Monday, December 24, 2012

Mormon Senator Gets a DWI

         Police in northern Virginia bagged a US Senator for DWI, and a Mormon to boot.
Senator Michael Crapo of Idaho blew a .11. He had previously told the AP he doesn't drink, and a .11 is probably on the low side for a Senator.
        Senator Crapo quickly apologized, said he would deal with the consequences and had no further comment.
         The Senator is a Mormon, whose members profess not to drink alcohol. About 25% of Idaho is Mormon.
News from The Associated Press


Anonymous said...

Apparently his name was prophetic ! ;)

Dan Francis said...

.11 in VA is drunk over age 21... the worst part of this story and one not uncommon: the shear hypocrisy of our officials in office ... they do it, and we only know it when/after they are caught...

"Wide-stance" former Sen. Larry Craig FYI. "Page-boy chaser" former Rep. Mark Foley, et al. The list is longer than we admit.

Anonymous said...

He had previously told the AP he doesn't drink,…”

So he’s a liar too, just like the pathological liar Mitt the Mormon… what a surprise.

Anonymous said...

How do we know he is a liar? Maybe he didn't drink at the time of his statement and he started since then?

When ah retunned to the scene
Marry joew and the cah wah gone

Anonymous said...

Little like the AMish in the North Country.. They dont want to abide by our laws because its against their religion.. Cant have vehicles but can drive in them if you furnish them. CAnt have electiricty but can use it in your house.. Cant have a phone but can use yours. Cant have running water but can sell their produce at markets.. YUK>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one, Dannie. But most of the criminals are from your side of the aisle.

So don't get too pious on us.