Monday, December 10, 2012

New #1 Story for MGV

     A story posted last week about New Year's parties at local bars is now the most read story ever in MGV....The piece topped 11,200 hits early today placing it above the long standing story from a couple years back about controversy in Alexandria Bay between the mayor and local bikers.
     The current story is about all-night parties at three area bars, Fort Pearl, Clueless and Skiff's.
      While not a huge deal or particularly unusual, the hit count shows people are sometimes interested in things not normally considered news. Also, it shows how new media can be a tool for publicity, particularly if you have the street cred to get linked to a popular site like Newzjunky.
      For the three businesses , it's also advertising none could afford to pay for.
      Thirty years ago, a one inch ad on the "back page" was standard for restaurants and night clubs. Now you have to use social media, blogs, and the Internet creatively to make your point.

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