you're a coward. Politically. Really, tell us what positions Romney and Doheney represented that you held you nose on. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The republicans or some other party will hold statewide office again. The pendulum swings even in NY.

Anonymous said...

12:10 you are an idiot. He held his nose on the abortion and gay marriage public stances. And if you look at who he supported for governess, you would have a clue about his other libertarian ideology.

Anonymous said...

Let the man speak for himself, 9:04. C'mon Jeff, tell us.