Saturday, December 22, 2012

McDonald's Joins Others in Spurning Holiday "Blue Laws"

       McDonald's is urging its franchisees to open on Christmas as a decision to open on Thanksgiving proved profitable.
        While I have seen no coverage on what local McDonald's will do, its clear holidays are less and less sacrosanct. (I have since been told the Arsenal Street store is open)
        For those who want to work, it's an opportunity and for those who don't, it's likely still a day off as there will be those who volunteer to take the extra hours.
        Not everyone on holidays participates in the dinners and gift openings that are expected but not part of everyone's lives.
         Sometimes working is what people want to do.
McDonald's open on Christmas? Yes, burger chain tells owners. -


Anonymous said...

No business should be allowed open on Christmas or Thanksgiving. Families are the backbone of a society. People should be in church or at home.

Anonymous said...


Having said that, Arsenal McD open 24 hours 12/25

Anonymous said...

I see the mayor has his joint open on Christmas. Guess the Times had him pegged. Took a madam to open their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Cops are open Christmas. So are the firemen. And the emergency room. Whats wrong with a bar being open. A stiff drink is needed after spending time with the in laws. Better a drink than having to call the cops, or sending someone to the hospital.

Anonymous said...

I will never frequent a business that opens on Christmas. Factor that in. Some traditions should be held on to.

The real reason behind this is labor costs are so low, any business can make a little by staying open. It costs them more to pay their electric bill than to have the place staffed. Mayor's bar included.

Anonymous said...

If by open you mean they hang out with family and only respond to the worst of worst calls, then you have a point.

It is disgusting that these vulture capitalists are bad enough making people work for min. wage, but making them work on Christmas is just sick.

We need special minimum wage law passed to require time-&-half for holidays and an extra buck an hour for after 10pm or before 6am

Jeff Graham said...

1:32 You have to be repeating someone else's talking points. My Grid bill for a day is about $20 give or take.
That's nowhere near what it costs with even a single staffer on duty, particularly at double time for a holiday.
The notion that we all are vulture capitalists getting rich should have you spending the holiday with MCM.

Anonymous said...

People can get drunk at home one day a year. And that crack about Mikey was not it the Holiday spirit.

I'd say Merry Christmas but I guess I'll just say, Happy December 25th.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks- If you want to stay home on Christmas- stay home. If you want to go to McDonald's- Go to McDonalds. Why is it you have to push your beliefs on everyone else?

It's nice that you can go to church, or be with your family, but everyone is not in the same place as you are. Some people don't have family here, and can't make it home, some don't get along with their family, some only spend half the day because their kids are with the ex-wife in the afternoon and evening.

The real danger is the people who think everybody else has to do things the same way they do. You do your thing, and I'll do mine.

Meanwhile- keep your nose out of my freaking business.

Anonymous said...

Ouchie! Okay...I take it all back.

But hey...I never said bring back the blue laws. I suggested mandating wage premium for those forced to work on those days.

BTW...did you know the blue laws did not apply to mom and pops? They kicked in at a certain number of employees.

Anonymous said...

I may stop at the Pub for a toddy. Will there be any specials?

Anonymous said...

Eating at McD's makes you fat.