Friday, December 14, 2012

Money Wasted on TV Buys a Factor in Political Races - The Washington Post

     Amidst the hand wringing over the Mitt Romney loss is a discussion over execution of the respective campaigns and the revelation that the Obama team did a far better job in managing the most expensive part of the effort...television ads.
      Team Obama, through smart buys, got more ads to more key groups for less money.
Team Romney apparently got caught up in the old mantra that "being on TV" is where you need to be.
      That's what the operatives tell you. Of course they want to place ads on the large, expensive , old line local TV stations because its an easy way to land their 15% commission.  Just walk into any TV station and say "I think I should be on TV" and see what they charge you.
      That's what happened in the one high profile local race where ad venues like radio was spurned and dismissed by the "professionals" buying a ton of TV in markets where most viewers didn't even live in the district.
      The Romney campaign lost on message and organization. They certainly had the money to compete.
      Romney campaign’s TV ad strategies criticized in election postmortems - The Washington Post


Anonymous said...

Factor in the ads encouraging people to sign up for food stamps, apply for FREE this and FREE that, government hand outs, feel sorry for yourself programs, and telling you how neat its gonna be on ObambaCare, and all those political ads don't mean so much. Romney had to compete with government program FreeStuff ads. There's no way to do it. We are past the tipping point. Now its time to show people what this is really costing them. No more exemptions. Even if you live next to a golf course.

Anonymous said...

If by "Obama team" doing a better job you mean the MSN and Hollywood and the media outlets then yes.

Just SNL, the tonight show, Letterman and Fallon are worth a billion in advertising alone. Does Stewart have any viewers that are not too stoned to show up to vote? If so, he is worth another $50 million or so.

The Romney team lost on organization? Because they didn't control media and their 24hour/365 day assault on his character?

While freestuff over not freestuff was a factor, the overwhelming factor is that the MSN painted Romney as a monster. A vulture capitalist who would take away the right to kill your fetuses and who said by proxy that rape victims can shut themselves down.

While the war on women is an ironic joke, inthe swing states that message worked on a bunch of stupid Snookie and real house wife fans.

Anonymous said...

I cannot hear any discussion going on over the idiots that drone on about the republican party being on the way to extinction.

Anonymous said...

8:03 Sounds good. Does this include eliminating the 15% Capital Gains Tax enjoyed by the wealthiest Americans while the rest of us pay 21% while getting up in the morning and going to work everyday?

Anonymous said...

The “message” the Republicans have come up with is to sugar coat a poison pill and hope the voters will swallow it without noticing how bitter it tastes. The Republican Brain Trust was stupefied by the 2012 election and overall hasn't learned much--they are a bit slow. So let's hope they continue on their path of self-destruction, for their poisonous message provides no hope or solace for the average American.

Conflating social issues with economic distress brought on by their reckless echoing of a mantra for the 1% means that dog won't hunt. It's a fact that even the anti-evolution and anti-global warming crowd can't change -- that if you shoot yourself in the foot it's gonna hurt. And those folks may not realize it yet but their feet look like Swiss Cheese...
They are a bit slow.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Peggy Noonan in Wall Street Journal OP/ED points out that Republican old guard has to go and new ideas emerge to keep Party viable, and she a Republican stalwart, like George Will and others who see the writing on the wall, unlike a lot of bloggers here who can't get past the polarized politics of the past that turned Romney into a 'loser' last election.

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

“The Romney campaign lost on message and organization.”

True. And I would like to personally thank people like 8:03 and 8:36am for repeating the “message” of the Republican Party ad nauseam. Thanks guys, keep up the good work -- we couldn’t do it without you!

Anonymous said...

“I cannot hear any discussion going on over the idiots that drone on about the republican party being on the way to extinction.”

Republican Party?

Anonymous said...

Yup...Mitt only got 61,000,000 votes.