Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mom left school gunman Adam Lanza alone for days before school massacre: report -

   More and more is coming out about the life of the Lanza family and its an interesting read.  Nice house the lad and his mom lived in.
    It appears Adam Lanza spent a lot of time with "Call of Duty" type video games and mostly stayed in the basement of the $1.6M home where he and his mom lived.
    The mother had been out of town with friends for a couple of days before the shooting and that's when Adam hatched his sinister plot, according to investigators.
     A simmering pot of mental illness, and violent stimuli, but all DC cares about is gun control.
      It's a whole mish mash of things that led to the horrifying moments at Sandy Hook....
Mom left school gunman Adam Lanza alone for days before school massacre: report -


Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike' said...

Mayor Graham: To the contrary President Obama, ‘Times’ man of the year for the second time in his Presidency, finds members of Congress not only concerned about ‘Gun Control’ but also very concerned about violent video games. Contributing causes to the Newtown, CT. tragedy are being looked at and the need for readily available cost effective treatment for mental illness is on the table. Thank God for ‘Obama-Care’ which makes such care more available. In the end whatever the contributing factors, a deranged mind had access to an Assault weapon with large magazine clips that enabled him to kill many amounts children and adults. Isn’t it time for you to stop cheap-shotting the President and stand with right thinking people for sensible gun control measures to be passed in America right now?

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

I love how Obama has put an January time limit on doing something about new gun laws. No sense in thinking about what we're doing. Strike while everybody is all worked up. We have elected a complete fool.

Anonymous said...

Where does the article say that the mother was with friends OOT?

NY21inMD said...

VP Joe Biden is heading up a task force on violence to look at gun control, mental health, violence in our culture and, I would guess, rabble-rousing bloggers, with recommendations to policy action.

Anonymous said...

The sad reality is all the gun control in the world would not have kept this young mans hands off those guns. They were legally owned by his mother and somehow he got access to them?